Chapter 3: Martial Soul Awakening
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Jia Ru recalled the previous situation and continued to calculate the time in his heart.

"The time of the 'Demon Slayer' world is probably 5 hours behind that of the Douluo continent, while the Douluo continent is at least 11 hours ahead. In general, the difference in time flow between the two sides is not much, and the time flow is a little slower on the side of 'Demon Slayer'. In terms of power levels, the 'Demon Slayer' side is much weaker, so such time gaps are justifiable. "

" After all, Douluo Continent falls under the category of Fantasy Powers, while 'Demon Slayer', on the other hand, falls under the category of Martial Arts."

"The next time I contact Yorichi, I hope I can gain something new. I don't know if it will be a few years later."

When Jia Ru ended the dimensional transaction earlier, he took out the ring he was wearing on his finger and infused it with a little bit of spiritual power that he had just recovered, and sent it to Yorichi through a "small conduit" and asked him to wear the ring in his hand and, when he died, pass the ring to somebody else.

This is a way to match the breath of the world of 'Demon Slayer' that remains in the "Void Gate", forming a kind of connection, although it is extremely weak, but it is better than nothing. At the same time, Jia Ru also has many hidden ambitions and plans in his heart for the future of the 'Demon Slayer' realm.

He was even looking forward to the day when he could connect "Void Gate" to all the major realms he came into contact with.

The next step was to practice the Sun Breathing inheritance of Yorichi and try to combine it with the 'Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record' of the Tang Sect and the "Basic Meditation Technique" of the Martial Soul Hall that he had learned in his previous life.

Obviously, this will take a long time.

As for the present, it is ready to start a new day! The future is promising!


Time rolls forward and doesn't stop for anyone, at least not without becoming an "Immortal" who breaks the timeline, that is.

In the blink of an eye, three years have passed in a hurry.


"XiaoRu...XiaoRu...Come out!" The old man shouted from outside the house.

"Come on, Grandpa, what's wrong, why are you in such a hurry?" Jia Ru walked out of the room and into the courtyard.

"Isn't this the time to awaken the spirits of each village in the Martial Soul Hall every year? It's your birthday the day after tomorrow. That bastard of your father works in the Martial Soul Hall, and now he is helping people to preside over the awakening ceremony." Jia Ru's grandfather said while trying to catch some air.

"I had someone bring him a message. Other times I do not care, but this year his boy is six years old. So he must come back to the village early, the first thing to do is the awakening, and then he can go to other villages to awaken .These two days grandson, don't run around, don't climb trees or rooftops, and stay at home " Jia Ru's grandpa said solemnly admonished.

"Understood Grandpa, don't you know me yet? Usually, apart from climbing trees, I just stay on the grass at the entrance of the village. When did I run around?" Jia Ru pouted.

"You kid, the awakening of the martial soul is too important. Okay, then Grandpa will go to inform a few other people in the village with six-year-old children that this year's awakening is a few days earlier than in previous years. Remember to come and eat later."

After speaking, the old man walked out with his hands behind his back.


As Jia Ru walked on the path of Heaven Spirit Village, looking at the small light blue grasses that could be found everywhere in the village, his heart was filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Obviously, these light blue grass is blue silver grass, although the blue silver grass is as common as the grass in the original world, except that the life force is relatively tenacious and it has no other role.

And they were everywhere on the continent. Almost every village can be seen everywhere, but like the Heaven Spirit village, now so dense and flourishing like a wild jungle, it is also a landscape.


For blue silver grass, Jia Ru was just very familiar after it was his martial soul.

Jia Ru in his previous life had twin martial souls, but the innate soul power was just level 4.

In fact, for Jia Ru, the reason why his innate power was just level 4 was because of the quality of his martial soul. His first martial soul, Scythe, was a tool martial soul and it fell under the category of the Weapon subtype. While his other martial soul, Blue silver grass, fell under the category of Plant subtype of tool martial soul.

Though he had twin martial souls, the quality of the martial souls were very low, which in turn caused his innate soul power to just be at level 4.


Jia Ru did not waste any time during the three years.

In the first year he tried to combine the "Total Concentration Breathing" and the "Basic Soul Meditation Technique" of Martial Soul Hall though he failed numerous times, but on the 55th try he succeeded. The result was a new soul meditation method that can be cultivated automatically, and is much more effective than normal meditation methods. And also has all the features of Total Concentration Breathing like Total Concentration: Breathing, Constant or Recovery Breathing.

For the rest of the year, he just practiced the new meditation technique, which he named "Soul Breathing Meditation Technique," and it turned out to be very effective as his body was strengthening day after day.

While in the second year, he tried to improve the "Soul Breathing Meditation Technique" which did take some time, but it was worth it. Many key features of the meditation were upgraded, and the meditation itself became much more effective.

