BNW: Chapter 1 The Second Awakening
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“What is this feeling?!”


“Am I… dead?!”


“What a shame… I’ve really wasted my second… chance…” The kid in a pond of his own blood thought as he took his last breath.


World of the Living, Makekura Town, Eastern Tokyo.


10 days later, Makekura Town.


“Okay, this is a bit weird…” Jan looked puzzled.


Jan Iruki, or Piere-Emile Pheonix, a French boy, who died from Morona just two days before they discovered a vaccine, was lucky enough to get a second life in the Bleach World, lived 16 years there then got hit by a truck, and unfortunately died just before reaching the hospital.


As an Otaku, who spent most of his days reading Manga and watching anime in his first life, he was unfortunately reincarnated as an ordinary human being, not that I’m saying that it would have been better if he was a cockroach, but since his home town wasn’t Karakura, which is on the other side of the country, he never noticed that he was in the Bleach World, and spent most of his days reading Manga and watching anime, and got distracted by the Japanese school lifestyle that he always dreamed of having.


“It’s not that I’m not enjoying peeping on hot girls and scaring little kids, but this has become a bit boring…” Jan sighed, then the look on his face became serious as he grabbed the chain that was connected to his chest, “And this thing… it looks a lot like the Chain of Fate from Bleach World.” Jan floated out of the hot springs and roamed the town while pondering.


“Either Tite Kubo is a messenger of God, or I was really reincarnated in the Bleach World… And I’m now a Plus?”


There was only one way to know the answer to his question. While keeping in mind that the entire plot took place in Karakura Town, Jan decided to go there, since for the last ten days he spent here there were no signs for the Shinigami assigned for Makekura Town, and if this is real, he would need to find a Shinigami to purify him and send him to the Soul Society, before turning into a Hollow.


As much as it irritates him that he lived for so long and didn’t know that he was in the Bleach World, considering how unlucky he was until now, he was a bit grateful, that he didn’t discover this before his death, and ended up becoming a Jibakurei.


Souls in the Bleach World can take many forms, and a Jibakurei, who’s bound to a place because he regrets something, would be the worst-case scenario because they’re the easiest prey for the Hollows.


If this is really the Bleach World, then Jan is currently in danger, a Hollow can appear any time. However, if he stays like this he will also turn into a Hollow, and finding Karakura Town has become a must.


Flying in the sky, Jan looked at the remarkably long chain dragged behind him wondering if it was that long because his life force was strong as a reincarnated person, “Well, I guess there’s no way to know… Well, as long as it doesn’t reach my chest I should be fine.”


Ten days later, the World of The Living, Karakura Town.


“Well, I’ll be damned.”


Floating in the sky while casting his gaze at the big town below Jan cursed in a daze–– This is really the Bleach World!


During the last ten days, the chain connected to his chest kept corroding, and now it’s only half the length it was before, which means that he has ten other days before turning into a Hollow, and he must now take things seriously and find the Shinigami assigned for Karakura Town.


“Thinking about it, Hollows aren’t the only things I should be worried about.”


The Bount, are a tribe of artificially-created beings who can live forever by consuming souls. To put it simply, meeting one of these guys will mean the end.


Jan took a deep breath, then said solemnly, “No more jokes, it’s all about survival now.”



After looking everywhere in the last nine days, from hot springs, the girls’ lockers, to the Manga shops in town, Jan couldn’t find any signs of a Shinigami in the town. Of course, he thought of finding the Kurosaki’s mansion or Urahara’s shop and asks for help. But both were nowhere to be found, “It seems that this timeline is a few years earlier from The Fall of Kisuke Urahara.”


“But I’m starting to doubt everything. Am I really in the Bleach World? There were no signs of a Hollow in the past 20 days too…” Jan sighed, “Who am I kidding? I could notice that some people can see me in this town, which means that they have a stronger Reiatsu based on the Bleach World laws.”


Jan sat on one of the benches in the park, then grabbed the chain connected to his chest, which was only a few centimeters long now, “I don’t have much more time left. I must find the Shinigami assigned for this town. I swear to god I will kick his ass when I…”


Suddenly, Jan felt a great pressure that almost crushed his soul. The pressure was strong enough to make him panic, but he could still feel that the source was a few blocks away from him, which helped him calm down. Once again he was in front of a huge decision, “Should I go there?” Feeling paralyzed by fear, Jan looked at his Chain of Fate.


This process is called Encroachment, it’s painful and starts out slow, but the final erosion is much more violent and finally when the chain is completely gone a hole will open in his chest where his heart used to be. At this point, the Soul's body disperses into spirit particles and then reforms nearby as a Hollow.


“Staying like this isn’t an option, huh?!” Jan gathered his courage and headed to the source of that pressure.


If he’s lucky enough, the source would be a Shinigami, he will ask him to purify him and before dinner, he will be in soul society. But if it’s a Hollow, well let’s say he won’t need to be thinking about dinner anymore.


Unfortunately, as he got closer, the source of that energy suddenly got stronger and before he could notice, a gigantic monster appeared behind him, roaring in madness.


Jan turned around hurriedly feeling horrified, and the moment he saw its face he fell on the ground, shaking from fear. He didn’t even have time to regret his actions, and just when that Hollow’s claws were about to grasp his soul, a sword appeared on the top of its head and instantly cut it into two halves!


The Hollow’s body slammed the ground and dust rose to the sky, and inside it, a black figure appeared, “Humph! Finally one appeared.”


Soon the dust settled and Jan finally saw the face of his hero, “Zaraki freaking Kenpachi!”

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