C007 – Equal, Opposite, Reversal
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Small timeskip for her health but only like a few days. Delirious protagonists don't always make the best ones.

Hey, I rested for a bit longer than I expected but I feel better now.
[Aures has a bit of energy to her voice as she talks to her inanimate friends]

Sorry I wasn't able to give you anything to eat though, it was hard to get around. Anyway, I did a bit of scouting after finishing up the harvest I had. Let me tell you I needed to get more sacks to carry it all, who knew tending for a large part of the field would take so long to deal with, there is still more to harvest and I was left to harvest anyone elses plots and store the food for them where needed.

Yeah, who knew community farm plots were a thing. I would have doubted the quality of a lot of the food grown in those places since the air quality can get pretty bad in the city but now the air quality is bad everywhere since a lot of things went up in flames. Probably was some festival with how they had crowded the streets at some point in some kind of weird procession during the fires.

Since we will be moving out soon I decided while I was out today to take a risk. I knew the gangs near here had a few small medical supply drops hidden poorly out of sight in case someone needed help while patrolling. Well I decided to take a few. And by a few, I mean most of the ones I knew of. I bet they'll be extremely on edge trying to find out who did it. While they might put up their guard about someone taking some of their medical stuffs, it also gives me a few chances. I took more of their drops than I need, not so I can save it but to make them think some other gang is gathering. They should hopefully start scouting looking for a larger fortified building while also keeping patrols closer to each other.

I think ants did that? I something attacked their nest they would get a bit defensive while their numbers recovered? I never was one for insects though. But uh, something like that, y'know?

I don't think there is much more on the checklist though. I can't exactly roll the barrel I had for rainwater around, so it doesn't matter. The supplies I have are minimal and perishable in some of the cases with these potatoes and other things. There is only a bit of canned foods I could easily put away in my bag.

Beyond that I guess I could patch up my clothes a bit using the last scraps of cloth and other things. That'd do I think. Fashion news, Denim is the trend in the days of ruin, get yours today. Or don't I guess, I think people coveted it a bunch and most places got raided of it nearly immediately. Trench coats were in too for a while during the colder months.

Back when the power still worked almost everyone jumped on their phones not just to escape but to find info they needed or something. I ended up just playing games and putting it off but I think that ended up backfiring a bit, I was only able to write stuff down that people remembered after that. Even then my notebook from then is completely damaged and barely readable so it hasn't helped long term.

Anyway soon I hope the place I'm heading is better than here. Here everything feels grey, even when its all covered in plants. I'll probably walk the old railway line, not the best place for cover but it also isn't a place many would tend to stick around for ambushing, way too hard to put anything big in the way for people to get stopped by.

I used to have a train pass, something to let me get on the train cheaper which was something they did I think to try and get public transport used more. Same goes for the older folks, instead of a discount it was free most of the time. Now though I don't think you could pay a thousand or more to get a train along the tracks. A bit too worn out and dangerous.

The only risks I can think of is that since the trains stopped, it might be a place many homeless might have ended up, train stations tend to have some form of shelter as well as their bridges and tunnels having some use in sheltering if you sealed it up somewhat properly. I wonder if I'd find a tunnel colony of people, confined in their space, maybe with some sun lamps to grow crops in their modern day bunker, using the maintenance shafts to scurry from place to place. I should check them out if it isn't too dangerous.

Well hopefully we find some interesting things on our trip. I might carry you along wall as we go around, I knew someone who did photography and it might be cool to take something to show them if I see them again.

You can all blame my internet for me posting this like two hours late. I tend to check over everything till the last minute and hit schedule within the hour its going out. On the other hand I might try posting later/earlier in the day to see what works best for interest in the novel.