Intro: I hate you Lightningbolt-dono
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Rain, I like rain. Lighningbolts? Dont come close to me and we good.

Sadly one Lighningbolt-dono didnt care about that. I wasn't even 30 yet! What about all those things I could have still donein my life?

Ye no.. the only thing i really have done to contribute to society and not just rot to myself would be sport and teaching it. Now that I think about it, what are my ol pals doing? One more from the list which has gone. Maybe the others also got send somewhere? Is this the definition of hell or heaven? Reincarnation cycle?

Somehow, I really miss those days in which I didn't had to fight(run) from animals, which I only can describe as deadly magical. Well more deadly than magical.

Which deity thought it is fun to add a Killer Butterfly who can dive, to the server? Birds who can drop/summon rocks from the sky to hunt? Thats just dumb and illogical.

Well this world in itself is the definition of that, can I get like a refund? This is too hard, even those P2W games were F2P friendlier where I came from.

It's not even 5 Chapters since I woke up here! I want a Pizza, even a good old Coffe would be enough.

Well enough of my rant, let's turn back time to when I saw this beautiful (and not so deadly yet) scenery for the first time.

Ohh before i forget it... 


AN:  This is just a more detailed introduction of this series and to get me more adapted to this site!