Chapter 2: Plane Trading – Sun Breathing
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Jia Ru slowly directed the spiritual power in his body to the "Void Gate." This kind of feeling is very strange, as the "Void Gate" is not a body organ, but it is with the consciousness of the soul. It's like nothingness, it can't be touched, but it can absorb the spiritual power that gives it a sense of reality.

With the absorption of Spiritual Power, a dot was created in the "Void Gate", which was formed by the absorption and storage of space-time power inside the "Void Gate" with the priming of soul power, and the dot was slowly getting bigger.

In the end, with the injection of all the Spiritual Power in Jia Ru's body, a spherical space with a diameter of a little more than two inches was formed inside the "Void Gate", a space that only Jia Ru could sense.

Jia Ru looked a little speechless at the space presented in front of him.

"Although with the standard accompanying space of the protagonist, but this size is too ..." Jia Ru didn't know how to spit it out.

A spherical space with a diameter of a little more than two inches is equivalent to a little larger than an apple, or the size of a small cantaloupe.

At this moment, the spherical space was like a display screen, and the screen began to change and distort. Though it lasted for a while, it was as if there was no signal on the TV. Judging from Jia Ru's feelings through the "Void Gate", this was the process of searching for possible possibilities in the infinite multiverse, or simply, it was the process of finding a plane to anchor.

After a while, the picture changed, and the scenery began to appear. Although it was not very clear, it could be seen that it was a half-mountain forest and a section of steps along the mountain.

Just when the picture was close to the building on the mountain, and the picture became clearer, Jia Ru suddenly sensed a wave of time and space through the "Void Gate".

His thoughts immediately turned to the space-time fluctuation.

An image was reflected on the spherical space. It was an old building made of wood that was shown. Though its style looked like a monastery, instead of monks there were youngsters practicing with wooden swords. Even for an outsider like Jia Ru, it was evident that they were practicing swordsmanship.

While in the building gate, "Demon Slayer Corps" was written on the front plaque, but it quickly faded away.

The picture became "no signal" again.

Not long after, the picture again appeared, but this time the "signal" was very good. Compared to before, it was like 360p turned into 1080p picture quality.

This time, Jia Ru was able to see everything clearly. The old building from before was not a monastery but a Japanese building. As far as Jia Ru remembered, this type of building was called a shinden-zukuri house, and judging from the residents' dresses, they did not seem poor.

Jia Ru's consciousness followed the "Void Gate" to look at the scene in front of him, and understood that this was a feudal era like the ancient times in his previous life, and that it should also be a world with extraordinary powers such as martial arts.

After a while, a young man on the edge of the practice field attracted Jia Ru's attention because he had a trace of the power of luck on his body. This shows that he is something like a child of luck of the world, just like Tang San of his world was.

The young man was tall and muscular with long and spiky hair with red tips, which he kept in a ponytail. while there was a red-colored scar at the top of his forehead. The young man's face was filled with a solemn and calm expression that rarely showed any emotion, while a sword was bound to his waist.

Soon, the young man went away from the practice field. Jia Ru also followed him along his journey. After following the young man for a while, he saw that the young man was going toward a dark forest, which was far away from the mansion.

When Jia Ru reached the forest by following the young man, he saw a monster appear in front of the young man. The monster was humanoid in appearance and had paler skin, fangs, pointed nails, catlike eyes with unusually-colored sclera, and dark markings that came in various patterns across its body.

When the young man saw the monster, the young man took out his sword from his waist. The sword was black, but when the young man went into fighting position, the sword changed color it's color to bright red.

After the young man changed his sword's color, he rushed into the forest, and a blaze appeared out of his sword. While the blaze was forming in his sword, the young man jumped in the air and slashed. Soon the blaze landed on the monster, severing its head.

The action was so fast that Jia Ru only heard, "Sun breathing 6th form: Solar Heat Haze."

After seeing the young man's actions, Jia Ru just felt déjà vu. It was as if he had seen the young man somewhere but couldn't remember, but he knew the young man wasn't ordinary at all.

