C002 – To talk, say nothing.
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Hey again!
[She waves at the recently set up video camera. With messy hair from her sleep she seems energetic.]

I loved talking to you yesterday so I thought I should wake you up bright and early. I don't think that your power would last all too long if you don't stay plugged in though.
[She gestures to the cut power cable as if it is still functional.]

With all my new friends I really thought we could start planning for the day, I don't always plan but I have you Wall and Little Miss Bell. So I was thinking later on I need to head over to the hospital. I know a few people have checked the place over and over but there's a chance they overlooked something in some cupboards right? There might be something locked or a barred room no one has checked out since all the homeless and the land renovations started.

[She examines a crayon drawing of what appears to be the nearby area laid out on the crate in front of her.]

See, after the hospital today I need to go and check on the farm plots, there's a few safer areas people set up a while ago along with some tools for farming that I've rented for the next few years. I'm hoping any day now some of the plants will start being ready. After that I was going to visit the hardware store, there's a new hammer I was eyeing in the bargain isle that I hope no one has bought yet.

I need some bandages for my ankle and maybe we could give you some painkillers Wall you are looking a bit beat up, I hope you also slept well last night.

Anyway, I don't plan on doing much chatting in the morning because I'm wasting daylight here talking, I'll come back so we can chat more in the evening okay?
[She packs up what little supplies she can into her hiking bag before disabling the flimsy traps left around the house and leaving.]


Hey! I'm back! Thanks for waiting.
[She bursts through the door with a bundle of energy.]

I couldn't wait to get back to hear a story about you, I was wondering how different our lives were since I was suppose to be sponsored to help out on a sports team in college as a manager, I've not really got much going for me other than my running and endurance I guess. I always wondered what it would be like to be one of the smarter kids, I heard them talk about this sort of situation before once or twice. Do you think they knew before that this would happen? I wonder if I could find where they live, it might be worth checking the school books if the staff will let me close to them. I'd love to meet my neighbours a bit and to get in touch with them.

[She picks up her phone before glaring at the broken, dead screen.]
Oh how I wish my phone would charge properly, I've been waiting months for the nearby phone shop to open but they still have that goofy *closed for christmas* sign up, I mean its been months and they haven't even bothered to take it down or change it for something else. I hope it isn't a family emergency or something, I'd feel horrible if I was blaming them for the christmas sign if something bad has happened to them.

I'm getting a bit tired for today too though, I might have to sleep early, sorry for not saving you a snack, I only found a few mushrooms from the vegetables isle when I went to the supermarket and there wasn't enough for two, my parents haven't sent me my pocket money recently so it's been hard to find food I can afford in shops. I hope you can sort yourselves out Wall and Little Miss Bell.

[With a slight yawn she packs away the small knick knacks she collected during the day before heading towards her bedroom to rest.]


Second Chapter for today, tomorrow will bring a new diary entry, this series will (mostly) be updated daily; depending on interest. If people don't care enough I might make this a weekly thing instead. I hope to aim for about a months worth of entries (30 chapters) before deciding if I continue this series or focus on the main one I was preparing to release.

Thankies for reading, been nice having you here.

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