Ch.4: What do you mean I can’t go out yet Big Sis?
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Quest: Listen to your big sister and be obedient or get punished,.

Naughty boy </3 completed

Reward: New Title


Well let's see what is new, Status!

Name: Not granted

Race: Human

Level: 2


3000/3000 Health

5500/5500 Mana

100 Combat Power

Class: Not achieved


           Mental Strength lvl 1

           Physical Strength lvl 1

           Identify lvl 1

Titel: Lighning Rod, Runner, Favor of Life

Achievment: Reincarnated through Lightning-Dono, Ancient Forest of the World Tree's Little Bro, "That's no fly, that's a friend"

Quest: N/A

Skill Points:0


"Sis, can you not change the descriptions for everything I'm about to identify? I'm 99% sure what was writen before was your doing?" I hope she doesn't get mad about that. It's just a hunch, a big one.

*Ohhh soo cute, they grow up so fast! Sure lil bro. You don't have to worry anyway, I can't change any descriptions made with identify.* Why do I have the feeling she is lying? Ah whatever, no risk no pain.

"I think maybe starting with the titles and achievments should be done first. Don't want to go to a mental hospital again. My race description even makes her..crazy.

Identify titles and achievments"


Lighning Rod: Wherever you are, there can be Thunder. For every hit survived by a lightningbolt your bond to lightning grows.

Runner: You outran a being who could make you into past tense.

Favor of Life: The progenitor of a planet blessed you because of your favor. You are near invincible in it's domain and got a regeneration ability of a phoenix. Your lifespan is as long as time itself, even without doing anything.


Reincarnated through Lightning-Dono: Because of a mistake of Destiny and Space, a fluke of almost near impossibility. You got reincarnated into another domain. Death immunity from lightning.

Ancient Forest of the World Tree's Little Bro: For untold time, the World Tree was alone in this domain. No one dared to befriend it, her status in the world was just to high. It took a being without knowledge and iron will to get accepted in her family. High level beings can feel the bond between you and her. 

 "That's no fly, that's a friend": How did someone achieve something this weird? You got the Runner title from a friendly being without knowledge. Every sentient existence of the same race will be friendly towards you.


"Did you really not change anything this time? This is more of a joke than what you wrote Sis..." 

You can't deny what I said is not true. Let alone the 'That's no fly, that's a friend' achievment. Which surerly isn't a jab to my 2nd beloved franchise. What about the Favor of Life and Little Bro title?!?!?

Does that mean I'm like some sort of undying thing now? I die and get reborn? That's my definition of phoenix at least! As long as I don't get killed, infinite lifespan for everyone?!?

*I told you I can't change things which got identyfied with a skill. Now what do you say about my present? You made little Flew-Flew #82648 cry! Even her great-grandchildren now still know about what you did to her! Poor thing died in misery.* 

Let's just ignore about the 'present' she is talking about. How low is your naming skill, sis ?!? Well the Little Bro achievement is probably the explanation for that. Still.. I'm so sorry for all Flew-Flews out there.

*I'm going to ignore that for once, ok? The best thing is to come after you do look up your race! I just want to see the face you make, after you read it. Even I have never heard of that before!*

Well she is right, no way in hell my race is really human with that kinda titles and achievments. Btw can you stop reading my mind?

*No can do, what if you suddenly have some naughty thoughts about your sister here? I need to know about it, to be prepared for your advances in bed!*

She really did say this with a complete  conviction. Like what?!?!?

"Say sis, could it be.. you like to read... THAT kind of thing? Also i will promise, if you stop reading my mind, that I will do everything you say if it doesn't cross.. certain things..." Every man needs his privacy right? No, every being needs it.

You can't expect me to accept that everything i think or do, is known to someone else. Privacy people, PRIVACY!!

*Hmpf I know what one of your hobbies was when you were in the other domain, you can't judge me for that! I'm a pure maiden, not like you!* Ok yeah, she is one, I'm pretty fucked.

*Very well, I will not peek into your brain again. But you have to run some more errands for me for that! Now look at your race.*

Good let's see... That old high school romance loving lonely oversized World Tree will surerly not peek into my mind, right?




*Hahaha do you like your race? I also never heard of that and the neat thing is you can do so many things! But your face is really weird, I thought it would be more of a shocked one. You look more like you expect some heavenly punish--- WHAT DID YOU THINK ABOUT?!?!? Say it now!!!*

"No sis, you misunderstood! I have to be mentally prepare for it. Even if you say, it's something you never heard of. It has to be something that will change my course of action. Please believe me!"  Yea, I'm really sorry sis I didn't trust you. I should be more careful of my antics, there is only D now. No more S-A. Wait, i don't even have a name.

"identify Race"

Race: Human/ [email protected]$(Error)[email protected]$

A human being/ Neither living or dead, it can think and feel but isn't sapient. Some may call it a Human or a Tree. Other say it's a lightning rod. The highest domain awaits his choice.

" Ehm...say what? I don't get it? What do you mean I'm not sapient? I clearly have emotions and can think for myself! What is it about being a tree or lightning rod?!? Don't even talk about the highest domain thing. Don't lie to me sis, did you do that?" 

It should be her right? What is even the meaning of half these things, they make no sense!

*Lil bro there you go! That was what I was waiting for tehehehe. I'm not going to lie, the only thing I can explain is the higher domain, for the rest? I think one of the creators does like you.

Soo, the higher domain is where I and some other beings come from. We have to get our coming of age ceremonies here to get back and have some rights to live there. You don't have to know that yet but I hope you will come to me when you get there*

That's one mother of info dump if you ask me.. I think i need some years to digest that, not like I can die of old age or something anyway, right? But why does she call it higher domain, it clearly says highest domain?

"So is there more things, I need to know at the moment? I don't want to have a bad awakening anytime soon again." Ye just let me get over this and be done for once. Too much information and text for my pace.

*Hmm, not many things I guess?

1. Health/Mana are self explained. Combat Power is the overall strenght you have. It doesnt say to much but think about it like this, the bigger the difference, the easier it is to win or get beaten. A normal human adult at level 1 has a combat power of 5. A fly at level 1 has 0.

2. Skills and Class are also self explained, classes are first unlocked at lvl 10.

3. Levels are used to get better stats and sometimes getting skills or skillpoints. You can get level through combat or missions. If you buy the upgrade 'Inner eye' and 'Reward calculator', you can calculated EXP and get some nice little bonuses to missions.

4. You have to be with me until I have done my mission here. No worries, just about 800 years to go! So you can't go out yet lil bro.*

See, that's why I hate info dumps.

And what do you mean I can't go out yet!?!? That's 800 years, well i guess im 250ish already...



Edited AN: I think? I have done what is written down below? Not going to lie, I'm sure to missed some things but they shouldn't be to big. At least I hope so.

AN: So, short story even shorter. I will re- read the old chapters(including this one) for spelling errors or weird sentences. Also the power creep was to strong even for an "OP MC from the start" for me. He will be OP after chapter 10 and can easily beat 99,999% of every being in the world but nothing like teleport or so yet. Which I accidentely made a main power in chapter 7... Had some problems for a good story afterwards when he got out soooo.

Expect the editet and updated version of the last chapters tonight(-6h after this post) and chapter 5-10 tomorrow.

* Also a little map of the continent is coming soon!