Chapter 15 Meeting the Manager of the World
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"Oh, and just in time, this one would tell you more about what happened."


Just as we were about to start the conversation, a rift in space appeared behind Tiamat and another Person? came out from it.


"Greetings Lady Tiamat, is this by chance That person?"


She was looking at me with a curious gaze, while Tiamat was just drinking tea as if she were ignoring her presence. After finally looking back at the visitor, and nodding at each other, she introduced us to each other.


"This one is Tiana, the current manager of this world. And Tiana, this here is Luna, she had a different name before, but that didn't matter so just call her Luna"


"I see, a visitor then and not an invader. Also, her race… no never mind, greetings Luna and welcome to Rune Estelar"


"Thank you, I am in your care from now on."


After the introduction, Tiana also seated herself on the table and joined the tea party. After some detailed introductions with the both of us, we then proceed to the main topic, which was about what happened 20 years before I woke up.


"Then starting from the very beginning, the moment you arrived, some anomalies happened and one of those was what people in this world called Star Fall. where rocks of varying sizes fell from the sky from all over the world. Not just this continent. And although it didn't really mean anything, people of this world thought it was an advent of something."


"Eh, but how did me arriving in this world cause something like that. Didn't Tiamat sent me on a rift in space?"


"Yes, she did, but it seems like she still managed to affect this world even with the miniscule amount of power she used to send you here. It didn't have any major effects to the system of the world, so you could just call it a choke of some sorts."


"I assume that it was because of me that Tiamat could now communicate in this state, right?"


"That's right, it has been a long time since Tiamat cut her connections to this world to protect it. But now that you are here, you are serving as her link which made it possible for her to observe once again this world. I thank you for that. Having even just a fabric of her hair in this world would cause all sorts of errors in the system, after all."


"I see, is there anything else that you wanted me to inform? Yes, it's regarding what happened in the world, but just a part of it. I do know that you could scout and research yourself, but I'll just give you a general idea of events that happened."


To summarize, she mentioned that even though the star fall was nothing but an unexpected event, people didn't see it that way, and people thought that it was a premonition of something bad to happen, even to the point where people have been thinking about the arrival of a demon king or something.


And although 20 years have already passed and some just put what happened as an unnatural incident, there seemed to be people adamant about the event turning into cultists and causing trouble all over the world, so I should be wary of them in my adventures.


The power structure of several countries have also changed because of this event. It actually ended several wars and have drastically changed the political situations of some countries. For the unfortunate ones that were hit directly, some barely survived, but she told me that I shouldn't be worried about it and not blame myself for it.


Then she pointed out what things I should be wary of, and also helped in adjusting my status. She also informed me that it should be fine even if I displayed a status that is a little stronger than normal because there are actually people with strong status that are hiding all over the place and some not even recorded by any guild or country, so I would be considered one of those people.


"That's all the explanation from me. Was all that information alright, Lady Tiamat?"


"Yes, that is sufficient. Since I am now able to observe this world, it would be quite a delight to see what had changed. It has been a long time since I have checked this world, after all."


"That's right, Lady Tiamat. I have many things to talk about with you about this world, since it has been a long time since you have left."


The two seems to have a lot to catch on, and I didn't expect Tiamat to be so attached to the world she had created. I wonder if all creator gods are like her.


After discussing a few more topics about the world and things that happened, along with the relationship between Tiana and Tiamat and other stuff, the tea party finally ended. And now I am standing in front of a door with Tiana and Tiamat behind me.


"Now then, Luna, this will be the start of your journey. Oh and regarding your abilities, you don't need to hide them because there are many similar abilities and skills around that people might just link it to those. In moderation, though, since you probably know the reason why."


"You are free to consult Tiana if you have any troubles, also look for my other fragments, I'll assign that as your quest, an optional one, though. So just look for it at your pace."


I looked back at the two.


"Thank you once again for this opportunity. I will enjoy my new life and travel every corner of this world!"


After declaring so, filled with enthusiasm, I faced the door once more and stepped outside. After a blinding flash of light, I found myself standing in front of the ruins once more. Checking the ruins once more, the path towards the basement disappeared and the barrier I was feeling from when I entered this area also vanished.


Checking my map once again, I aimed for the nearest village on my map. My current goal is to arrive at the nearest town and register as an adventurer!