Ch.3: I really would like to know what I am
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Quest: Run from my Present Completed

Reward: 2 Skill Points, a new titel and achievment

1 level up

New Main Quest avtivated: Console Tree Onee-samaaa <3

"hahahahah HAHAHAHAHAHAHA... Get the hell out of my head you overgrown plant!!!! I knew it was a scam after that description! This isn't a system at all, you're probably just a lonely middle-aged women, RIGHT!?!?" As I let my emotions run freely, whichwas nice for a change of pace. The torture began.

My theorie was proofen right, with a thundering wake up call, out of nowhere. Yeah, I think this is the only way to explain lightning on such a beautiful day.


"&#)[email protected]_$/@($&@($)(@ [email protected]($+)@)#+$-$, it huuuuurrts. What was that for!"

*Ding Main Quest failed*

Reason for failure: I said to console me!?!? Hmpf, I even gave you something you really want, and what are you doing? Getting all emotional over this! Congratulations, no you don't have a system which you want. I'm much better. I think you have to calm down. 

Reward: A lightningbolt out of the blue

New Main Quest: Listen to your big sister and be obedient or get punished. Naughty boy </3

Ok, reorganize thoughts now..Loading.... this is a life and death situation!!!!

1. I'm in a forest and hostage to this oversized plant.

2.  This thing can shoot or summon lightning, well it even can gimmick a system. Note: Don't anger it.

3. I got the first quest done, got rewards. Failed the second quest and got punished.

4. If I do what she (wait do trees even have gender? Ughh meaningless) says, maybe I can get some infos.

5. I just want to have a normal minute here

As my brain was working on super speed, a realization hit me. This most wonderfull, most beautiful and mighty tree. It can read minds.

Why you may ask?


*Ding; Titel level up*

*Please don't be rude again, after all those years, finally a being who isn't all 'uhhhh great World Tree'  is in this world. I don't want to ruin our short lived friendship. To answer some of your questions.

1. No I'm not oversized, I'm perfectly normal for my age

2. I can do even more ufufufufu *wink wink* 

3. I like reading--

"STOP,ok I get it. From now on we're buddies just stop. You are like my aun-"


*You mean youre big sister, right?*

"Uf hehehe...hahahahah... SuIcide it is ,so long fu-"


*No can do, I dare say within my forest there is only a 0.00000001% you could die. Only if I don't like you anymore :( *

*Ding Title level up*

"................Did I rob children of their candy in my last life? Was I the ulitmate villain in some way? Maybe i pushed old women on the street for giggles? Ohh wait, I remember my last life.........

Now then, ehm.. big sister, before we get into it all tje details, can I have some Information about.. like everything?"

*ufufufufufu hehehehhehe muahahahahhahahah I'm an official big sister now!  That stupid ol turtle is going to be so mad hahahahahahah.

Ehem, ye sure let's begin from the dawn of time.

There wa-*



How long was my big sister, that tree, talking? I can't remember, sun down, moons up, sun down, moons up. Ye, there are 3 moons here. Not important but looks nice.

200 days, 400 days, 1000 days.. i can't remember days. When you move or yawn, get zapped.

Short thing, this world is one big planet.The fauna and flora, to my suprise, is only so big here because of her.

Well, she is called World Tree, she just doesn't like that name. No she REALLY don't likes it.

I heard that *Ding* sound at least several dozens of time now. You know, that VROOOM, sound.

Oh i got sidetracked, anyway.

The sapient races of this planet call it "Vonar", the continent where this forest lies is called.. ye you guessed it, World Tree Origins. Very original, got me another VROOM btw. Fun thing, it doesn't hurt anymore.

The sapient races on this continent are as follow; Elves, Humanoid Beasts, Humans, Dwarves, Pixies/Faes, Demons and Dragons. There are non-sapient beings but everything can, well let's call it ascend to be sapient.

Fun thing, it seems there aren't really good or bad races. Some are just more brutal. There aren't crusades against Demons from Humans for instance. Well there are some factions who are at war against each other.

For example, a human kingdom to the north of the forest. They want to get some wood from it.  It seems the trees here are a good thing to make weapons, which are even more durable than normal iron.

The royal elves on the other hand are living in the outer circle of the forest, up to 500km inwards. To say the least, they don't like that kingdom.

In short words: Forest in the middle of the continent, which got elves in the outer part of it.

Western part is the Levian Dessert with Demons, Humanoid Beast and some humans.

Eastern part is the Swamp of Nirion, which is Pixies/Fae, Humanoid Beasts and... Dragon Land. Dragon in a swamp. Is Donkey there too?

Southern part is the Ice Land of Yumur. Which got my attention really hard.and no, it isn't because of that one mythologie from earth. It's the homeland of Dwarves, aren't dwarves in mountain areas? Well earth humans wrote that, so I don't think they really know about them. Also there's everything except Elves and Dragons living there. Seems Elves and Dragons don't like ice. Except a dragon called Fyonar the Cold.

To the north is the Highlands of the Humans... How original, I mean c'mon man, no ideas left? It's mostly inhabitated by humans and humanoid beasts. No dragons there. Well, would have been to weird to have them everywhere.

The story of the world is, described best in one word. Boring. My big sister grew, made food for sentient beings. Some thousand years passed and we're here now. Weirdly enough, they got some technology here but nothing out of sc-fi books. Some bigger war happened like 800 years ago,something about family problems? Better not ask. Anyway the land got split into 5 pieces, with this continent drifting to the south of the planet.


and that  was when you dropped from the sky with a lightningbolt, any questions?* Her voice finally came to an end. I can get to the important questions now. No offence but this history was boring and useless. Except dragons, who doesn't like dragons?!??

"Big sis, important things first. Why am I still alive without eating and drinking for... How lang did yo...we talk?" Sure my guts told me something huge is about to revealed but it couldn't be bad, right?

*234 years 8months 15days and 7 hours. For how you are still alive? You got 2 skill points, right? Buy identify and used it on your race. Maybe you will get the...shock of your life? (The pun is intended btw)* 

Now she is toying with me again, couldn't she just say it or like unlock it for me? She is the admin of this...let's call it system for the moment, right?

*You're wrong there, I didn't create or admin that system, you silly boy. I just tweaked it a little bit for fun. How else should I communicate with you? There aren't trees who can talk this young. The status window is connected to every sentient being on this world but only sapients can use it for themself. The stronger you get the more you can do, like giving quests and such. There are also universal rules, which make it more easy to do such things. But you're still far of that level.*

Ok now that is what I call important information, she didn't create that level system and all? Universal Laws? Maybe for another time, let's just get over it. I really would like to know what I am.

"Buy Identify"



AN: Some background and world infos here, nothing special. Wrote chapter 9 today and saw some things i have to switch in chapter 5-8 for story reasons. 

Will upload chapter 5 later but 6 and 7 have to wait, got about half the story to re write there. Maybe i will drop everything till chapter 10 just tommorrow after the next one

I also don't really like that tree, seems like a yandere to me. Poor D

Edited AN: got most problems solved in this chapter, I'm tired need sleep. One chapter to edit :(