Chapter 16. How to Train Your Recruits (18+)
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Later that evening, Uncle Junta was the first to arrive in the empty building while bringing an expected guest that I thought would come sooner or later.

"Good evening, milady. I, I came to offer my thanks for curing my damned cancer. Please, this old man may not be of much help, but let me repay this kindness you've done to me," Mr. Arima pleaded as he bowed low to my feet.

"Fufu, but of course! Your experience will be much needed in this future coffee shop, Mr. Arima. I'd be more than happy to have you working here for me. Chieri, please guide my uncle and Mr. Arima to the main building."

"As you commanded. Please follow me this way, sir," Chieri swiftly followed my order as she guided both Uncle Junta and Mr. Arima downstairs, leaving me alone as I waited for the other guests to arrive.

"And safe! Damn, I really thought I'd be late for the meeting." Yumi barged the door open when she arrived and let out a really loud sigh of relief knowing that she still had another ten minutes before the meeting.

"Good evening, Yumi~ and please be gentle with the door next time you open it, okay?" I told her with a serious tone.

"I deeply apologize."

"Anyway, you can head to the temple first. I'm still waiting for the other guests to arrive so I can guide them inside once they're here," I told her as I lit the last cigarette left in the pack.

"Aye, ma'am!" Yumi answered with a salute.

And exactly at 07.00 p.m, a large group of men in suits finally arrived in the building. They all wore suits and had the same intimidating look on their faces, twenty one people in total. The man who led the group immediately walked up to me as he looked down on me, literally.

"Where's the boss?" the man asked me in a disrespectful manner.

"Excuse me? aren't you supposed to introduce yourself first before stating your purpose here?" I told him as I raised my eyebrows.

The man looked stunned at first before he turned toward his subordinates and laughed mockingly along with his group. Without any warning, he forcefully grabbed onto my shirts as if he was about to give a sucker punch on my face.

"Bitch, I don't have much time to spend on your nonsense… still, you look quite pretty, and while they aren't that big, your boobs are pretty stacked too," he told me as he gave my body a lascivious look while fondling my breasts over my uniform.

I see, he was that one subordinate who always got cocky to anyone he met for  the first time. This could be fun, I'll play along with him for now.

"Thank you for your compliment, I'm quite proud with what I have," I responded to his lewd remark with a forced smile.

"Hehe, I'll let you slide off your rude act toward me earlier if you sleep with me tonight, do we have a deal?" He arrogantly said.

"Yes, sir. Please, forgive me for my thoughtless behavior earlier. I shall pay for my mistake with my body," I told him.

"As long as you listen to my order, I'll forgive you. Now, lead us to the boss!" He told me as he let my shirt go, leaving one of the buttons almost snapped from the uniform.

'What a lousy man.' I thought to myself, almost rolling my eyes in disgust.

"This way, sir."

As I led them through the stairs heading underground, the groping from the man didn't stop as he slipped his hand under my skirt and rubbed his finger along my slit back and forth, causing my love juice to seep out of my heaven's gate. He finally stopped his finger once we arrived in front of the door to the basement.

"Ahn… welcome to Daraku Temple, everyone," I said, opening the door which led to the temple ground. 

"What the fuck?"

"Eh, is that hologram?"

"Are you serious?"

Their reactions were as I expected, thus why I kept my pace as I walked through the door. 

"You don't have to worry much about it, the boss is waiting this way," I hurried them as I guided the group to the main temple where Mr. Kushida was having a cheer with Uncle Junta right before the altar.

I walked toward them and wore my most mischievous smile to show as I called out Mr. Kushida.

"Boss, someone is looking for you," I told him.

Perplexed, Mr. Kushida raised his eyebrows as he gave me the confused stare. But then he looked at the group behind me and gasped out of air, as if he just saw a ghost.

"Yo, boss! Geh, I guess the news about your legs getting healed is true, after all," the man behind me greeted Mr. Kushida

"Tora! You piece of trash, what've you done!" Mr. Kushida suddenly shouted as he lunged toward the man called Tora. But I stopped Mr. Kushida's momentum and put him back down where he was sitting until just now.

"Whoa there! You don't have to worry, Boss~ This man hasn't done a~nything wrong to me at all~" I once again said in a playful tone as I teased Mr. Kushida.

