Chapter 1. A Drenched Meeting (18+)
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I threw myself into a nearby empty temple, barely avoiding the heavy rain that soon followed outside. It had been drizzling quite hard since I left school in the afternoon and my uniform became slightly drenched from it. In my defense for not bringing an umbrella, the forecaster said that the rain would happen later in the evening.

In addition, this rain might have a chance to turn into a storm from how strong the wind was. I guess I had to wait it out if I wanted to leave this place safely. Oh well, another valid reason for me to come home late.

My name's Yayoi Minamoto. Just turned eighteen last month and in my third year of highschool. I lost both my parents from a car accident during my freshman year and had been living with my uncle since. 

At first, living with my uncle had helped me live through the pain of losing my parents. As we grew closer, I began to see him as a figure similar to my father who was both responsible and dependable. That was until one night, I saw him do the unthinkable to one of my underwear and stained it with his seed. I knew that I should be mad and disappointed toward him, however, my own lust beat me to it and I found myself staring at his erected penis as he sprayed his load into my panties.

After witnessing my uncle's lustful behavior, my own lust engine started on its own and I walked back into my room to masturbate myself. The guilt from imagining my own uncle's raging rod penetrating me only made it more pleasurable.

He still treated me with the same gentleness of a father even after that, which made our situation quite awkward since I began to realize that my uncle was a divorced man living with a woman that was not her actual daughter. Thus why I began keeping my distance from uncle whenever I was home, not to save myself from him, but the other way around.

Still, this temple seemed to be neglected from how thick the dust on the floor was and the amount of spider web in the corners of this room. Since I had nothing better to do, I guess I'll do a favor to clean this sacred place a little bit.

The temple hall was so surprisingly huge that it took me fifteen minutes to sweep across its wooden floor. Moping was quite a challenge since I had to use a ragged cloth to wipe the floor. But since I put in the effort, everything was done within thirty minutes.

Satisfied with how clean the temple was now, I checked the outside only to be disappointed by the ever-pouring rain. What cruel weather. 

"Maybe that's a sign for you to stay here for a little bit longer."

… I was sure that I'm the only person in this building and there's no other entrance besides the one that I used to enter the temple. Was my head going mad? But as I turned my head over, I could see a figure of a man sitting at the top of the altar. 

Faceless, a slender body, and he wore nothing but his tattooed skin, yet I didn't feel disgusted by looking at his presence.

"Good evening, people once called me 'Heiwagami-no-Mikoto,' but now I'm just a mere forgotten deity waiting to perish from existence," the figure greeted me.

"A deity? So, you're a God?" I asked him.

"Yeah, never heard of me, right? But of course, the last time someone entered this domain of mine was already more than 900 years ago."

"Hold on, but I easily entered this temple just now. How come no one else has ever visited here until me?"

"But of course, it's because you have the qualification to do so, Yayoi Minamoto."

He even knew my name. I guess he really was a deity. But I had no idea what's on his mind so I had to be careful.

"Such a degenerate mind like you, of course you can enter this temple with ease."

"... Huh?"

"As the deity of lust, I can easily feel your unholy desire seething out of your body."

"… I-I have n-nno idea what you're talking about," I tried to feign ignorance.

"Fufu! You may deny it, but the truth is clear from my eyes! And since you've gone through the effort cleaning this temple, I shall give you a reward befitting your nature," the deity proclaimed as he walked up to me, exposing his dark, trunk-like cock.

"You mean… your semen?" I doubtfully asked.

"Not exactly. Although it's true that I have to pour my semen directly into your womb, it's my authority as the deity of lust that I shall give you through it."

… Huh? Did I just hear him telling me about giving away his power? Or did I mishear it?

"As a deity without a follower for a very long time, my spirit has slowly but surely dissipated into nothingness for the past 900 years. And even if I use your body as a vessel so I can live on, my spirit will be gradually consumed by yours over time," the deity explained with a drop on his shoulder.

"That's why you shall become the next Heiwagami-no-Mikoto and create your own chains of followers."

