Ch.2: At least I was not on the Food Chain yet
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Ancient Forest of the World Tree ********* : Say what was it like to get hit by a lightningbolt? Did it hurt? No worries you are under my protection now! But only if you can fulfill my quests! Good luck, I will also send you a little present! But don't get me wrong! I will not get into relationships with such young ones as you.

Ps: Btw you should get yourself the mental strenghening skill! You can use the window with your mind after that. Byeeee~~~~~~

"Well this is going to be fun" Who am I kidding? Even if I say it 1000x times out loud this isn't fun at all....

At least it's i got some information now, right? 

"Let's reorganize our thoughts and afterwards get into... That weird status thing... Even though I think it's going to be a scam" As soon as my voice faded, I heard it. The sound of my looming death.




No way I'm going to wait till that, whatever it is, is here! Run D, Run!

Behind the... 

"WTF is that!?!?!?" At first glance I saw my life flash before me, I know. Don't be scared of bugs at my age but me really thinks anyone of you would be astonished. Before me was, a freaking 5m tall fly!

As I saw the fly, it saw me. It dawned me at that moment, can flies even eat flesh? Like, I'm no biology teacher but I don't think they, even with this size, do eat flesh? Maybe I'm save and that thing jus-- 

"Urghh, you oversized ass! What was that fo-- Urghh" 2 hits in and I know... That thing doesn't want to eat me, it would have done that already if it had the thought or ability. I rather think... It wants to tackle me to death?!?

Luckily for me I could avoid the third one, it seems it's true. You only can't follow flies with your eyes because they are so small and can change their direction fast. With one this big it isn't that hard. Just first....

"Are you a Poké!??? I dont give EXP, stop using tackle!" Wait a minute.. EXP? Health?!?! MY HEALTH!????!!!


Name: Not granted

Race: Human

Level: 1 


2000/2500 Health

5000/5000 Mana

10 Combat Power

Class: Not achieved

Skill: None

Titel: Lighning Rod

Achievment: Reincarnated through Lightning-Dono, Ancient Forest of the World Tree *********


Main: Run from my Present 75m38s 

Skill Points:2


"Luckily that oversized thing is so loud, would have gotten hit another time" As I spat my deep frustration from the bottom of my stomach a.k.a. blood, I began to run.

2 Hits= 500 HP loss? 8 more hits and I'm done for, what's even worse....It all makes sense now! What present on the way, that's the Reaper on express.

"75min, I just need to survive 75min and this thing will go away right?!?" As i run for my life, I screamed myself to the limit. Noobody would answer me at this moment. You just need to keep pushing yourself in such situations. 

Not that I would want anybody of you getting chased by this abomination.


"Ye thanks dude for being so loud!" Just let me calm down a bit, talking is talking, right?

As death slowly brushed my shoulders. I slowly get used to being chased, talking and thinking about life!

"Hey Doc! If you could see me now you would never call me a person with tunnelvi--- Urghh"  Yeah, shouldn't stop running while being chased by something who can and wants to kill you in eight, well seven now, hits. Point taken, thanks life.

After getting up and evading another hit, I look for the most open way in linear running. Yes I know, Prom***ean Law bla bla bla. It just seems as long as I run straight with full speed, it should be doable?

Maybe this body will not hold onto the end. Don't know, don't care. My old one would, sure I would be dead for a good two to three hours but it would work.


"Skillpoints!" Crap almost forgot I got 2 *could be lifesavers*! 

Buyable Skills

Mental Strength 1 

Physical Strength 1

Vision Enhancing 1

Identify 2

Identify?!?? The Lord off all Isekai??? No wait, I got reincarnated and surerly there is a way to get points. 

"Buy Mental Strength and Physical Strength!" Just please let it not be in vain. The answer came straight away.





"I gained distance so fast!?" Holy, how much is this Physical enhancing exactly? Even my Body and movement feels more like a faster jog not a full sprint anymore.

Let's see if this works, Status!

Name: Not granted

Race: Human

Level: 1 


2000/2500 Health

5000/5000 Mana

80 Combat Power

Class: Not achieved


           Mental Strength lvl 1

           Physical Strength lvl 1

Titel: Lighning Rod

Achievment: Reincarnated through Lightning-Dono, Ancient Forest of the World Tree *********


Main: Run from my Present 57m19s 

Skill Points:0


"Hahaha, at least that voice didn't lie about the skill! Wait, If i remember correctly she never lied. Is it even a she? Surerly it can't be a guy who writes... This way" 

As I got time to rearange my thoughts and feelings, the smell of a fresh sea breeze tickled my nose. Water! A body of water! I'm saved. A fly can't swim, right?!  Even if the fly is 5m in size!

"Now that I think about it, where is it?" As is slowly go into a light jog and turn around to see where that fly is. Nothing except green and brown.

No seriously, no fly.

"Should I wait for it? Now i feel somehow bad, it did it's best probably"  Wtf body, move! Seven hits and we dead and I don't want to know what else is here!

As my mind disciplined my body, I began to run into the direction of the savior.

It wasn't long till my feet got there and to my not so big suprise... Big, I mean I get it. Everything here is big. It's just, ever wondered how a sea would look like with a tree in the middle? Good now imagine that tree makes the sea ashamed to even call itself pond. Maybe puddle would be arrogant enough to call itself one.

" I knew there had to be a bigger tree but that, that is one big ol block of wood"  As I still stood in daze a *Ding* made itself known in my head.. The sound which started my sweet torture.

Ohh if I only knew what has yet to come. I would have rushed to the fly so it could end me. Not that it mattered anyway.


An: Did some minute changes to sentences and spelling mistakes

Original AN: Btw, did anbody get some references and puns? I tried to tone it down a little bit and be more on the serious site... Somehow i got to like D within that few hours I wrote him!