Chapter 1: Rebirth
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"Demon, 30 years ago you insulted me, took away my body's purity, killed my entire family and executed my nine generations. From that moment onwards, I hated you with a burning passion! Today, I want you to die! "

"You damn demon, just because you wanted to cultivate the Heaven Devouring Blood Shine Scripture, you've gone and killed thousands of people. You've committed too many unforgivable, heinous sins! "

"Old bastard Jia, stop attempting to resist anymore. Today all of the major factions of justice have combined together just to destroy your devil lair. This place is already covered in inescapable nets, this time you will definitely be decapitated! "

"Demon hand over that evil technique and then we shall let your body be in pieces!"


Jia Ru, who was wearing a black robe, which was torn in many places, while his hair was disheveled and his entire body was covered in blood, he looked around.

Perhaps because of fighting for such a long time, many wounds have been opened in his body, either old or fresh.

Dark red blood was flowing out of his wounds, while his eyes were blood red. Just by standing there for a short period of time, Jia Ru had already accumulated a large pool of blood beneath his feet.

Enemies surrounded him all around; there was already no way out.

For him, the only answer waiting was death.

Jia Ru looked around, but all he saw was greed, anger, or grief in the faces of his enemies.

Jia Ru understood his situation, but even in the face of death, his expression did not change; it was calm.

His gaze was quiet; it was a gaze of indifference, as if he did not even care about the threats of his enemies.

The major factions of justice that had surrounded him were not just the experienced elders, but also young and talented heroes. Around the heavily surrounded Jia Ru, some were roaring, some were sneering; there were eyes that were gleaming with light, some holding onto their wounds while looking on fearfully.

Perhaps it was due to the fall of Martial Soul Hall that these so-called "Factions of Justice" began to appear on the mainland. Perhaps it was inevitable to happen due to the fall of Slaughter City? Perhaps it was due to the rise of that "person"?

While Jia Ru was deep in thought, he saw a weapon which looked like a small lotus but its petals were full of sharp metal needles. Perhaps that weapon also made Jia Ru remember something that he wanted to forget.

Seeing that weapon, Jia Ru had a smirk in his face, but perhaps because of the smirk in his face, everyone quickly became vigilant. All of them quickly brought out their martial souls.

None of them moved; everyone was wary of Jia Ru's final attack.

After all, who wouldn't be wary of a Spirit Saint who has lived for more than 250 years.

For 6 hours, this tense moment went on until the evening came, the sun casting its rays upon the side of the mountain. At that moment, something odd happened. The entire scene suddenly became warm and many blue silver grasses began to appear all around the ground.

Then a huge amount of vitality began coming out of the blue silver grass, which then started to heal everyone's injuries except Jia Ru's.

Seeing this scene, Jia Ru's face quickly became ugly, but a look of surprise was also mixed in.

Due to the sudden change, all of the warriors were alerted and quickly moved back.

"It's the Sea God! He is blessing all of us! " Suddenly, a middle-aged man wearing a vibrant blue dress with red straps shouted, which got everyone's attention.

"Yes, it's the sect master's aura. He is helping us defeat this demon! " Then a bulky elderly man with grizzled hair and a beard also shouted.

Due to the reassurance from the elderly and middle-aged men, everyone hastily started to absorb the huge amount of vitality.

But for Jia Ru, it wasn't good. Perhaps due to the long battle and losing too much blood, his face had become deathly pale, but it had a charm of its own.

Looking at the setting sun, Jia Ru lightly laughed, and a look of sadness appeared in his eyes. As the sun went down, many memories of his previous life began to appear in his mind, some blurry while some clear.

He was originally a high schooler on earth, but he was reborn into this world. When he was "born," he realized he had reborn into a novel which he had read in his last life.

Jia Ru who thought that he was going to be the protagonist of this world and slowly reach the peak of his life but for Jia Ru reality was cruel. Although he did awaken a twin martial soul, a scythe and blue silver grass, because of both of them being low-level martial souls, his innate soul power was just level 4.

Seeing that he didn't have high soul power, he realized the only way to live a good life in this cursed world was by hugging the protagonist's golden thigh.

But to his surprise, he realized that the protagonist was much more arrogant and didn't even put himself in his eyes. After all, why would he? Even though Jia Ru realized this, he pretended he didn't notice the protagonist's behavior toward him and became his licking dog; even though it was humiliating, he had to act like it because he didn't know if he was going to live long enough or not in the future.

So many of such memories that were buried deep inside the heart began to relive themselves, sprouting into life before his eyes.

Soon, the blue silver grass that was on the ground began to grow and the thunder began to appear in the clouds. It was as if Jia Ru had angered God himself.

"I failed in the end." Seeing the lighting in the sky, Jia Ru sighed in his heart emotionally, yet there were no regrets.

Soon the blue silver grass grew and started to form the shape of a human figure.

"Jie Ru, I thought that after I went to the god realm, you, as one of my best friends, would help to bring prosperity to this world, but who could have predicted that you would practice such an evil method; hand over this evil method, and I will let you die painlessly!" The figure made of blue silver grass spoke with the tone of arrogance and anger.

"Tang San" Seeing the figure, only this name came into Jia Ru's mind. Tang San was a person Jia Ru had followed his entire youth and had acted as his licking dog, just to get some meager benefits. After all, who wouldn't follow the protagonist of this world.

Tang San was the son of luck in this world. He had everything, from talent to beauty to power! In fact, Jia Ru had envied Tang San from the bottom of his heart, but as he got older, he just buried this feeling deep in his heart.

