Chapter 4. Backdoor Protection (18+)
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~Yumi's PoV~

"Fucking bitch! Just what the hell is she after?!" Yumi shouted with fury as she threw her handbag into the pile of plushies in the corner of her room. 

The source of her anger was from a classmate of hers who also happened to be the class representative, Yayoi Minamoto. She caught Yumi having an illicit relationship with a rich businessman called Mr. Hyakuzawa, who happened to be the neighbor of the class representative.

It all started when Mr. Hyakuzawa invited Yumi to accompany him in his apartment after his wife went overseas for work. She felt elated since she also needed the money to buy my boyfriend, Shou, his birthday gift. Obviously he had no idea about anything regarding Yumi's side job. 

They were both betraying each other's significant other and found pleasure by doing it for a year. But now, everything was under fire. She had no other choice but to be at the mercy of someone she didn't expect the most.

"Yayoi Minamoto, why did you act like that?"

The Yayoi Minamoto who Yumi knew in the class was an uptight person who would report any misdeed done by her classmates whenever she had the chance, not a person who blackmailed Yumi to do some errands after taking some dirt from her victim.

"Tch, why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

~Yayoi's PoV~

"Are you for real?!" 

That evening, I told Uncle Junta everything that happened in this room after he dropped me off in the afternoon, the fact that our neighbor was having an affair with a highschool girl.

"He's just like you, uncle. Another uncle who crossed his line to make love with a barely legal teen!" I teased.

"At least I'm not betraying anyone for it," he retorted as he dug into the fried rice he made for us.

"You're a divorcee, I don't think you're not that much different from him," I retorted.

Long story short, Uncle Junta managed to buy the property without any hitch. The question now was what should I do with the actual building. Surely we needed to have a shop or some kind to reduce any suspiciousness from the authorities.

"How about we turn it into a coffee shop? It won't be weird for adults to enter one, right? Unlike alcohol that's illegal for someone under twenty, we can also recruit another barely legal worker like Ishikawa," I suggested.

"That's a decent idea, but we need to find someone who actually knows how to brew coffee so they can teach you the techniques and stuff," Uncle Junta told me.

"I'm sure you have some acquaintance who fits the bill, right, uncle?" I asked him with certainty.

"I do have someone in mind, but he's quite an old timer in his sixties, do you mind?"

"I don't mind. On the other hand uncle, have you made contact with those guys?" I asked him.

"Those guys? Ah, you mean the Edogawa-gumi? Their boss told me to meet him at 7 p.m. at their headquarters, and it could be our one and only chance to bring them over," Uncle Junta said as he finished his dinner.

Edogawa-gumi was an infamous group of yakuza who had control of the area where our building was located. They're well known for controlling prostitution and drug trafficking. They'd often get themselves in a fight against the other violent gangs which made them quite conspicuous for a modern yakuza.

I should bring them under my wings no matter what.

"Looks like you already have something prepared to convince them to join us," Uncle Junta commented.

"Uncle, did you just underestimate a deity? Tsk-tsk-tsk, I have enough plans to bring pretty much anyone over to join my cult," I confidently told him as I lit a brand new cigarette that I just bought from a nearby vending machine.

"Oh, a menthol cigarette?"

"Yup, I think this one suits my taste the most, do you want to try?"

"Nah, I'm not a big fan of flavored cigarettes."

"In any case, the Edogawa-gumi is our main key for having a safe start as a cult. Failure is not an option, uncle. That's why I already have something prepared in mind,"  I told him as I stood from my seat, kneeling in between his legs before I pulled his pajamas off, revealing the monstrous cock in its sleeping form.

"Is this one of your preparations for tomorrow?" Uncle Junta asked me as he threw his pajamas away.

"More or less? I need as much lust as I can collect before our meeting with the Edogawa-gumi, and I know you have a crazy amount of it stored within this little friend of yours."

I grabbed his spiritless rod and licked around its glans slowly as I worked my tongue in a circle. At the same time, Uncle Junta's hands reached under my sleepwear as he squeezed my breasts while toying with my nipples.

With his cock slowly rising from its slumber, I began to put the whole tip in my mouth still with my tongue working on his glans.

"Fuhh! What an amazing technique! Where'd you learned how to suck a dick like that?" Uncle Junta curiously asked.

Since my mouth was filled with his fat love rod, I couldn't immediately answer his question, but instead, I started to move my head up and down while sucking and blowing the air around his rod.

"Ohh! That's it! Can you play with my balls too?" Uncle Junta requested.

Thus I gently scratched his balls enough to make him quiver in pleasure.

"Ahh, what a bliss! To think my own niece would give me a blowjob!"

After covering his whole shaft with my saliva, I took his cock out of my mouth as I reached for a small plastic tube filled with lotion.

"Uncle, do you mind applying this to my asshole? I'd like to try anal sex so, would you do the honor taking my ass virginity?" I told him as I passed the lotion over.

"Yayoi, can you lean your hands against the table?" Uncle Junta told me, putting enough lotion to cover his fingers.

Following his words, I put my hands onto the table with my ass facing toward him.

Uncle Junta pulled my panties down and slowly but surely tried to push his index finger into my backdoor. The lotion felt cold, and the way his finger entered my asshole made me tremble in pleasure. 

"Hngh~! Ohh…" I couldn't help but let some moans escape my mouth.

He then proceeded to add his middle finger into my asshole before slowly moving them in and out, trying to spread the lotion as much as he could inside my rectum. 

"I think this should be good enough. But just in case, I'll lube my dick to make it easier to spread your tight asshole."

Uncle Junta then applied the lube on his raging cock as he slowly pressed its tip against my lubed asshole. Slowly but surely, his cock spread my backdoor open following the shape of its shaft.

"Hngh~! Kuh-haa! Ahn~?!"

As if it was a match in heaven, I came the moment Uncle Junta plunged his whole cock inside of my ass.

"Fuck! You suddenly tightened so hard on my dick! Did you cum?" Uncle Junta asked.

"Hehe, I did~ I just came from my anal virginity taken away by my own uncle," I told him in a seductive manner.

As if losing his mind, Uncle Junta proceeded to pump my asshole back and forth like a madman.

"Ah-ah-ah-ah-ahn! Fuck my ass like that, uncle! Hngh-oh-ahn!"

Naturally, my hips began to move on its own, following my uncle's swinging rhythm as pleasure began to build up into my melty brain.

"Yayoi! I'm going to cum inside! You won't mind if I let it out inside of your tight asshole, right?!"

"Do it! Hngh-ahn~! Give me your cum!"

After another minute of intense pumping, Uncle Junta paced his hips faster before he pulled my ass into him and poured his thick semen inside my asshole.

"Hung!! Ohh! Holy shit, that's a lot of cum."

The moment Uncle Junta pulled his cock out, his cum immediately followed as it dripped onto the floor.

"Hoo… that was fun. Yayoi, wait for me in my bedroom, I have to clean our dishes first before we can continue," Uncle Junta told me as he took the dirty plate away from the dining table.

"Fufu, got it~ don't make me wait for too long~"