Chapter 3. One Stone for Two Birds
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It was Saturday morning, and both Uncle Junta and I were relaxing on top of the master bed side by side without a single fabric covering our body. His fat cock still fully erect despite we've been going at it until a few minutes ago. Well, I gave him a blessing to let him awake until morning so I was actually at fault here. 

"So you're telling me that you have to create a cult filled with perverted men?" Uncle Junta asked as he lit up a cigarette. 

"More or less. Oh, and can I try one of your cigarettes? I'm kind of intrigued why a lot of people are so into it," I told him. 

He looked at his pack of cigarettes first before tucking one of the cigarettes toward me.

"This is only because I know you won't die from it, got it?"


I took the cigarette out of his pack and tried to light it on my lips. As the smoke filled up the room in my mouth, a weird taste of bitterness took over my mouth, but it was not something unpleasant.

"Not bad, slightly bitter but quite addicting. I could feel my body relaxed from inhaling the smoke," I told Uncle Junta my impression of my first cigarette.

"Just don't get caught if you ever decided to smoke in your school area, got it?" 

"Uncle… I have no idea you're such a delinquent."

"Haha, the thrill was worth it, though. Back to your problem, I think you need someone powerful to back up your cult, or else, you might get arrested for illegal activity."

I could imagine that. If I could bring someone powerful like a politician over to follow me, there'd be someone to back us up and make sure that our cult activity won't be found out.

"I have a few clients who are corrupt businessmen who love to play around women, bringing them over would be pretty easy. I also have an acquaintance who can act as your guarantor to begin your activity," Uncle Junta told me as he scrolled across his smartphone.

"Uncle, you forgot that we have to look for a place to start the cult," I reminded him.

"... You're right, I have to look at the property market for that."

"Uncle, do you have any meeting with your client today? There's a place I want to show you."


After breakfast, both Uncle Junta and I cleaned ourselves up before we headed to the location I told him to take a look. It was an empty building just near a red light district.

"Don't you think this place's a little too obvious? I thought you'd bring me somewhere people would rarely pass by."

"Uncle, just believed me, alright? Now hold my hand and follow my lead," I told Uncle Junta as I dragged him into the building.

Once we're inside, Uncle Junta looked at his surroundings as if he couldn't believe what just happened.

"Wha-?! Where are we? Is this a temple?"

The scenery inside the concrete building changed into that of a wooden temple complete with a torii gate right above the entrance. I still remembered how shocked I was when I discovered this place yesterday so I could relate with his confusion.

"This is the place where I was turned into a deity. I'm sure we can use this building to hide our cult activity in plain sight, I can even adjust it so only my followers can enter the temple part of this building," I told my uncle with confidence.

That was part of my power as the deity of this temple. I had the power to reshape the temple and specify which door to be connected into the temple.

"This property is listed as a problematic site as well, we should be able to get it for cheap. Alright, I'll get in touch with the estate agent after I drop you home," he told me as he walked toward the exit.

"Got it, thanks, uncle."


After dropping me off at his apartment, Uncle Junta immediately drove off to the estate agent he told me earlier. 

What a hard working man he was.

As for now, all I had to do was to wait until he came home in the evening with the land certificate for the building. Just as I reached the floor where my uncle's unit was located, I saw someone familiar was hanging around with my neighbor who was a well-off businessman in his thirties. I believed his name was Mr. Hyakuzawa.

"Mister, your wife is still working overseas until next week, right? You can call me more often to warm your bed, you know?" The younger woman told Mr. Hyakuzawa with a seductive movement as she pressed her breasts against the married man's body.

Actually, I do know who the woman was. She was actually a classmate of mine in highschool. Yumi Ishikawa was one of those popular girls who would often bully anyone who was less popular than herself.

"Yumi, I'm also a working adult myself so I have to go to work, I'll let you know when I have another free time, okay?" Mr. Hyakuzawa told her as he handed a thick envelope to her.

Fufu, what an interesting turn of events! I should at least greet them to show my cordiality.

"Good afternoon Mr. Hyakuzawa, what a wonderful day we have today!"

Mr. Hyakuzawa flinched from my sudden greeting.

"Ah! If it isn't Yayoi, it's a beautiful day indeed! Didn't you just leave with your uncle this morning?" Mr. Hyakuzawa greeted me back with a forced smile on his face.

"Uncle had to drop me home since he had some urgent matters to attend to. Even more surprising, fancy to see you here, Ishikawa. Never knew you are actually close with my Mr. Hyakuzawa."

"Ah! Eh… uhm… yeah… what a coincidence," she didn't even try to deny it, I guess my suspicion was right on the money.

"Hehe, 'call me more often to warm your bed,' was it? What are you even thinking, saying such things to a married man?" 

"Yayoi, I have a very important discussion to have with you so, can you follow me inside?" Mr. Hyakuzawa said as he desperately tried to defuse the situation.

But that's not how my game worked.

"I refuse, how about both of you follow me into my uncle's apartment so we can talk this over my favorite cup of tea. Don't worry, my uncle won't be back until evening later," I told Mr. Hyakuzawa and Ishikawa as I walked over them to reach my uncle's unit.

"Follow me."

They obediently followed me inside as I guided them to sit in the living room.

"So, let me address the elephant in the room first. Ishikawa, I assume that Mr. Hyakuzawa is your sugar daddy, correct?"

Ishikawa froze in her place, she looked like a mouse being cornered into a cliff by a preying bird. What a cute reaction.

"Yayoi!" Mr. Hyakuzawa shouted as he jumped from his seat.

"You don't have to raise your voice to such a degree, Mr. Hyakuzawa. You're not the one being asked the question here," I sternly told him.

"I'm the adult here so I have to warn you-"

"Can you really call yourself an adult if you cheated against your partner and slept with a younger, barely legal highschooler? It's not about who is the oldest here, Mr. Hyakuzawa."

Anger was apparent in his face, but he was civilised enough to understand my words and back off to his seat. 

"Thank you. Back to my earlier question, Ishikawa. This man beside you is your sugar daddy, am I correct?"

"... Yes, he's my sugar daddy," Ishikawa finally responded with a frustrated look. 

"I see, how long have you been meeting him?" I asked Ishikawa again.

"... A year, but this is my first time doing it in his apartment," she obediently told me.

"Lastly, do you want me to keep your relationship a secret?" 

Ishikawa initially bit her lips before she finally lost her cool. 

"Please! Minamoto, you have to keep this a secret no matter what! I'll do whatever you want me to do! Just please, spare me!"

What a hilarious reaction coming from Ishikawa. To think that this prideful, foulmouthed delinquent at school was now at my mercy tickled me in the weird spot.

"Then free your schedule at 9 a.m. tomorrow, I have something interesting for you to do. Including you, Mr. Hyakuzawa," I told him as I reached for my cup of tea.

"You guys may leave now, please take a good rest so you can wake up on time for tomorrow."

The two silently made their way out of the unit as they left.

"Hehe, I can't wait for tomorrow~"