Cannon Fodder Omega Goes On A Date With The Protagonist Omega! – bafflinghaze
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Cannon Fodder Omega Goes On A Date With The Protagonist Omega!

by bafflinghaze

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Interstellar, Fluff, School Life, Slice of Life, Omegaverse



The Supernova Mecha University was the premier university for all matters relating to mecha in the Orion Arm in the Milky Way. The university town itself could be said to span the entire Azure planet it was located on, from all the university and university-support cities to the large mecha testing grounds that circled the planet.

Historically, the Supernova Mecha University itself was the place of alphas. These days, betas were being more frequently accepted, but the numbers of omegas were still very small, not even enough to count on two hands. Everyone knew who the omega students were by name.

The joke was that alphas wanting to chase an omega had stiff competition, whilst omegas could have a reverse-harem if they wanted.

However, recently, there was something a little odd…

It was a sunny day over the central campus. Under the warm sun and blue skies, many students hung around outside, either playing sports or chilling at one of the many outdoor cafes.

The slightly sweet caramelly scent of an omega had alphas turning heads, anticipation in their hearts—

It was the most promising omega mecha pilot in the university, the second year Su YunQiang!

Su YunQiang was taller than most omegas, though still shorter than many alphas. A lot of alphas liked him because he wasn’t like other soft, weak, omegas. He was A-level, with the potential to reach S-level in the next few years, and had defeated almost all of the other alpha mecha pilots in his year level.

Another sweet scent appeared, something floral. Were they going to be able to see two omegas today?

Oh. No.

It was Xu JinWei.

Xu JinWei was a beautiful and cute omega, his face soft and gentle, invoking the need to protect in many alphas. He was a first year mecha engineer, which meant that he could stay where it was safe to work, which was more acceptable than being an omegan mecha pilot.


“Su YunQiang! Su YunQiang! Su-gege, don’t walk so fast, I don’t have such long legs. Hey, what are you alphas looking at?!”

Unfortunately for the alphas of the university, since a few months ago, Xu JinWei had been chasing Su YunQiang. And even more unfortunately for the alphas of the university, Xu JinWei had succeeded just yesterday. It had been all over the university forums. The omega dating pool halved in one quick go! Not that any of them had a chance.

Xu JinWei narrowed his eyes at the should-be-minding-their-own-business-alphas before running again to catch Su YunQiang. His face did a 180-turn, becoming soft and gentle in front of Su YunQiang.

“Su-gege ah, please don’t forget me,” Xu JinWei said, his face all aggrieved.

Su YunQiang’s heart stupidly fell for that face again. When he had first seen it, he thought that Xu JinWei was making a bad name for omegas—Su YunQiang had worked hard to get rid of that stereotype of weak omega.

But then they slowly got to know each other. Su YunQiang soon realised that Xu JinWei had his own strengths. Eventually, they even started working together…And now, the coquettish act worked on him. Somehow, Xu JinWei had wormed into his heart.

Su YunQiang cleared his throat. “Then hold my hand,” he said awkwardly.

Xu JinWei’s eyes lit up. “Yes, sir!” He grabbed Su YunQiang’s hand tightly, with absolutely no intention of letting go.

In fact, a few months ago, Xu JinWei had transmigrated to this novel, into the body of the cannon fodder omega. Su YunQiang was the protagonist omega, and in the original novel, Xu JinWei had competed with Su YunQiang both for the title of the best omega mecha pilot and for the love of the protagonist alpha. Novel-Xu-JinWei had lost on both counts.

Unfortunately for the author of the novel, Xu JinWei didn’t want to be a mecha pilot and didn’t like the scummy protagonist alpha. Xu JinWei wanted to be the premier mecha engineer…and Su YunQiang was exactly his type. Su YunQiang was the right kind of handsome, calm, strong, driven, maybe a little mean—and just, too cool, so cool that Xu JinWei wanted to be his personal mecha engineer and have him push him down in bed—

Cough. That second part hadn’t happened yet, but there was hope!

Xu JinWei rubbed his arm against Su YunQiang, inhaling his faint caramel scent. “Su-gege, are you busy today? Now that we’re boyfriends, we should go on a date…”

Su YunQiang frowned. “The university-wide mecha tournament is next week. I need to practice, and it would be good if you could service my mech—” He swallowed the rest of the words when he saw Xu JinWei’s face. “I…um…suppose we can do that afterwards. It’s a nice day today?”

Xu JinWei shook his head. “No, Su-gege is right. You’re going to be the best mecha pilot and I need to be the best mecha engineer. That can’t happen without hard work.”

“—But it’s important to take a break,” Su YunQiang said hesitantly. “And today is quite nice and warm, too…”

Xu JinWei looked up through his lashes. “Would Su-gege mind going on a little picnic with me?”

Su YuQiang’s lips twitched. Ah, so this was what Xu JinWei had planned. “Hm.”

