Chapter 13. Temple of Depravity
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Another late update because I'm a lazy dum-dum... But please, enjoy this chapter!

"Oh, didn't expect to see you here, uncle, Mr. Kushida."

When I entered the empty building with the others, both Uncle Junta and Mr. Kushida were already inside while having a conversation within the still empty front room, accompanied by two men in black suits beside them.

"Welcome, Yayoi! You just arrived at the perfect time. Oh, how rare to see you hanging out with your friends," Uncle Junta greeted me as he peeked behind me.

"Good afternoon, milady. I see that you're bringing different companions with you today," Mr. Kushida also greeted me.

"""Pardon the intrusion!""" The group greeted both Uncle Junta and Mr. Kushida.

"Welcome! And please, make yourself at home! Oh, and my name is Junta Minamoto, Yayoi's uncle. It's a pleasure to meet you all!" Uncle Junta introduced himself.

"My name is Yuuya Kushida, this Uncle's classmate back in highschool and if you ever heard of it, I also lead a group of troublemakers called Edogawa-gumi.  I hope we can get along well." Mr. Kushida followed with his introduction.

"Edogawa-gumi? I think I've heard about it somewhere…" Shimizu mumbled.

"They're a group of yakuza who were active in this area, I'm sure you've seen them on TV or read an article about them," Ando told Shimizu.

"Eh? D-do-doesn't that mean we're in deep trouble now?!" Shimizu asked in a shaky voice.

"Hahaha! You don't have to worry! Since you're all milady's followers just like me, you don't have to be afraid of our men attacking you. In fact, you can ask anyone from my group to guard you if you ever feel in any danger!" Mr. Kushida told them with a charismatic wink.

The group looked toward each other, unsure about how to react to Mr. Kushida's words.

"How dependable of you Mr. Kushida, but they're not my followers just yet. If you excuse me, I'd like to guide these companions of mine to the temple," I told Mr. Kushida as I was about to walk past him before he grabbed my shoulder out of nowhere, stopping me in my place.

"What a coincidence! I'd like to visit your temple if you don't mind this old man accompanying you youngsters," Mr. Kushida told me.

"Is that so? I'm sure none of them would mind another addition to the group, right everyone?"

Everyone nodded their heads despite a few of them were sweating bullets, especially Shimizu.

"Yayoi, I'm sorry but I need to leave now. I still have another appointment with a client so I leave Yuuya and his men in your care," Uncle Junta told me as he walked out of the entrance.

"Got it."

With Uncle Junta leaving the scene, there were ten people left inside this building including me. I guided the guests downstairs and opened the door right below that led to the basement.

"Ah, I made a mistake." I mumbled as I closed the door once again before re-opened it for the second time, revealing the temple complex under the eternal night sky that shone purple light from its moon.

"Welcome to Daraku Temple, my dearest guests." 

If I had to explain this temple, it wasn't just a mere miracle. As soon as I opened the door connecting the empty building to this temple's torii, a calming breeze blew through the door indicating that the temple was located in a different realm. 

"Please, follow me," I told the other as I casually walked through the door, followed by Mr. Kushida who was right behind me along with his men and the students who kept their distance from Mr. Kushida.

"What in the world is this place?" Kabakura asked.

"This feels like something straight out of a fantasy movie," Ando commented with enthusiasm sparkling from her eyes. 

"Uhm… Minacchi? Where are you leading us to?" Shimizu asked with a concerned voice.

"With those questions y'all threw to her, it's safe to assume that all of you haven't seen milady's miracle at work, huh?" Mr. Kushida irritatedly responded to their questions.

"Hiee! I'm very sorry!" Shimizu apologized. 

"Mr. Kushida, don't try to intimidate them on their first day here. I've gone through the trouble showing off my flawless, naked skin and joined their orgy to convince them to follow me and I don't want you to ruin it," I told him as I gave him an intimidating stare.

"Is that so? My apology, milady."

It just occurred to me but, Mr. Kushida had been referring to me as if I was in a position higher than him, which was a good thing since that also meant I had the control over Edogawa-gumi. I could also deliver that if any of my followers broke their contract so controlling them would be easy.

"Mi-mi-Minamoto, I don't think you're supposed to tell him about our activity," Kabakura said with a trembling voice.

"Oh, I can assure you that Mr. Kushida won't tell any other soul outside of our cult about it," I responded.

"Anyway, let's take a dip in the spring up that hill first. I'm all sticky from all the sex that I had today."

"This temple have a spring? Let's head there!" Shirayuki enthusiastically said.

"That's the spirit. Would you like to join us, Mr. Kushida? Of course, your men can also join," I asked Mr. Kushida.

"It would be an honor, milady," Mr. Kushida answered as he bowed, followed by his subordinates.


It took us twenty minutes from the temple complex to reach the hot spring. But that was hardly a challenge when a breathtaking outdoor hot spring was involved in it.

Situated right beside a cliff, this hot spring gave the best sceneries possible by facing directly toward the temple complex while also adjacent to a shallow river on the other side. The area covered by the hot spring was also quite vast that it wouldn't have a problem containing twenty or more people.

"Ohh, you're quite a hunk, Mr. Kushida," Ando commented with her eyes glued toward Mr. Kushida's monstrous joystick.

In this hot spring, there was no segregation between gender thus why all of us were undressing ourselves under a pavilion building together.

"Of course I am, this little guy is my joy and pride! Your tanned skin is also very attractive… uhh."

"Sakurako, Sakurako Ando. You can call me Saku or Sakura if you want, but I don't mind being called by my surname too. Also, that little guy of yours isn't small at all," Ando introduced herself with a slight smile on her face. This girl… she knew what she was doing.

"Saku it is. Then how about it? Do you want a 'tip' from me so we can enjoy our bath time together?"

"Alright, let's head over to the hot spring once you're done undressing! Also, leave the flirting later in the hot spring, both of you! You all are making me jealous!" I told them.

"How very honest of you, milady. I don't mind having a threesome session once we're inside the hot spring," Mr. Kushida casually told me.

"Nah, I'd like to give both your subordinates a taste first. They both look pretty tasty," I said as I licked my lips seductively at the sight of two burly cocks they had.

"Well then, let's dip ourselves in both hot water and lust, shall we?"