After that, he tried to integrate breathing techniques and tang sect skills. In the end, he was able to combine them, but not much was changed. After all, many of the tang sect skills dealt with the functions and controls of meridians, and he did not want to harm his meridians by blindly trying to combine the two techniques.

While the third year was just practicing these techniques.


After these three years, Jia Ru is sure that his innate soul power is full and the excess training and meditation he did also helped to increase the quality of his martial souls.

In fact, if not for the restriction of needing a spirit ring every 10 levels, Jia Ru might have broken into the realm of Spirit Master.

But in these three years, Jia Ru has not forgotten to research "Void Gate", and in the second year of researching "Void Gate", he discovered something shocking.

It was the reason he travelled back in time.

To be honest, Jia Ru had thought of many reasons and conspiracies for him traveling back in time, but the real reason turned out to be much more shocking and terrifying than he had originally guessed.

The truth, he found out, was that he never time traveled at all, but he crossed to another parallel universe in which the plot was just starting.

At first, Jia Ru didn't believe it all, but there were many proofs he found out that made this reason solid.

The first proof was Jia Ru's birth itself. In the previous life, Jia Ru was born in the same year as the protagonist, Tang San, but in this life he was born two years earlier than Tang San.

The second proof was that the number of children in the Heaven Spirit Village increased. In his previous life, there were a total of 5 children, while in this life there are a total of 9 children, and one of them is even an orphan.

In fact, there were even more proofs, such as: Ten core theories of Yu Xiaogang were published one year later than the original, Tang Hao became the youngest title douluo at the age of 47 instead of 45 in the original.

Because of so many proofs, Jie Ru had no choice but to accept the fact that he had crossed again.

While asking the news about the mainland to his father, Jia Ru also didn't forget to ask if there were any other rising stars other than Tang Hao, Tang Xiao, or the new pope.

After all, Jia Ru had crossed once before, so there's a good chance that someone else has crossed in this world as well.

But after going through all the rumors and news Jia Ru had collected over the past years, he realized there was no one who had crossed into this world; it was a relief.


On February 14, 2620, in the Douluo Calendar, Jia Ru was six years old and was about to awaken to his martial soul.

 Early this morning, Father Jia and Mother Jia who had rushed back to the village last night, finished breakfast together and then went to the Martial soul Hall in the center of the village. Of course, the so-called Martial Soul Hall was just a bigger wooden house.

Because everyone has a martial soul, every year there are children who undergo martial soul awakening. Therefore, in any place in the Douluo Continent, you can see the figure of the Martial Spirit Hall. Of course, these are just sub-halls. The tiers are different.

This year, there were nine children in Heavens Spirit Village who underwent martial soul awakening, and Jia Ru's family was the first to arrive. Of course, Father Jia had been waiting here for a long time.

It didn't take long for the various children in the village who needed to awaken were led by their respective parents and started to arrive one after another.

At this moment, Father Jia looked extra serious, looking in his twenties, with sword brows and starry eyes, and a very handsome appearance. A white power suit, the back is a black cloak. The front of the chest, right in the center of the position, there is a fist-sized soul word. This is the standard dress of the direct staff of the Martial Soul Temple.

On the left chest, there is a badge engraved with thorns, and the badge has a total of three interlocking thorns. Those who are familiar with soul masters know that the number of three channels represents the third class title of soul master, the Great Soul Master, and the thorns represent being a control system battle soul master.

Father Jia walked up to the crowd and nodded to them all in greeting.

"The children and I will enter, and the parents will wait outside."

All of them enter the Heaven Spirit Village Martial Soul Temple branch hall.

"Children, stand in a line." Father Jia's gaze fell on the nine children in front of him. As a Martial Soul Hall inspection deacon, helping ordinary people with their martial soul awakening was a job he had to do and had long since become accustomed to.

Nine children stood in front of Father Jia, with Jia Ru standing on the far right. His stature was a little stronger and taller compared to the children of his age, and Father Jia was even more proud of himself.

Father Jia smiled and said: "Everyone from the village knows me, so I won't say much about myself. I am a twenty-seventh level Great Soul Master and a decon of Martial Soul Hall. Now, I will be awakening your martial souls one by one. Remember, no matter what happens, don't be afraid. "


As he spoke, Father Jia opened his package on a side table and took out two items from it, six black round stones and a shiny blue crystal ball.

Father Jia arranged the six black stones in a hexagonal shape on the ground, then gestured for Jia Ru to stand in it.

"Don't be nervous, close your eyes and feel it carefully." As he spoke, Father Jia's eyes suddenly lit up, and amidst the children's envious gazes, he let out a low bellow, "Blue Silver Grass, now."

As Father Jia released his martial soul, a long blue-gray shadow began to spread around his body from the palm of his hand. Two rings of yellow light rose from his feet, constantly hovering from his feet to the top of his head. Only the yellow color of the first one is just on the light side.