Mr. Kushida couldn't say anything but to lower his head in shame, what a poor guy. 

"Boss, the fuck is the deal with this chick?" Tora asked Mr. Kushida with an annoyed tone.

"Oh well, it's about time to end this farce. Down to your knees, you lot!"

Tora and his cronies dropped on their knees as their body obeyed my command. Their eyes widened, looking at each other with baffled faces.

"Hie?!" A weird, high pitched noise came out of Tora's mouth as he realized what was happening to him.

"Bfu, fufufu! What a wonderful noise you made there, mister arrogant~" I told him.

"You bitch! I swear I'll make you scream and writhe once I-URG?!" 

To think that he still had the audacity to call me bitch, how conceited could this man be? Thus why I kicked him right on his guts.

"That's the second time you've called me bitch for today."

Despite the pain that he felt, Tora's body stayed perfectly still on his knees due to my domination spell, keeping him from falling to the floor. 

"Remember our deal from earlier?"  I asked Tora as I walked up to him.

"Tora, was it? Undress yourself and lie down on the top of that altar!" I commanded him again with the dominating spell.

Like a slave obeying his master, Tora followed my chain of order perfectly, lying buck naked on the altar.

"I'm sorry! Please, don't do this to me, I beg you!" Tora suddenly wailed with tears flowing down his cheeks.

"Ehh, aren't you supposed to say 'the fuck are you doing to me? Let me go before I fuck you ugly in my bed!' like that?" I responded with a shrug.

"And besides." I took my clothes off and spread my legs right on top of Tora's still soft member.

"You shouldn't leave your job halfway finished." I lowered my legs and pressed my drenched slit against his shaft.

"Tch! Let me go! I swear once I get my hands on you, I'll definitely kill you!" He threatened me with a tough face.

"Eh? You're still this soft even though you've laid your eyes on this alluring body of mine? Then I have no other choice, get it up!

"Kheuk! Eh?" 

With his cock erected out of sudden, it almost felt like his cock was growing into me rather than penetrating me, and it felt pretty pleasant in its own way.

"Ahh… another monstrous cock added to my collection. Still, if I just move up and down and fuck you normally, it wouldn't be counted as a punishment, would it? Then~" I prepared a spell on my tongue and leaned my body toward Tora's before pressing a french kiss on his mouth.

Our tongues met, rolled, and slurped each other's as I put my spell on work through my saliva and forced him to swallow it whole, and it didn't take long for the spell to activate.


Tora's hips suddenly jerked up as thick liquid oozing out of his love rod, filling me deep into my uterus. One shot, two shots, three shots, four shots and so on. His throbbing, monstrous cock just didn't stop spewing semen inside of me like a breached dam. 

"Wha?! What the fuck?! Hyie?! Stop! My dick, I can't stop cumm-IIGH?!" As soon as he realized what happened to his body, Tora began to scream and screech like a maiden.

Ahh, how could I hold myself back after seeing a man pathetically pleading to me like this?!

"Hngh~! Ahh, how cute! You're so cute it turns me on so bad, ahn~!" 

Not even restraining my lust anymore, I vigorously fucked his cock up and down while he was still ejaculating in me. And as his shaft slid in and out of my lower mouth, an obscene wet farting noise could be heard whenever Tora's excess cum leaked out of the gap between our genitals.

"Aha! Can you hear that? It's so shameful I may die of embarrassment yet it feels so good I don't want to stop my hips!" 

"Argh! My balls! My balls hurt! Stoop!! Hyie!!!" Tora shrieked with his face showing a mixed expression of arousal and pain, causing my body to shivered in ecstasy.

"Fufu, fuhehe, hehehe! Hngh~ cumming!"

My inner meat tightened from the ejaculartion, trying its best to suck every bit of Tora's slippery joystick as a large amount of his semen leaked out of my heaven's gate. Despite that, an absurd amount of his cum still spilling out of my vagina as I pulled my hips up.

"Guh! Please, kheuk! Please, I'm sorry! Please make it stop!" Tora once again pleaded with his arms covering his face, however, I could easily tell that he was crying ungly under that cover.

"Hehe, what are you talking about?" I told him as pushed his cock slightly to the back, aiming its tip right below my anus.

"You still haven't fill up this hole yet~"