Chapter 2 – Plan of Action
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I gently hit the stone wall next to me and pushed down my frustrations. Being angry about my situation wasn't going to get me anywhere, I needed a plan. These bloody rags are going to stand out too much, I need to wash the blood off. I remembered that there should be a watering hole nearby. For some reason I don't remember seeing any natural bodies of water within the Gravel district. I wasn't sure if that was the norm everywhere, but I set it aside for now. While walking and thinking I had arrived at the watering hole, a small structure akin to a very large well that could draw water from multiple areas at once. I looked down into it, and all I saw was darkness. Seeing the void about to stare back into me, I tossed down a bucket & rope and waited for it to hit the bottom before pulling it back up. I also need a weapon. Something to defend myself, or something to take from others with. Otherwise I'll just die pathetically again. I thought to myself while heaving the bucket up. DOOOONG I heard the bell ring out flatly upon receiving my hard-earned water bucket. It only rang once, signifying the first 4 hours of the day having passed. Thankfully most people were asleep at this hour, and I had a nocturnal schedule to try and avoid trouble in the streets. Seems trouble found me, or us, anyway. I ducked away from the watering hole and into a more secluded and cramped alley. I looked around and listened, it seemed no one was around, so i took off my bloody burlap garment and soaked it in the water, washing it. Cleaning, soon check. Next is a weapon. I need something, but what else? ...Proper clothes, but I'll say it's a low priority for now. I don't have money to buy clothes with after all. Next after weapons is information. These two are vital for me right now so they're equal priority. After that is food. This might become more pressing as time goes on, but at least i had that admittedly awful bread. I cant believe i died for that stuff that tasted like leather sand. I had finished washing my garment and did what I could to dry it before putting it back on. The holes might look weird but at least it wasnt very bloody anymore, so hopefully I shouldn't attract attention. I tossed out the water and returned to bucket to before. Next is a weapon, but what should I use? Licht was practicing with a katana in that life, and was fairly decent with how enthusiastically he practiced. But where would i get a katana here? and not only that, I'm sure it would cost far more than I have. Which, is nothing. Then what else? I could look for a tool. A hammer, or maybe a loose pipe. Blunt force was effective against people, but with my height and strength, I wasn't confident in my capability to knock someone out. It was then an idea came to mind. Licht was reading a story before he had died. I was a fan of tense action series, especially with interesting weapons, and in that series was effectively a kind of primitive flail. That would work. A flail didn't require a lot of strength as it relied on centrifugal force, and the blunt force can knock someone out. But how could I make something like that? The tools weren't exactly strewn about on the floor. During my brainstorming I was continuing to move through the dark alleyways, in the direction of one of the larger workshops in the area. It was then that I had an idea, or more specifically, Licht did. Licht did?

Licht: Yeah, let's try saying "status"

Iris: Wait, what? You're... Addressing me?

Licht: I'm confused too, which is why I wanted to try this. Our objective is information right? It would be great if this was one of those kinds of other worlds.

Iris: ...It's strange that I can keep up with your train of thought. But i guess it's "our" thoughts now. "... Status" I whispered expectantly, and anticlimactically, a grey window appeared infront of me.

Iris - Age 13 - Female - Level 004

Stats - Str: 8 Dex: 12 Agi: 12 End: 7 Int: 18 Luk: -

Skills - Parallel Thought {1} Sword skill {1} Gunsmithing {1} Mental Resistance {3} Disease Resistance {1}

Iris: That's... A lot to take in. 

A feeling of excitement welled up a little inside, however.

Licht: As I hoped, a status. Sword skill and gunsmithing? Sure I practiced swordsmanship when I was alive, and I was fascinated with guns, but that knowledge got transferred into skills? And parallel thought. Was this...

Iris: Why we can talk and think independently now? likely. And our headache is gone too. Before we get too far-

Licht: You're concerned about who control's the body, right? It's all yours. I would feel weird in the body of a little girl anyway. I'll assist with your senses instead and warning you of danger. And if magic exists... Well, you're aware of the idea too.

Iris: Yes, and thank you... I'm glad I wasn't resurrected with a weirdo or a psycho in my body. Magic though, huh... I don't know anything about magic but it seems people can use it. Not how it appears in those books you read though.

While I was organizing my thoughts with Licht, I arrived at the back of the workshop. This place produces bricks and pillars for construction and would store spare supplies like cloth tarps and chords, bricks, planks, and so forth outside. The sounds of chisels and steam-machinery was loud and pervasive, as well as the loud shouts of men ordering others and reporting work. I snuck around the outside of the building, looking for a dusty stockpile, when I found it. A large pile with a cloth tarp covering it, and several stone poles nearby. Looking closer there were also piles of spare rope I could use. Under the cloth tarp was a pile of discarded stone fragments, perfect for my plans. I ripped up some cloth and started collecting what I needed into a makeshift bag, and I also created a makeshift scarf to cover my face. Perhaps it was better than nothing. It was then that I saw it, tucked away and rusty behind some of the stones. The image of that patrolman flashed in my mind when I saw what was sitting infront of me. A Steamgun.

Second chapter out, and should be very much longer than the last one. I'm not quite sure where I'll be taking this story or how I'll do things, but I have an image for this series that i plan to work towards. i hope i can make others excited for what this story has in store aswell