Xu JinWei’s face immediately brightened. “Okay! Let’s go right now! All the food is prepared already, and I know just the place!”

“Thank you for your hard work,” Su YunQiang said lightly. Ahh, but what used to be annoying was now cute.

The two of them took Xu JinWei’s custom hovercraft out of the central city.

Soon, they reached a wide expanse of flower fields and landscaped ponds. There was hardly anyone else there. Xu JinWei directed the hovercraft to the prime location that overlooked the prettiest lake, far away from the few people who were around.

The two worked together to move the food preservation boxes from the vehicle to the old-fashioned picnic blanket that Xu JinWei had laid down.

But Xu JinWei had come from the modern times, so he was justified!

Without anyone else around, Xu JinWei relaxed, and so did Su YunQiang. When there were others around—alphas around—they had always felt an invisible pressure: from eyes, from expectations, from pheromones.

Xu JinWei leaned on Su YunQiang’s shoulder. “That alpha hasn’t been bothering you now, has he?” Xu JinWei asked.

‘That’ alpha being the scummy protagonist alpha.

Su YunQiang glanced down at the top of Xu JinWei’s head. “Not after I defeated him using my upgraded mech. Thank you for that.”

“A great mech is nothing without a great pilot,” Xu JinWei said. “I captured so many great images of you fighting! Hehehe, I posted some videos of you on the forums that have become very popular!”

“A great pilot is nothing without a great mech,” Su YunQiang countered.

Xu JinWei grinned. “Oh, I’m great at turning scraps into great parts,” he boasted. “I was thinking about what upgrades we should do next, but first…” He picked up a juicy, spicy chicken skewer, dipping it into the creamy peanut sauce. “Su-gege~~” he said, holding it up to Su YunQiang’s mouth.

Su YunQiang was taken aback by the sudden action, but he quickly responded, cupping Xu JinWei’s hand with his own before taking a bite. He then picked up a small cake and brought it to Xu JinWei’s mouth.

“Don’t you forget to eat too,” he said. He knew that Xu JinWei liked sweet things the best.

Xu JinWei happily bit into the cake, not forgetting to lick Su YunQiang’s fingers by the way.

Su YunQiang almost choked. “You—!”

“Why am I so smooth? It’s because I’ve been brainstorming for months since I saw you,” Xu JinWei said promptly.

Su YunQiang’s eyebrows went up. His lips also unconsciously went up. “I see. You really like me so much?”

“Su-gege, I have very discerning eyes, and I have determined that you are the coolest mecha pilot in the university,” Xu JinWei said earnestly.

“And you are the most outlandish mecha engineer,” Su YunQiang said. But the tips of his ears were red.

Xu JinWei sucked in a sharp breath. He put down the food and straddled Su YunQiang’s lap.

Su YunQiang’s eyes widened. His ears grew even more red. “JinWei, what is it?”

“When I met you again a few months ago, it was as though my eyes had opened. You were the most interesting person. The person I suddenly wanted to get to know. You work so hard, yet make piloting look so effortlessly amazing. I wanted to be your mecha engineer and support you. Thank you for accepting me,” Xu JinWei said seriously.

Su YunQiang cleared his throat. “Um, thank you for reaching out to me.”

“—But I also had daydreams of you pushing me down in bed until I was soaked with your scent.”

Su YunQiang’s entire face went red. “You—ah—pardon—you know that I’m an omega—”

“Hm, which means that you smell the best. You smell really good,” Xu JinWei said, breathing in deeply.

Half of Xu JinWei’s face was in the sun, half in shadow. A light breeze rippled across the fields, making the flowers sway and ruffling Xu JinWei’s hair.

Su YunQiang’s heart skipped a beat. “You…”

For Xu JinWei, these words weren’t actually that flirty, but in this omegaverse world, to Su YunQiang, this was basically a come-on.

A come-on that Su YunQiang wanted to accept.

Su YunQiang wasn’t the best with words, not like Xu JinWei. But he was good with action. He wrapped a hand behind Xu JinWei’s neck, pulling him closer.

Xu JinWei’s eyes lit up—he clearly knew what was about to happen!

That expression tickled something in Su YunQiang’s heart. He swallowed, and then tilted his head, kissing Xu JinWei for the first time.

Xu JinWei’s lips were soft and sweet, but he soon became aggressive, making Su YunQiang rise to the challenge.

It didn’t take long for Xu JinWei to achieve his dream of being pushed down. Food and picnic blanket forgotten, Xu JinWei rested on a bed of flowers. Su YunQiang hovered over him, bright blue skies behind him.

“Do whatever you want to me, don’t think too hard,” Xu JinWei whispered. “Su-gege.” He quickly activated privacy shields around them, just in case.

Su YunQiang licked his own lips, his eyes darkened. He lowered his head again to kiss Xu JinWei.

Flowers and caramel merged together.




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