Ch.1: Well this is going to be fun!!
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It hurts, everything hurts.

Mother of Son Gohan that was one special experience. Did someone just turn on brightmode in the city? It was 2 AM, why would anybody do that?!

As my eyes slowly open the first thing I see, no the only thing I see, is brown.

Ye not just the colour brown, smartass, like treebark brown. Is this like one of these gameshows where I get pranked? No way there is a tree this big, thats like at least 1km. 

I saw the Eiffeltower, the Big Ben and even the Millau Viaduct. No way in Rune***** that a Tree could be bigger than them.

Wait a minute... Why... Is there more of them? Seriously? I could understand if the grass was also high as Snoop but it isn't?!?

Ok just calm down ol D. We got this, no worries. Your psychiatrist said it isn't good for your heart. Calm down and just accept reality.




Nope Nope Nope.

I can move, I can smell( smells really nice here btw), I even feel pain. This isn't a dream, neither a gameshow. No one would spend this much to prank me.

So I can conclude; Got either reincarnated, warped, isekaid or something down the line. Well the isekaid can be easily found out. 

Yeah no Isekaied for me, my tattoo is gone. Warped is also out of question... So reincarnated? Wait a minute....

Bright light in the rain..probably reincarnated... Was it you? Lighningbolt-dono? I got freeking hit by lightning?!? Ohh man at least it wasn't Truck-kun. I always said to my friends, if I die, I go out with a big bang. Seems i was somehow right there.

Well first thing I need to do, at least what those You**** videos told me to, is to know my surroundings. Have a shelter/camp, secure food and water.

Nah not going to work.

I know I'm in a forest, which looks just really magical. I wonder what kind of animals live here.... Oh no... ARE THE ANIMALS ALSO UPSIZED?!??!?

I mean the trees are like 2km if not higher, i dont like the idea of an ant which is as big as me or bigger. That would be instant death. On the other side, a 50m big mouse probably would just ignore me.

Ok, calm down, blood pressure. Just what do we really know till now.

1. Probably reincarnated

2. Big Forest( well only the trees are for sure atm)

3. I think it's around noon? Seems likely. Because the sun is just above me.

4. I don't have food or water

5. I don't have anything to defend myself. Which makes me question...why do I have clothes on? Well for another time, not important.

6. I have to get knowledge about here fast, if I dont want to get deleted again.

Ok, now that should be all, I think? First thing first, lets get to that tree there!




Well I'm done. That was like what? 15mins which I run to that tree? Guess what, that thing is even bigger. No way that's 1km. Even those 4km high mountains look like a baby to this.

Where the hell am I? Did i get reincarnated as a tick-sized human? If I'm still 1,75cm big, this isn't going to be funny. Lice will even outsize me several time.

Could I get like a tutorial, pretty please? Don't reincarnated people get like a cheat/system or something?

Ok, let's try.

Status! Open window! Ehmm, nope doesnt look lik... 

"I'm stupid, maybe I should say it out loud? Wasn't that one of the reason I had to go to therapy? Urghh me and my overthinking. Here goes nothing, Status!!"

Name: Not granted

Race: Human

Level: 1


2500/2500 Health

5000/5000 Mana

10 Combat Power

Class: Not achieved

Skill: None

Titel: Lighning Rod

Achievment: Reincarnated through Lightning-Dono, Ancient Forest of the World Tree *********

Quest: N/A 

Skill Points:0


Well look at this! Hahahaha I got the level and quest cheat ! Well maybe other beings got that too.

There is just one tiny...thing.

"Can I have an explanation of Lightning Rod?" I swear if it's what I think it is.

Lightning Rod: You are the most delicious thing a Lightningbolt could ever wish for. If there is thunder, you will get hurt.

Ps: You are special <3

Ok,calm down no worries..yet..

"Explanation of Reincarnated through Lightning-dono" It can't be that bad right? Please don't be what I think it is!

Reincarnated through Lightning-dono: As you survived... Not exactly but you get the point... A head on collision with the mightiest of earthly phenomens. You can't die from any source of lightning again.

Ps: Still going to hurt, for the moment

"FuUuUUUUUUuUCcCCKkKKK, ok calm down, calm down. From now on you get to be D, the Lightning Bender hahahaha. Also don't think to yourself anymore...or at least not so often. Doctor said I should talk, not think"

As I regained a bit of my lost sanity from this shock, soon another thought came to my mind.

"Wait.. why is there a *Ps:* at the end of the explanation? Is this one of those systems which are interactive? Urghh that would be a pain in the arse. Well let's see what the last thing is but how do you even say the * out loud, was it asteriks or something?"

"Explanation of Ancient Forest of the World Tree 9*?" As I read the explanation of the achievment, I got only one thing to say.

"Well this is going to be fun"


AN: Edited  for better reading expirience and some minor sentence changes.

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