Chapter 1
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In the early hours of the morning a boy fell through the sky, his blood streaking behind him. He stared up at the stars as they were swallowed by the rising sun’s light and wondered if it was really worth all this pain. He closed his eyes and braced for impact, perhaps someday he would know.

Inside the courtyard of the Fol King’s castle, Kisee chased the tailless cat through the tall grass and wildflowers, his long, dirty, white skirt snagging on the thorns and thistles. Despite the sharp rocks stabbing into his bare feet he didn't slow or stop and his smile didn't waver.

Not until his foot collided with something solid and he was sent face first into the dirt. When he raised his head the cat was long gone and he pouted, blowing his uneven black bangs out of his eyes. With his bangs slick with sweat he only succeeded in choking on a tress of hair that he accidentally swallowed on the inhale. He rolled onto his back and sat up, batting his long, unevenly cut hair away from his face, and sneaking a peak at what he tripped over.

Then his face twisted into one of shock and he opened his mouth wide for a shout, "Wefyu! Wefyu! There's a dead body in the yard!"