Chapter 2. Incestuous Benefit (18+)
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"I'm home," I greeted as I opened the door to my uncle's 3LDK apartment.

While it might seem like an excessive place for a sole man to live in, my uncle, Junta Minamoto, was a well-off financial advisor in his forties. Not only that, both his daughter and ex-wife used to live here so he couldn't just suddenly move from this apartment.

"Welcome home, Yayoi," Uncle Junta answered from the other side of the apartment.

"You didn't bring your umbrella with you today, right? You should take your bath now or you may catch a cold," he added.

"Yeah, I'll take one right away," I told him as I dashed to my room just across the living room where Uncle Junta was currently watching his favorite reality show.

When I walked by him, I felt a strong, lustful gaze directed toward me. Was it because of my drenched clothes? I guess my summer uniform would become see-through when they got wet. But, aren't you a little too horny for your age, uncle?

After taking a fresh set of clothes, I headed to the bathroom and put my drenched uniform away with the other dirty clothes in a nearby basket before I took my shower.

"What a tiring day," I mumbled to myself.

It had been a long day for me even before the temple's happy little incident. I studied at school and fulfilled my role as my class representative to be an errand worker for the teachers as long as I'm still within the school grounds. Those accumulated fatigue from school normally catched up to me right now.

Yet for some reason, I didn't feel any fatigue at the moment. My mind was as clear as when I woke up this morning, the expected muscle sores from helping out with today's class activity also nowhere to be felt. Well, I guess that also meant that I no longer needed any sleep either.

Should I try staying up until morning? That sounded fun. 

After shower, I walked out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen right away. Both Uncle Junta and I could cook, but we made a little adjustments to schedule our turns of who made breakfast/lunch and dinner for the day. And tonight was my turn to make dinner.

"What's here… oh, the sirloin I bought from the meat fare yesterday, I can use this."


"Steak?" Uncle Junta seemed surprised with what I made for dinner.

"Yup, I bought the sirloin from the meat fare just yesterday so I thought I can totally make a good steak out of it."

It was a sirloin steak with roasted potatoes on the side. It wasn't the fanciest steak appearance wise, but I was sure this would fill us up for the night.

"Nah, it's rare to see you cook something western so I'm kind of taken aback," Uncle Junta told me as he dug into the steak.

"Is that so? I feel like I've cooked you onion soup before?" 

"... I must have forgotten," he said as he honestly admitted to his own mistake, how cute.

Nothing much happened during our dinner as we enjoyed our food and talked about my activities at school, mundane things. As we finished our dinner, I immediately cleaned the utensils and entered my room.

"Now then, what should I do?"

I had planned to stay up until morning but, what should I really do until then? I guess I could do my homeworks first, the math teacher gave us way too many problems to solve knowing that we have the entirety of weekends to make it done.

So I started my study session with a cup of sweetened coffee and a book filled with mathematics notes. On average, I could solve one problem within 3-4 minutes and I had twenty problems which I needed to solve.

But I somehow managed to finish those problems within forty minutes, twenty minutes faster than usual. Maybe I should watch something from Netflix and grab some snacks.

I jumped off my chair and stride outside of my room to grab some chips from the kitchen, that was until I sensed a strong scent of lust coming from the bathroom. My body reacted so strongly to it that my lower mouth immediately flooded with my own love juice. 

I changed my direction and peeked through the opened bathroom door to once again witness my own uncle sniffing on my bra while using my already messed panties to stroke his fifteen centimeter rod of joy, just how many time did he cum on it already?!

"Yayoi… Yayoi… I'm going to cum all over your panties, is that alright?"

I couldn't help but to sigh from the sight of him pathetically calling my name while masturbating using my used undies. Still, his rocking cock was so huge that it turned me on just from looking at it.

I wanted to take a closer look at it, I wanted to touch it with my bare hands, I wanted to put it inside of my mouth and covered it with my saliva, but more than anything, I wanted it to mess my pussy so badly and creamed my inside.