Now that's an absurd request out of nowhere…

"Hold on a second! Do you really think I'm such a low woman that I will take a shady deal for sex?"

"You do."

"... Fuck you, you don't have to say it so confidently."

I immediately took everything off my body and exposed my bare body in front of a person I just met a few minutes ago. I don't think my dignity could ever be lower than this moment.

"A beautiful hips, an alluring pair of ample breasts and ass cheeks with a pretty face to boost your physical superiority," the deity commented on my naked body as he walked in a circle.

Shit, my heaven's gate was flooding just from him staring at my naked skin. I couldn't even began to imagine how sex with him would feel like. 

"Aroused already, aren't we?"


Without any warning, the deity slipped his manly rod between my thighs and crotch, causing a jolt of ecstasy to rush into my brain, melting my neuron for a glimpse of seconds.

"Oh! With this much love juice coming out of your pussy, we can skip arousing each other," the deity said as he put his hands into ass cheeks and began to move his hips back and forth against my drenched slit.

"Wai-hngh~! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahn~!" 

It felt so pleasurable that my brain could no longer process any thought but to follow my instinct as my arousal began to bloom even more.

"Fuh… only a few strokes and your love juice has covered my entire cock, what a vulgar body you have right here. Heh, but I guess it's a given since you immediately agreed to have sex with someone you just met for power," the deity said as he lift me up on my thighs, positioning my crotch to be right above the tip of his raging cock.

"Ready to become the new generation of Heiwagami-no-Mikoto?" the deity asked me and pressed the tip of his love stick into my heaven's gate, ready to penetrate into the deepest part of my lower mouth.

"Hngh~! Give it to me!"

With a single motion, the deity trusted his hip into my crotch, burying his long cock into my pussy down to its base. Along with that, ecstasy filled my mind as I cum the moment the deity slammed my inside into his shape.


"Oh my, you just came from that? Just how sensitive can you be?"

"Ahh… ahaha, enough that I came from my virginity being broken," I told him.

"I can see that. Shall I move then?" the deity asked.

"... Please, mess me up!"

With only the deity's hands holding on to my weight, he lifted my body upward while simultaneously pulling his hip slowly to the other direction before slamming it in once again as he pulled my body downward.

He kept repeating that motion in a rhythm, creating naughty noises as the base of his balls slammed into my wet crotch.

"Ah-ah-ah-ahn~?! Hnhh-ahn! Ah-ahn~!"

He kept me in this position for quite a while, and I couldn't even remember how much I had come from his trusts. 

"Fuhh! Here it comes, Yayoi! Receive my divine authority!" the deity shouted as he pushed me into the floor, still with his cock pistoning my pussy.

"Hngh~?! Ahn-ah! Give it to me!"

The deity arched his hip into me, completely stopping his movement as his raging cock pulsed ever so violently, filling up my womb with his semen.

And that's when a flash of light filled my entire vision, knowledge of what it meant to be a deity and what I was capable of with this power. It felt like eternity, but my mind finally snapped out of the memory and returned to the real world.

When I looked at my surroundings, however, I found no sign that the deity was around. Did he actually disappear after pouring his cum into me? Or was it all just a dream? But his semen was surely there, trickling down the wooden floor.

And then I looked into myself to find changes in my appearances. There was a set of tattoos on my skin that wasn't there until a few seconds ago like the one right above my crotch, and my hair turned into shiny silver-ish color.

So this was how I looked if I let my deification take over my body. Not going to lie, this appearance made me look quite sultry. Fortunately, I could cancel this appearance pretty easily with a snap of my finger.

"Fufufu, I guess I really am a deity now."

It wasn't a dream. I actually made love to an actual deity and received his power. But that also meant he had ceased to exist in this world. 

I walked down the altar to offer my last prayer to the previous deity.

"May you find peace you've been longing for," I prayed.

It seemed like the rain had subsided into a drizzle, a chance to finally go home. But of course, I have to wear my uniform first.