"HAHA, So now you have come to me just to get this technique from me. Yes, it is evil, but for me it was the only way of gaining power! Where was this friendship when you got those immortal herbs? " Jie Ru laughed crazily and said.

Just as Jie Ru was about to say another thing, the lightning brewing in the sky landed on him while a sword with killing intent also flew down from the heavens and penetrated his chest.

Blood began to gush out like water, and soon the place Jie Ru was standing had become a pool of blood.

Soon after Jie Ru landed into his own pool of blood, his vision started to blur out and all he could see was people cheering for his death.

"Damn you, Tang San!" were the last words he spoke before he lost consciousness.


Heaven Spirit Village

It was already late in the night, a slight breeze blowing with the light rain.

Yet Heaven Spirit Village was not covered in darkness; dozens of tiny lights shone like a bright band.

These tiny lights were all lit in the houses of the residents of the Heaven Spirit Village.

Soon, a baby's cry was heard in one of the houses.

"Congratulations, it's a boy!" a middle-aged woman said while holding the baby in a wet towel.

Hearing this, an excited man quickly came inside the house. Seeing the man's excitement, the middle-aged woman handed the baby into the man's hand.

The man came to the bed and showed the women on the bed the baby's face.

"Wife, do you see my son like me?"

"How can we tell when he was just born?" The woman said softly, lying weakly on the bed.

"My son Jia Ru must be like me." This was a stout man.

"Okay, okay, just like you, bring your son here, he should be hungry." After saying that, she hugged the baby beside him, undressed, and started breastfeeding.

Until then, the little baby, who was still confused, did not react. What's the situation? Jia Ru still remembered that he was killed by Tang San's sword. But when he saw his parents' faces, a look of surprise came into his baby-like face.

One is a tall, young man who looks about 20 years old, while the other is a beautiful woman who is probably a little younger. Because of the childbirth, her face is tired and weak and a little delicate.

"Mom and Dad!" Though Jia Ru said that only babbling came out of his mind.

While looking at the faces of his parents, he realized, "Isn't this heaven's Spirit Village 250 years ago?" Jia Ru said to himself.

"But how come I travelled 250 years back in time?" Jia Ru thought to himself.

While thinking about this question's answer, he felt something.

Jia Ru quickly realized something was in his spirit consciousness. As he looked inside his consciousness, he saw a gray-coloured lightning which quickly disappeared while a mark was left on the place where the lightning was.

As he tried to look deeper into this mark, the mark suddenly vanished. At first, Jia Ye was shocked but calmed down and tried to search for the mark but couldn't find it, so he was vigilant of his mark.

Because of his low mental strength, he couldn't peek into his soul consciousness anymore. When he was out, he quickly fell tired and just slept.

While he was sleeping, an old man came and examined him.

"Mental strength is strong, but body bones are weak. "Exercise more and make up for it."

The unnamed old man came to a conclusion.


Three Years Later

A young child wearing a blue dress was meditating on the branch of the tree in the morning.

This young man was none other than Jia Ru, who was practicing Tang Sect skills. To be specific, it was Purple Demon Eye.

Though Jia Ru became Tang San's licking dog in his previous life, he could only get the medium version of Tang Sect skills when he joined Tang Sect.

But even though it was medium level, it was one of the only techniques he knew that didn't need soul power.

"Who would have thought that the use of the black mark was like this?" Jia Ru said to himself while getting down from the top of the tree.

Yesterday, Jia Ru realized the use of this blackmark that resided in his spirit consciousness.

The black mark could be considered like a "gate", and what was the use of "gate"?

To be specific, this "gate" or "Void gate" was what he called it.

The use of the "Void Gate" was simple to travel the multiverse or in detail, this "Void Gate" would lead him to a place where all the worlds are connected together.

This place was what people called the origin space. Simply, this place is connected to all the worlds, but to go to the world, I need to open a "Path".

So to form this "path", two things are required

1. Energy of Time and Space

2. Spiritual or mental strength

While time and space energy can be collected passively by the "Void Gate", but for spiritual power, I have to collect it myself and store it in the "Void Gate".

In fact, for "Void Gate", the must-needed energy is time and space energy. As per Jia Ru thinking, time and space energy are what that make the "Path," while the Spiritual Power just opens the gate for the time and space energy to make a "Path" towards a certain world.

So as to why the "Void Gate" didn't appear in his previous life? Jia Ru just doesn't know.

Anyways, the "Void Gate" has collected enough energy to make a "path" to a world, but here's the problem: the Spiritual Power acts as a key to a world. If Jia Ru has enough spiritual power, he can even make a "path" to a high-level world, but Jia Ru, who is just 3 years old, just doesn't have enough spiritual power, so the "path" that he is going to open will probably lead to a low-level world.

But even if Jia Ru waited, there would be no effect what so ever as the spiritual power is stored inside the "Void Gate" and the "Void Gate" has limited space, so even if he waited and stored spiritual power, the excess spiritual power would just be wasted.

So Jia Ru had decided to make a "path" to another world through the "Void Gate".

Soon, the black mark in Jia Ru's soul started to shine a bit, and suddenly, Jia Ru was in a small space which was surrounded by darkness. Even if Jia Ru tried to look into the dark, the dark just got distorted.

The area of "Void Gate" was really small, it was just about 50 cm, but it was enough for Jia Ru for now as he didn't know how to increase the size of "Void Gate".

As Jia Ru started to think about opening a "path", all the energy in the space began to come into a single point and a bright light appeared in front of Jia Ru.

Soon, a small hole was made as Jia Ru tried to look through the hole. What he saw next was just mind-blowing.