Without thinking twice, I undressed myself to the skin and slowly approached my uncle into the bathroom. 

"Are you sure you'll be satisfied with my undies alone, uncle?"

Uncle Junta's eyes snapped open as he realized that his action had been found out, but he seemed to be more surprised to see me entering the bathroom without wearing a single layer of clothes.

"Y-y-yy-Yayoi?! Wh-what are you doing h-here? And why aren't you wearing any clothes?!" He stumbled on his words.

"I should be the one asking you the question, uncle. Why are you masturbating to my panties? And how many times have you poured your jizz on it already?"

"N-no! Listen to me, Yayoi! It's not what it looks like!"

"Even though there's cum all over my panties? Uncle, you think I have no idea that this isn't your first time doing it?" I told as I pressed my body on him, cornering him further into the bathroom.

"Wha-?!" Uncle Junta tripped on his leg and got knocked over into the bathtub.

I immediately took my seat on top of him with his cum-covered cock pressing against my heaven's gate, preventing him from moving even an inch from his position.

"Uncle… you have to take responsibility for what you've done to me," I told him.

"Yayoi! Listen to me! We can still talk about this before we cross the line!" Uncle Junta adamantly tried to stop me.

"But uncle, is that really what you want?" I said as I rubbed my crotch against his cock.

"Guh! S-stop!"

"Isn't this what you actually want inside of your head? To plunge your thick, long cock deep inside my drenched pussy, right?"

I pressed the tip of his cock into slightly entering my lower mouth.


"Uncle, I have three words for you. Mess. Me. Up!"

As if turning into a different person, Uncle Junta grabbed me on my hips and pulled me into his crotch as his creamed love stick entered my well-lubed pussy with ease.

"Hngh~! Yesh! Like that!" 

I couldn't help but to move my hips up and down as his towering cock rubbed against the wall of my inner meat.

"To think that one day I'd have my way with my niece! Ahh! What a failure of an uncle I am!" He said that, but his hands were touching my skin like crazy, even one of them began to squeeze on my breast, not that I hate him for it.

"Ahn! Uncle! Your thick cock is spreading my pussy like crazy! Hngh! Yes! I'm cumming from my own uncle's big cock pumping in and out of my cunt!"

"Ohh! The way your inner wall wraps around my cock makes me want to cum! What should I do, Yayoi? Should I spray it all over you?"

"Ahh! Inside! Fill me up to the brim with your thick, juicy semen!"

Seemingly losing his reasoning, Uncle Junta hugged me on my waist and moved his hips erratically until his body jerked from ejaculation. I could clearly feel the condensed liquid sprayed into the entrance of my womb, and it made me cum for the second time. 

"Guh! Ahh… Yayoi, I should've regretted the fact that I have soiled you," Uncle Junta told me in a serious manner.

"Instead, my heart is overflowing with joys and reliefs, what should I do? Am I going crazy? Kuh, even my cock is raring for another round."

This should be a good chance to introduce my new self to Uncle Junta. Thus I changed my appearance to my deity self right in front of him.

"Uncle, do you believe in gods and goddesses? Or will you believe me if I tell you that I've become one myself just this afternoon?"

Uncle Junta's eyes widened the moment he witnessed my transformation. I wasn't sure what he was thinking, but this should be enough proof that I've become a deity.

"Yayoi, you've become even more beautiful than before."

I smiled in response to his compliment.

"Of course, a deity of lust like me should at least look beautiful to seduce men like you, uncle~" I proudly told him.

"Yayoi… I believe in you. Please tell me if there's anything I can do for you, I'll do it just for you!"

Fufu, he's easier than what I had taken into account for. 

"We can do that later, for now, can you lift me up to your room like this? I'm sure you're still up for some more sex, am I right?"

"Yayoi! I won't let you sleep a single wink tonight!"


We had a lot of messy sex until morning afterward.