Chapter 10. Karaoke Fun 1
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"Minacchi, why are you studying even though we're on lunch break?" 

The one who asked me the question was a friend that I made during the first month of my senior year, Chieri Shimizu. If I had to describe her personality, she's a ball of energy who was cheerful and approachable. To this day, I still wasn't sure why she would befriend a person like me who was well known to nag and chew other students who broke the school's guideline. 

"To get another first rank in our next exam, duh? I'm not a genius who can remember every math equation in one glance, so this is pretty much the only way for me to compete."

This was partially not a lie. Before my deification, I had to put a lot of my free time to study to get a better understanding of the subject I was studying that day. Today, however, I was somehow able to catch what the teacher explained during the class pretty easily within a glance. 

"I see. But, don't you find it boring studying every day and every time? Don't you ever want to just forget about school and do something else?" She asked me.

I tilted my head in response. She was right, the only reason why I opened my notes right now was due to the force of habit that I had built for the last two years. There was no need for me to review the subject that I already had in mind.

"You're right, Shimizu, I think I need to give my study a rest from time to time," I agreed with her words as I closed my notes. But then I realized Shimizu's face turned dire as she stared at me with a dumbfounded face.

"Minacchi? Are you perhaps sick? Or did you eat something you shouldn't this morning?" Shimizu asked with concern.

"How rude! I'm perfectly healthy both physically and mentally," I retorted.

"I mean… you'd normally say 'I don't have any time for fooling around to fit into my schedule' before ignoring me for the rest of the day!"

"Well, I can't really deny that. But that doesn't mean that I don't have any interest to fool around," I explained.

"Then what are you waiting for? Let's go to karaoke! I already made a promise to Anchan and the others to join them this afternoon, you should totally join us!" Shimizu said with excitement reflected in her eyes.

"This afternoon? Like, immediately after school?" I asked her.

"Yeah!" she affirmed.

"Don't you have cleaning duty on monday again, Shimizu?" I once again asked her just to make sure.

"... I FORGOT!!!!"


Both Shimizu and I finally arrived at the karaoke place slightly late from the appointed time. As soon as we entered the building, we immediately searched the room where Shimizu's friends were waiting.

"They said they're in the VIP-1 on the fifth floor, let's head there!" 

Shimizu guided me as we took the lift to the floor where the VIP rooms were located. Three girls were already inside the VIP room the moment we opened the door.

"I'm sorry Anchan, I'm late!" Shimizu shouted as she entered the VIP-1 room, hugging the tanned female student with short hair who sat just near the door.

"Shimi! It's okay, we're still waiting for the other party to arrive~" the girl called Anchan told Shimizu.

If I'm not mistaken, her actual name was Sakurako Ando from class-B, the swimming club's diva fawned by the boys in our school and said to be one of our school's top five most attractive girls. And apparently my name was also inside that list.

"Eh? Minamoto? What are you doing here?" 

Finally someone noticed my presence behind Shimizu, and I also recognized who the other two girls were.

"Good afternoon Shirayuki, Tsukishima too, didn't think that I'd meet you guys here," I greeted them.

The one with blonde-colored hair was Nao Shirayuki, while the black-haired ponytail one was Rena Tsukishima. And both of them were my ex-classmates last year.

"No no no, we should be the one asking you that question," Tsukishima retorted.

"Y-yeah, it's just unusual to see you joining this kind of activity," Shirayuki added.

"Now that you mentioned it, you're Yayoi Minamoto from the same class as Shimi, right? Shimi supposedly said that you're an uptight person who only cares about your study," Ando said as she tilted her head.

"W-wait, Anchan? Y-you're not supposed to throw your friend under the bus?!" Shimizu protested as cold sweat began to form behind her nape.

"Is that so? I'm here because Shimizu asked me to. If she didn't invite me during lunch break today, I don't think that I'd be here. In the end, I'm also a girl in her teenage phase, I don't mind fooling around a little bit to unwind," I explained.

"Minacchi…" Shimizu stared at me with a moved face.

"Still, I'm intrigued by what you previously said, Ando. Please tell me what else Shimizu told you about me."

"I understand! She even said that you-"


As we were still going on with our shenanigans, the door to our karaoke booth was opened from the outside.

"Sup! Sorry we're late, we had a sudden club meeting."

A group of five highschool boys from our school entered the booth that we were in. From their club's jacket, they must be from the soccer ball club.

"It's okay! We still have a lot of time! Well, it's not like my dad would charge any penny for any extended time~" Shimizu said in a sarcastic manner while the other girls were booing them, poor lads.

So this karaoke place was her father's business place, huh? Now that I thought about it, we never really had any casual conversation before. I actually began to feel kind of bad for her. 

"Hm? Eh? If it isn't Minamoto! Didn't expect to see you in this kind of place!" one of the boys said as soon as he saw me.

"Good afternoon, Kabakura. I see that you still love fooling around as usual," I greeted him back.

Another ex-classmate of mine named Kouichirou Kabakura, our school's most notorious manslut for having more than twenty ex-girlfriends throughout his highschool years.

"Hey, Chieri! Since she's here, that means she knows what kind of thing we're going to do right?" Kabakura said to Shimizu.

"Ah! I didn't think thoroughly about this! Sorry Kabachan, but I think we need to postpone it to a later date," Shimizu told Kabakura frantically.

"Shimizu, even if you don't explain it, I already know what kind of activity you guys will be doing here besides karaoke," I told her.

"Eh? What do you mean?" Shimizu asked.

"This is my first time entering a VIP karaoke room and I have to say, the lack of CCTV in this room really concerns me. Also, this room reeks of lust.

"Hee… when you said this room reeks of lust, what smell is it exactly?" Kabakura asked as he scooped himself into me, embracing me into his arm.

As expected from the school's number one manslut, he knew exactly how to lead girls by their nose. If he was to do this to any other girl, I was one hundred percent sure that she'd be blushing out of shyness.

However, I wasn't any other girl. I turned my head to face him and touched my forehead against his.


Everyone's reactions were priceless. The boys were audibly gulping down their saliva while the girls let out shrills of shock. Even Kabakura himself was frozen in his place for a moment. 

"I'll tell you what smell it is, it's a mix of man's cum and woman's love juice," I told him with a straight face.

Kabakura's shocked expression immediately turned into a wide grin before he smooched into my lips, which I responded by slipping my tongue into his mouth. After we french kissed for a few minutes, Kabakura pulled his head away. 

"You're in for a good time, babe."

"Oh? I don't know about that. I bet the least you can do is to get me in the mood before you're done for the day."