Father Jia's hands slapped out quickly, six faint blue lights injected into the six black stones on the ground. Immediately, a layer of golden light was released from the six stones, forming a light golden light shield, enveloping Jia Ru.

A golden point of light floated out from the black stones on the ground, and then entered Jia Ru's body.

Warmth, this is the first thing Jia Ru felt. The whole person seems to be wrapped in a warm world, indescribably comfortable.

The warmth penetrated into his body, and Jia Ru clearly felt that the soul power generated in his body due to the "Soul Breathing Meditation Technique" seemed to fluctuate slightly, and then, under the pull of that warm energy, something seemed to break inside his body, and all the warmth rushed to his palm in an instant.

Father Jia's eyes suddenly lit up because, within that golden light shield, this time more golden dots of light appeared than any of the children he had awakened over the years. He vaguely felt that it was somewhat similar to a child who had been enrolled by the Martial Soul Temple Academy two years ago, knowing that that child's innate soul power was level five.

At once, Father Jia's excitement was overwhelming. Jia Ru subconsciously lifted his right hand, and he saw blue. A small light blue grass appeared in Jia Ru's palm, gently fluttering.


Father Jia said impatiently: "Your martial soul is the same as me and your grandfather, it is the common blue silver grass in our village, the weapon martial soul. Come, quickly let me try whether you have soul power. "

"Use your mind to retrieve your martial soul. In the future, when you want to use it again, it's also used with the intention of calling it out. "

Father Jia handed the blue crystal ball in his hand to Jia Ru and instructed him to place his right hand on it.

Though Jia Ru also felt warmth in his left and it was as if something was trying to break free but Jia Ru did not dare to show it in front of everyone.

Jia Ru then stretched out his tender little hand and kept his hand in the middle while Father Jia's hands were at the top and bottom of the crystal ball, respectively.

As soon as the palm of his hand was attached to the blue crystal ball, Jia Ru's body trembled violently. The beautiful-looking blue crystal ball possessed a huge suction force, and the soul power in his own body seemed to find a cathartic outlet and gushed out, but Jia Ru quickly controlled the flow of energy and only let 1/4 of the soul power out.

Suddenly, the blue crystal ball in his hand lit up. Bright blue light from the beginning of a little instantly spread, and in the blink of an eye, this blue light occupied half of the entire crystal ball. Eventually, it came to three-fifths of the position, a faint blue halo outward, unspeakably moving.

According to the traditional test, as long as the crystal ball appears a little sense, even a trace of light, it proves that the person being tested is the presence of soul power, and the blue crystal ball shining in front of you to see the light, there is only one explanation.

"Innate soul power level six!!!" Father Jia shouted in great joy, his excitement overflowing.

A blue light was released from Jia Ru's body, and the crystal ball bounced off Jia Ru's palm away.

"Great, great, it's the ancestors' blessing, God bless my family." Father Jia was a bit incoherent.

 Jia Ru rolled his eyes and said "Come on old dad, the others are still waiting to awaken, keep working."

"Yes, yes, yes, you kid, stand aside first, I'll give the other children awakening. Come on, little ones, come one by one. " The happy Father Jia spoke in a softer voice.


"Martial Soul Iron Axe, no soul power, next."

"Martial Soul Creeper, no soul power, next."

"Martial Soul Mimosa, no soul power, next." Father Jia said mechanically.

"Martial Soul Blue Silver Grass, no soul power! Next, wait! You come back to re-test. " Suddenly, Father Jia said to a child.

The originally dejected child raised her head and timidly stretched out her hand to press the crystal ball and looked at it apprehensively.

A dozen breaths of time seemed like a long time, when everyone was getting more and more disappointed. Suddenly, in the crystal ball, a faint and untraceable point of light appeared, like a candle in the wind, as if it would go out at any moment.

The surprise came so suddenly!

"Well, look at that, it seems you have soul power, although very weak, let's say 0.1 level, but then again, it can be cultivated." Father Jia said with some tears and laughter.


In the end, among the nine children, except for Jia Ru's martial soul Blue Silver Grass, who had a sixth-level innate soul power, there was another child who had the same martial soul Blue Silver Grass, which was a 0.1-level innate soul power. The other seven people are ordinary people who have no soul power and cannot cultivate. From now on, they are people of two different worlds.

Even if this 0.1-level innate soul power cannot be cultivated to the twentieth level in her lifetime, it is estimated that the tenth level is in the balance, but as long as she cultivates hard, the possibility of her descendants having soul power will greatly increase in the future. And the children and grandchildren of other people may all live in Blue Silver Village, living an ordinary and hard life as an ordinary villager.

The Douluo Continent is so cruel, blood and soul power determine everything, and it is even more terrifying than the feudal society of the previous life, at least there were scientific researches  to change oneself and the descendants.