When the young man kept his sword inside his scabbard, Jia Ru knew it was time to appear in front of the young man.

Then the power of time and space surged, the space began to fluctuate, a black void gradually appeared beside the young man, and finally a two-inch display screen appeared in front of the young man. The young man quickly retreated, took out his sword and got into a fighting stance when he saw the space fluctuate.

"Hey...hey hey...can you hear it?" came Jia Ru's voice.

The young man looked at the "display screen" in front of him with a black line, and was a little speechless.

Then, a blue light curtain swept across the room, and Jia Ru's figure emerged from the display.

Seeing that it was not a demon, the young man became a bit less vigilant but still kept the sword in his hand.

Soon the "display screen" grew bigger and bigger, but it stopped at the size of 15 inches.

This is Jia Ru's spiritual projection, and the blue light curtain just now is also a kind of spiritual force field, which is the spiritual force field space formed by Jia Ru with the help of the time-space power of the "Void Gate."

After all, the spherical space as a space channel is too small.


"Hello, I'm Jia Ru. What's your name?" Jia Ru greeted him friendly.

"My name is Yoriichi Tsugikuni. You this is ...?" The young man, Yoriichi Tsugikuni, looked warily at the child in front of him.

Uh, Jia Ru's spiritual projection was the same as the original body, the body of a three-year-old child. At least Yoriichi Tsugikuni's guard was lightened a bit.

"Yoriichi Tsugikuni... Hmm... Yoriichi Tsugikuni? Your name is Yoriichi Tsugikuni? Then what is this place?" Jia Ru had some speculations in his heart and vague expectations.

"This is a mountain behind Demon Slayer Corps. What was that before ?" Yoriichi Tsugikuni acted like an ordinary adult and tried to intimidate Jia Ru.

"Demon Slayer Corps, and Yoriichi Tsugikuni, combined with the previous swordsmanship practice field, it seems that the possibility of this plane being the "Demon Slayer" is high." Jia Ru secretly pondered.

Considering the timeline is not early as Yoriichi doesn't appear to be more than 25 years old, and also I'm not sure how much the difference in time flows between the two worlds, after all although the Douluo Continent side is the night bedtime, just watching Yoriichi Tsugikuni's and other demon slayer's practice it has passed about four or so hours and its almost into the second half of the night, if the time flow is the same.

So Jia Ru was ready to talk to Yoriichi Tsugikuni openly and honestly.

Jia Ru said dryly, "Yoriichi Tsugikuni, a demon slayer whose wife died due to the attack of a demon, a younger brother who was always jelaous of him turned demon to kill him, the only practitioner of the first breathing style, "sun breathing."

The son of Akeno Tsugikuni and a feudal lord and little brother of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, ran away from home when he was going to be heir instead of his older brother. Anyway, how old are you now?"

As Yoriichi Tsugikuni listened to Jia Yu's words, surprise and killing intent began to show under his eyes.

After a moment of silence, Yoriichi gradually put away his killing intent and said in a low voice, "I am now 22 years old. Who are you anyway? How do you know all this? What is your purpose?"

"Don't be nervous. You can tell by looking at me like that I have no ill intentions, right?" Jia Ru waved his hand.

"As for me, you can consider me as a trader. That scene just now is due to a natural ability of mine to communicate with people who are far away from me through the projection of my spiritual body. "

"As for why do I know your information and purpose." Jia Ru smiled faintly.

"I am a trader, and a trader should know a bit about his customer, right?"

The air suddenly quieted down, the two looked at each other, and finally Yoriichi spoke.

"You want to learn Sun breathing from me? Why would I teach you? To hear you say joyful words?" Yoriichi's tone was calm.

"Of course not, it seems that you have figured out some situations. Then how about we trade your future with sun breathing?!" Jia Ru laughed.

"To show my sincerity, I'll tell you what I know first."

Next, Jia Ru began to dramatize Yoriichi's life, from a variety of impressive opportunities to a variety of crises and regrets, from the death of his wife due to demon to his brother turning demon. From his fight with Muzan to him teaching sun breathing to Kamado family.

