Chapter 1
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"Hmm." With an analytic expression, Yu Huang kneaded a pair of bare naked breasts like balls of dough. 

The breasts belonged to a pale woman, who showed no expression, she remained lifeless, suspended in the air with a noose around her delicate neck. 

 "So this is the touch of a woman, it feels so real." Yu Huang lecherously thought to himself as his expression remained emotionless. 

 "But it's not." 

Removing his suspension of belief, Yu Huang's hands phased through the dead girl's body.

What Yu Huang had just created was an illusion, a mirage, a facade, a figment of his own imagination.

It was not real. 

Yet, in a way, it sort of was. 

Concentrating once more, Yu Huang could feel the illusion harden, becoming something more tangible and more malleable. 

In quick succession he made a rabbit, a tiger, a phantom, a vampire, even an exact duplicate of himself! 

All of which he could interact with!

This all started a few moments ago when he was watching a horror movie, alone, in the dark, at 3 am.

When the TV inexplicably turned off, he panicked and imagined a dead girl creeping behind him. And when he turned around, he saw the haunting scene of a dead girl hanging from the ceiling! 

He screamed like a little girl before he noticed something was off. The dead girl just felt…

Yu Huang didn't know how to describe this, but he felt as though she was a part of his 'soul', an external force he could control as he wished.

After a moment of contemplation, Yu Huang wanted to further prove to himself that he wasn't just hallucinating all this, and that he really can create illusions. 

Putting on a coat, Yu Huang walked down from his apartment and hid behind a trashcan, stalking a certain homeless man who was currently sleeping. 

Yu Huang didn't know the homeless man's name, but he knew him well enough to know he had a pretty nasty personality. He constantly harassed women and threatened people when they didn't give him enough food or alcohol. 

Yu Huang had some personal beef with the homeless man, as he was always forced to walk in his direction to get to his apartment. The homeless man would always call Yu Huang mean names and try to guilt trip him into staying with him. 

"In case this works, what sort of illusion should I use on him…?"

Contemplating for so long, Yu Huang just shook his head and just went for a little scare. 

Seeing as he was sleeping, Yu Huang took it as an opportunity to see if his illusion could interact with the real world. 

Soon a mysterious man dressed in a bloodied black coat and wearing a black fedora manifested from Yu Huang's imagination. 

He walked slowly towards the homeless man, his footsteps sounding with arrogance.

"Wake up." He coldly muttered as he kicked the homeless man in the stomach, however it just passed through him. 

"Huh…?" Yu Huang was greatly confused before he quickly realized there was a floating blue string coming out of the illusion's body. It looked as if it was looking for something to attach itself to.


Focusing on the string, Yu Huang commanded it to touch the homeless man. The moment it did, it tightened and glowed a spiritual blue only Yu Huang could see.

Sighing in relief, Yu Huang had the mysterious man kick the homeless man.

"Ow! What the hell! Which fucker kicked me?!" The homeless man stood up quickly, his face was angry and flustered. 

Feeling a dark heavy shadow cast over him, the homeless man looked and said, "Was it you?! How are you going to pay for my medical—" 

However, the homeless man's words came to a screeching stop as he met eyes with mysterious man, he saw a man devoid of any emotions within those deep, crimson eyes. His white hair highlighting his ethereal appeal.

And worst of all, there was crimson blood dripping from his coat!

This man was dangerous! 

The homeless man was frozen in place, his mind told him to run, but his body wouldn't move. 

It was as if he was being held by an overbearing pressure. 

"You." The mysterious man said, his voice as rich as it was hallow.

"...y-yes?!" The homeless man instinctively said. 

Without warning the mysterious man pulled out a concealed sword painted glowing red and held it against the homeless man's neck!

Feeling fresh blood drip down from his neck, the homeless man let out a horrible shriek. 

There was a long moment of silence before the mysterious man asked, "...where am I?" 

The homeless man's brain seemed to malfunction as he was unable to answer such an easy question!

"Not answering?" The mysterious man lifted his right brow before cutting deeper into the homeless man's neck. 

Feeling the visceral pain and coming death, the homeless man's brain went full turbo as he finally managed to answer the mysterious man's simple question.

"...S...shanghai..!" Almost immediately, the homeless man felt as if the mysterious man's overbearing pressure had ceased. 

"..Shanghai." The mysterious man viciously grinned. "How fun." 

The homeless man didn't know when the mysterious man retracted his sword, or even when he left, he just, disappeared. 


As if he just remembered something, the homeless man grabbed hold of his neck and tried to stop the bleeding. 


However, there was no bleeding, his neck was fine, no sign of it ever even being damaged! 

Looking even further, the homeless man noticed there wasn't any puddle of blood where the mysterious man previously stood! It all simply vanished! 

Chills ran down the homeless man's spine as he thought to himself. 

Was that all a dream…?