Chapter 11. Karaoke Fun 2 (18+)
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~Chieri's PoV~

Chieri's first impression of Yayoi Minamoto was 'this girl has a serious studying addiction.' Ever since the start of their first semester, she'd spend most of her free time reading the notes she just took that day, even trying to get her homework done the same day it was given if she had the chance.

Given her role as the class representative, Minamoto would often nagged about every little rule violation she could find. Chieri had experienced her nagging for one time she brought a fashion magazine which included pages that showed women in underwear, which Minamoto proceeded to confiscate. She'd never shut up until Chieri seriously responded to her. 

A hardworking honor student who had no interest in the world around her. The actual role model of how an ideal student should've behaved. She was cometely different from Chieri who was stupid enough to get led by the nose by Kabakura and ended up sleeping with him, blackmailed to join his sex friends circle. 

But now, all of that image of Yayoi Minamoto shattered like glass as Chieri witnessed the obscene sight of the class rep moving her hips up and down like a slut with Kabakura's raw cock penetrating her breeding hole. 

"Hngh~! You're not as half assed as I initially thought you'd be," Minamoto told Kabakura as she pulled herself from him and leaned her body forward against the coffee table while kneeling.

"Heh, right back at you! I didn't expect that the beautiful honor student everyone respects and adores is actually a massive slut who loves having cock inside her vulgar pussy," Kabakura said as he walked up to Minamoto and thrust his dick deep into Minamoto's throbbing lower mouth without any warning.

"Mmh~! Thanks for the compliment~"

Dumbfounded, Chieri couldn't take her eyes away from the carnal intercourse that was happening right before her eyes. Unlike her one sided sex where she'd often being told around by her partner, the sex she was witnessing right now felt like pros having fun with each others. 

"Oi, why are you guys just standing there? You guys should enjoy yourself as well! Fuck! Have sex! Hurrah for illicit relationships!" Kabakura suddenly called the others out as he paced his hips into Minamoto's ass, creating lewd noises of wet skin slapping against each other.

"Hngh~?! What's with you suddenly? Ahn! Does having sex with feel that good that you starting to lose your mind? Mmh!  Yes! Poke my asshole deeper -ah-ah-ah-ahn~!" 

"Do you like my cock, Minamoto? How is it compared to other dicks you've tasted before?" Kabakura asked as he groped Minamoto's beautiful, perky breasts.

"Ahh! I'd say your cock is above average. Just the right length to hit my g-spot and just thick enough to spread my inner wall open. Compared to my last partner? I guess he's just more experienced than you are since he's an uncle in his forties, -fuck! Can you pound me like that again? That rubbed my g-spot really hard~" Minamoto told him.

"You slept with a man twice your age?! That's wild!" 

"Fufu, as long as they have a functional dick, I would gladly suck an old man dick if I had his consent~ Hm? Shimizu, you're crazy drenched down there, are you okay?" Minamoto told her as she pointed her finger to Chieri's crotch. 

"Ah! No! This is not how it looks!" Chieri said as she squatted down to hide her overflowing love juice. Little did she know by doing that she just elevated the lewdness of her appearance as her juice spilled directly to the floor.

"Chieri, did you forget what I've been teaching you all this time?" Kabakura said in an intimidating tone.

Chieri's face stiffened, inside of her mind was a storm of memories she had with Kabakura as he 'taught' her how to become a woman. As if a switch inside her had been flipped, Chieri's woman instinct slowly kicked in as she panted uncontrollably with saliva flowing down her mouth.

"There we go, her switch finally flips," Kabakura said.

"What did you even do to her? Whatever, she become more salacious this way so I won't complain," Minamoto was about to protest but bottled her words right away.

"Ahh… it's so hot in here…" Chieri mumbled to herself as she unbuttoned her uniform, revealing her white-laced bra that was holding her E-cup breasts.

"I don't think I'd be bored from seeing Shimi's amazing boobs," Ando commented.

"I know right, that pair of melons are just on another level!" Tsukishima added with passion to her voice.

"Ahh… how irritating…" Shirayuki on the other hand, staring at Chieri's breasts with ill intent. 

"Nao!!! Hang in there! You're beautiful just the way you are!" Tsukishima said as she tried to cheer her best friend up.

Chieri then let loose her skirt as it fell into the floor, leaving only her underwear covering her private part. Shyly, Chieri averted her gaze toward the other soccer boys who were still frozen in their place.

"Are there any of you who want to do it with me?" Chieri asked in a soft tone.

"I'll do it!"

"No! I will!"

"Make a way, bastard!"

"I'll gladly do it!"

They became rowdy in an instant and tried to get ahead of each other. 

"Alright boys, listen to me for a second," Minamoto said as she walked to the boys, naked, with Kabakura's jizz trickling down her thighs which successfully shut the boys down.

"Let's do rock-scissor-paper to determined who get to have sex with who, got it?"

The boys immediately nodded in unison to Minamoto's words.

"Good, then let's do it."

~Yayoi's PoV~

After calming down the horde of the horny soccer club members, I decided to have a short introduction before we began our orgy for the sake of intimacy.

"This is our first time meeting face to face so let me introduce myself briefly. My name is Yayoi Minamoto, and I'm the class representative of class-A," I introduced myself.

The boys' faces were telling me that they already knew who I was. Side effect of being an absurd study-head combined with a beautiful appearance, I guess?

"Let's start our introduction from you and continue to your side," I told them as I pointed to the boy with spiky hair at the right side.

"My name is Satoshi Hoshikawa, from class-C," he introduced himself.

"Tohru Nishinoya, also from class-C," the shortest one introduced himself.

"Hayato Matsunaga, from class-D," said the one with glasses.

"Takafumi Yamada, from class-B," the one with the goatee introduced himself.

"Hoshikawa, Nishinoya, Matsunaga and Yamada. Alright, here's the deal, the first one to win the rock-scissor-paper get to fuck Shimizu, and the next winner may choose whoever their partner is among the other three girls," I explained to the boys.

"""'Yes, ma'am!"""" they answered in unison.

"Great, now let's begin!"

""""Rock-scissor-paper shoot!""""

The four of them shoot their hands into the fray, with three people choosing scissors and one person choosing rock.

"Hell yeah!" Yamada punch the air as a celebration as he got the chance to have sex with Shimizu.

"Congrats! Now get your pants down and fuck!" I shoved Yamada to the couch where Shimizu was sitting.

"Alright, alright let's get going shall we?"