Yoriichi listened with some slight blush and smiling awkwardly.


When Jia Ru's consciousness was withdrawn from the world of Demon Slayer and returned to his body, he realized that the sky was bright outside the house, and it had obviously been sunrise for a long time. However, it should not yet be seven o'clock when Jia Ru's family normally has breakfast; after all, grandfather Jia usually arrives on time to call Jia Ru for breakfast. Thankfully, the Douluo Continent's concept of time is not unlike that of the previous world.

"Although the consciousness entered the world of the Demon Slayer with the small space of the Void Gate, at that time it was also possible to sense the situation around the body, and now it is obvious that grandfather has not come yet." Jia Ru said in his heart.

"However, the problem of time flow between the two worlds that I was concerned about before does seem to exist. I started using the 'Void Gate' to search for a plane last night around seven o'clock, and ignoring the time consumed by the search, it's about eleven hours by now. "

"As for the time spent in the Demon Slayer dimension, through Yoriichi 's words, I learned that he and other demon slayer's practiced for almost two hours before I showed up. That said, with a look at the sun, you can know the approximate passage of time is a skill, right? , it must be a skill!" Jia Ru recalled the previous image of asking Yoriichi about the time, his heart was a little depressed.

After all, even in the Douluo continent, there are the existence of clocks and watches, so even for previous life me there was no need to learn any skills to know time by looking at the sun.

Jia Ru continued to calculate this initial cross-dimensional trading and exchange harvest from the plane trading.

After Jia Ru arrived to begin his conversation with Yoriichi, he first explained to Yoriichi some of the opportunities in the Demon Slayer world as well as some information about Yoriichi's future, though some of it was very vague or even incorrect; after all, he had read Demon Slayer almost 250 years ago.

After about half an hour of friendly exchange between the two sides, Jia Ru began to learn from Yoriichi the full set of Sun Breathing, including the 'Dance', 'Clear Blue Sky', 'Raging Sun', 'Burning Bones, Summer Sun ', 'Setting Sun Transformation', 'Solar Heat Haze', 'Beneficent Radiance', 'Sunflower Thrust', 'Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance', 'Fire Wheel ', 'Fake Rainbow', 'Flame Dance',  and 'Thirteenth Form'.

Jia Ru also learned the corresponding breathing and exhalation methods of "Sun Breathing." It took about two and a half hours, but it was full of harvest.

Of course, Jia Ru's talent does not fall at the level of one in a million swordsman, the reason why he could learn a full set of "Sun Breathing' including practice, fighting methods, secret techniques, and additional body techniques in just two and a half hours. It was because the golden finger finally gave strength for once.

When Jia Ru's spiritual consciousness fused with the "Void Gate" and reached the new dimension, although it could only open a small spherical space less than two and a half inches in diameter, but based on the small spherical space inside the key, it could expand a spiritual force field space in the new dimension. The space covered by this force field is equivalent to a field. What role in terms of combat assistance is unclear for the time being, but just the function used by Jia Ru before is quite powerful.

"Void Gate"'s new development feature : video recording!

Well, not filming, but proper recording of images.

The space covered by the mental force field could record everything that happened inside the space, including the full set of 'Sun Breathing' and other techniques taught by Yoriichi. As Yoriichi practiced and explained, Jia Ru used his consciousness to contact the spiritual force field and used it to transmit Yoriichi's cultivation perceptions to the spiritual field.

In the spherical space inside the "Void Gate", a golden dot of light gradually took shape, which was based on Jia Ru's spiritual field and the spatial and temporal aura of the "Void Gate" itself, absorbing Yoriichi's current teachings and forming a swordsmanship inheritance representing Yoriichi's teachings and skills.

Thereafter, when Jia Ru learns, he only needs to use the spherical space to expand his spiritual domain field and touch the martial heritage, so that he can observe the 'Sun Breathing' cultivation method in all directions while feeling Yoriichi's cultivation perceptions, which can be more convenient than the master's hand-holding teaching.