C004 – To watch is to learn
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Hey, day 4 huh. Feels like its been so much longer Wall.
[She makes a slight chuckle before continuing.]

Well lets see. Today I had to deal with one of the gangs near here. By deal I mean hiding in an alley as they passed by. Theres no chance without police here that I even look at them in daylight, no chance. Who knows what they will do.

I made sure to duck behind more cars and rubble in the streets while walking the long way home but I know they are exploring closer in this direction now so we might have to move some time soon.

I found this can of paint though, I think throwing in a bit of water we could have ourselves a painting contest. I only managed to find a few cans of green though. Looks like someone was trying to blend their house in with the nature around them with some of the renovation plots of land that got flattened.

My day? Oh yes, some of the potatoes have started being ready for harvest. One of the people in a community center I used to visit in the first months around the renovations kept talking about august and mainstay crops or something, 20 weeks and potatoes. Well its helped give me a bit of self sufficiency. I don't know what I'd have done with myself if I hadn't been taking notes in my spare time.

The government stopped paying out food for us and in the end the center was abandoned when a large number of homeless wanted a warm place to sleep, I left in the night so I would be a problem to them. We need to care for them even if some of them look really ill or are missing some of their face. One even only had bone for one of their arms but they weren't bleeding so I'm sure they lived as I saw a doctor in the crowd of homeless wandering around.


Oh right, where was I. Ah yes, the gangs. Pretty sure they call themselves the lions or something. They had some control over some of the public buildings nearby when the police started spending less time on the streets.

Theres not really any guns left, any ammo people had are either reserved for defending their bases or for taking out others who have it. Turns out most of the gun geeks who know how guns work, don't really have the immediate skill to operate machines to make it which slowed down a lot of the chaos and prevented some attacks on the community centers I heard.

I chipped in a bit of work to help them fix up some of the walls from the wind and rain as well as helped explore some of the law-less areas where the police decided they wouldn't go but I've never really trained with weapons which is why I try to avoid some of the people as I travel.

Speaking of, it might be in my best interest to move after this next harvest.
[She glances out the window to the south.]

Since the gangs are moving closer I might need to find a friends house to sleepover which might need me to bring both of you along too, Wall and Little Miss Bell.
[She gestures at the still broken camera, the cracked lens glinting in the warm sunset and the small bell sat next to it on a tattered cushion.]

I can't leave my new friends behind after all, I'm sure they will understand. Their house was big enough for us to have a full sleepover with our whole group of 9, we'd take up one of the rooms and the boys got the game room for the night. Sometimes we'd steal one of the games consoles for the TV in the room we had and we'd have fights over the house internet between our groups.

They also had a big garden, I wonder if they'd be happy if I started farming out there, I know they had some gardening supplies for their flowers but if I've not heard back from them they might have gone on holiday and their plants might be dying. So I'm sure they won't mind if I replant some of it.

Well, I'll wait a few more days for the rest of the harvest but I think its a solid plan. Cut around the gang as they approach so I can head south hopefully to a warmer place. The chill in the air is picking up now later at night as the nights get longer, so it might be winter or autumn soon. I'll have to ask the moon about what month or year we are in. We aren't on speaking terms but I can at least try, right?

Sorry for my rambling again, I know you have a lot of things you want to say as well. We can chat tomorrow once I've scouted out a bit to the south east to see if its safe that way. I have a few questions for you Wall as well anyway.