Chapter 12. Karaoke Fun 3 (18+)
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I'm very sorry for the late update! But here's chapter 12! Enjoy!

"Alright, I choose Ando!" Nishinoya (shortie) shouted as he won the second round of the rock-scissor-paper.

"Sweet! I'll pick Tsukishima!" Matsunaga (four-eyes) said as he won the third round.

"Eh, I don't mind, I'll pick Shirayuri anyway so it's a win-win," Hoshikawa (spiky) shrugged with a smug expression on his face. 

After taking care of the soccer boys' problem, I returned to the couch where Kabakura welcomed me in his couch with his arms and legs open, as if trying to show off his towering love rod.

"You're already hard again? Is my naked body that irresistible for you?" I asked him as I squeezed my breasts together with one hand and spread my creamed slit with the other.

"Do you think I'd buckle that easily from one round? I still have a few loads stored so I won't buckle so easily," Kabakura proudly told me as he swayed his fully erect cock. There was nothing notable from his love rod, but it still had enough length to hit my g-spot and made me cum.

"That's good, I haven't had enough sex myself," I told him, turning my ass toward him as I lower my hips right on top of his towering shaft, sliding it into my messed breeding hole in one drop.

"Guh! So tight!"

"Mmh~! Fuhh…"

I spread my legs and lifted my feet up to the couch as I began to move my hips up and down, creating lewd, squelching noises from our cum covered genitals scraping against each other.

"Ahh… this feels good~ Your cock reaches just the right place, mmh~!" I told Kabakura as I arched my head back, putting it against his bare chest.

"Tell me, is my cock better than the uncles you've slept with before?" He asked as if whispering close into my ear, arousing me even more and made me almost cum out of nowhere.

"Hm, if I want to take it easy and enjoy my sex to my heart content, your cock suits my need better. But, if I want to have a messy sex without caring about my own well being, their cock is superior than yours, ahn~!" I answered honestly.

"Is that so? How about we exchange RINE IDs? That way, I can help you satisfy your needs better," Kabakura said as he hugged me with his palms groping into my breasts. 

"I don't mind. Mmh, let's do it after this… ahh! I'm so close~!" I said as I paced my hips slightly faster.

"Yeah… I'm also close. Guh! How the fuck this slutty cunt of yours be this tight?" Kabakura asked.

"Fufu, but you love it, don't you? Mmh-ahn~! Amazing!"

Unlike Mr. Kushida's monstrous cock that could easily ravage the deepest part of my pussy while mind breaking me, Kabakura's cock gave me a strange sensation of calm-elation within my heart.

It was not just the stimulation coming from my lower mouth that had been melting my mind, however, the sight of the debauchery right in front of me along with the erotic noises that came with it also played a part in my arousal.

"I'm cumming! I'll cream your inside once again!" Kabakura said as he moved his own hips into my ass.

"Hngh! Do it! Pour all your cum inside me!"

Kabakura pulled my hips down as his throbbing breeding rod got buried deep into my pussy, pouring his load of semen inside.

"Ah-hngh! Ah! Cumming!"

At the same time, my inner meat tightened from the pleasure that accumulated over time, causing a pleasant orgasm that didn't completely shut my brain down for a moment.

I pulled away from Kabakura and took my seat right beside him as I leaned my body toward him, letting the excess jizz flowed out of my heavenly slit into the couch.

"Minamoto, do you mind if I smoke here?" He asked me as he pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket.

"What a coincidence, I also have the same thought as yours," I told him as I pulled my own pack of menthol cigarettes from my bag.

"God, can you be more delinquent than you are right now?" He said.

"Eh? You don't like girls who smoke?" I asked him as I lit my cigarette.

"No, I love a slutty delinquent who gives zero fuck like you," he told me as he smooch my lips in a blink of an eye.

"Smooth bastard, you turn me on again," I told him as I rubbed my hands against his toned chest.

"Gimme a break for a moment… I want to enjoy my cigarette first," Kabakura protested.

"Hehe, it's your fault for being such a manslut."

We spent fifteen minutes enjoying our cigarettes together while having a small talk about each other. For example, I learned that Kabakura had an older sister who currently studied in the college, and that he was actually always in the top ten of school ranking in every test. To be fair, I never really paid attention to anyone below me in the past so I had no idea.

"But I'm still nothing compared to someone who always snatched the first place in every exam since our first year," Kabakura said as he leaned his head on mine.

"I worked my bones for that. Though, it doesn't really matter in the end," I told him.


"Do you want to know? Then, let me show you the reason why after our third round~" I told him as I once again got on his top and pressed my slit against his cock.

"That's all I want to hear," Kabakura said as he pressed his lips into mine.

"Yikes, they're still planning to do it again?"

"What a stamina monster."

"My dick feels rheumatic from watching them alone."


"Ehh? Are you sure you guys don't want to join us?" 

After cleaning up the karaoke room, I asked the other to join me and Kabakura to visit the temple, but everyone didn't seem to be on the same page.

"Sounds interesting! I'd like to see it!" Shimizu enthusiastically raised her hand. 

"I'm intrigued, I'm in," Ando said.

"I'm also curious. I'd like to join too," Shirayuki said.

"Sorry, I've promised my parents to help them with their shop this afternoon so I'm not going," Tsukishima said.

"Yeah, I can't, I have to go to my part time place soon," Nishinoya said.

"My parents would definitely kill me if I returned late so I can't join you all," Matsunaga said.

"I'll go. It's not like I have anything better to do if I were to go home at this hour," Hoshikawa said.

"I'd like to go too," Yamada said.

Four girls and three boys. It was unfortunate that I couldn't bring all of them with me to the temple, but this should be sufficient addition to my cult.

"Well then, for those of you who chose to join me, let's get going. This might sound exaggerated but, this visit will change your life for the better."