Chapter 14. The Selected Fews and the Hot Spring (18+)
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Another late update... Whoopsie~ Anyway, please enjoy the chapter!

After another round of fun orgy, I got to know the duo subordinates of Edogawa-gumi more intimately. It was easy by looking at the color of their hair, the gold-haired one was called Kin, and the silver-haired one was called Gin, siblings with immeasurable amount of loyalty toward their leader.

From what they told me earlier, they didn't doubt Mr. Kushida in the slightest the moment he told both of them that a deity had cured his illness and that he decided to serve me for the rest of his life. Without even thinking about it, they joined their leader to this place and wished to join the cult themselves.

"The others are still having their doubts, though. But as soon as we met the boss walking around without his wheelchair, we immediately knew that he wasn't lying about the miracle so it's only a matter of time until they see the boss tonight. Guh! What a tight ass," Gin told me as he pulled away with his baton out of my anus, letting his poured seed flow down along my thigh.

"I see, that's reassuring to hear. Oof, that's a lot of cum."

My body was sandwiched between Kin and Gin until a while ago with Kin filling up my front genital and Gin pounding my back genital. As soon as I lifted my body on my feet, an absurd amount of jizz trickled down to the hot spring.

"Ahh, that's hot -hngh~! Ohh~! Fuck me more! There! Ah-ah–ah-ah-ahn~!!" Ando commented while moaning like a bitch in heat she was.

Beside me, Ando and Mr. Kushida also got along pretty well as Mr. Kushida embraced Ando in missionary while rhythmically pumping his oversized love rod into his partner. 

"Shit, I'm going to cum again! I just can't get enough of this bare legal schoolgirl's pussy! Ohh, cumming!" Mr. Kushida shouted as he buried his face between Ando's above average breasts while the other party also had an orgasm at the exact same time as him.

"Hehe, glad that you enjoy her."

On the other side of the hot spring, however, I could sense hesitancy from the other students in the group. Seemed like the fact that they had no grip on the situation they were in made them feel uneasy, especially with the presence of the leader of a yakuza gang being here.

"We still have another one and a half hours until our meeting so let's have a fun conversation here until then. But first, let me tell you guys who I am and for what purpose I gather all of you here."

I stood from where I sat and walked toward the group of five students in the corner who had been spectating from the distance. Closing only less than five meters away from them, I changed into my deity form as I revealed who I actually was.

"You guys may recognize me as Yayoi Minamoto, the tedious honor student who is always so uptight about rules in our school. On the other hand, I also am the ruler of this realm, the deity of lust, Heiwagami-no-Mikoto. Give me your lust, and I'll give you a commensurate amount of both my protection and blessing."

When I turned into my deity form, my body released a charming spell that also triggered arousal to everyone who was close enough within its effective range. Unlike hypnotism that took over the victim's full consciousness, my charm manipulated its victim's ability to make rational decisions, making it easier to deceive them with my seduction. That was also why I had to gain their trust to some extent for this charm to work. But once the spell rooted itself deep inside of the victim, there's no going back for them.

"I guided all of you here because you guys are talented students with corrupt minds like me who stand at the top among our peers. Don't you all love it, being at the top while doing absolutely nothing to achieve it? As long as you serve me, that selfish, egoistical wish can be easily reach by simply having sex as many as humanly possible," I said as. I reached my hand toward them.

"Join me, and I can guarantee your future even if you waste your youth by fooling around."

After that final sentence I told them, the one who first came up to me and shook my hand was someone I didn't expect to do it before everyone else.

"Minamo -no, I guess I need to get used to calling you milady too from now on," Shirayuki said like a shy maiden confessing her feelings to her crush.

"I, I always wish to explore this closet pervert side of me since I began discovering it in my first year of high school. But, I'm afraid that once I'm addicted to it, there will be no going back for me. If following you means that I have a safety net from losing myself to the lust, I will become your follower!"

"Fufu, is that so? Then, I'll look forward to your services, Nao," I told her as I called her by her given name.

"Yes! I may be inexperienced, but I'll do my best!"

Hearing that, I gave Nao a smooch on her lips before letting her join the other group. And seconds later, I could hear Nao's moans as Mr. Kushida jammed his grand obelisk through her heaven's gate from behind.

"Would you look at her, she's adapting pretty fast."

I could see the rest of the group gulping their saliva from the corner of my eyes. 

"So, what will be your answer?" I once again asked them.

"I don't have any reason to not join, count me in!" The second to step up to me was Kabakura.

"Come here, Kouichirou~" I told him with my arms open, welcoming him with a passionate kiss for a short moment before he strided to the other side.

"I'm joining. If it means a dumbass brainer like me has the chance to be accepted in UTokyo, that'd be the biggest win for me," Hoshikawa said with a serious expression on his face.

"That's it! Dream high, and I shall make your world into a shape! But don't forget to work hard for my sake! Welcome aboard, Satoshi."

Another kiss was shared to welcome Satoshi to our cult.

"Well, for starter, I love sex, and I want to have a stable job in the future, so I'll do my best storing my sperm here as often as I can!" Yamada told me with a bright tone.

"We can arrange that together. Welcome to the cult, Takafumi!"

After giving my kiss to him, I walked to the only person left from the group who was still lowering her head down to the water. Still, I could see Shimizu's face clear as a glass through the surface of the water below, those hollow eyes filled with deep, dark emotion.

Just what in the world was her deepest desire? What caused this bundle of cinnamon roll who once stopped me from killing a cockroach to accumulate this much murderous intent? 

"Shimizu… tell me, what's your deepest desire?" I asked her, urging her to tell what she had in mind.

"Hey, Minacchi, would it be possible for you to kill someone?" Shimizu asked.

This was exactly what I was afraid of. A deep rooted feeling of vengeance that could change anyone to a cold hearted murderer.

"It is possible, but why should I kill this person?" I turned the question back.

"It's a long story, will you listen to my story?"

"Sure, we still have some time in our hands."

I took my seat right beside Shimizu as she told me the tragedy she was about to unfold.