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Rain fell in a lush green forest. The dark clouds covered the sky as thunder roared.

A narrow and undeveloped road passed through right in the middle of the forest.

Yukan stood on the road as he looked ahead of him, staring into nothing. He had a cold and unaffected expression on his face.

He sighed once and then turned around to walk away.

He walked back to the camp through the corpses of the countless ninjas he had just killed and the carriages having food resources he had to take back.

"Everyone, take it," Yukan said in a normal voice but it seemed as if he was talking in a cold voice to the others.

Not much later, a few ninjas appeared and they started carrying the carriages back.

These ninjas were the genins who had been sent to the war to do work like this.

"Come back at your speed, the path is clear," Yukan said and disappeared.

After a few minutes, he reappeared in front of a group of tents.

It was the camp of Konoha where all the forces responsible for resisting the army of Kirigakure were staying.

Yukan walked through the middle of the camp and rain continued to fall on his body.

No ninjas other than the ones responsible for the scouting were out in the rain, all the others were inside their tents.

Some ninjas who were looking outside saw Yukan coming back and whispered to each other.

"Hey, isn't that the commander?"

"He? I heard that he was called the 'Crimson Devil' on the field since whenever he came back from a fight, he would be covered in blood and he was called 'Devil' since he killed people with not even a speck of guilt in his eyes."

At this time, Tatsuya from the inside walked toward the two people and said," You both are new here so, you haven't seen him before and you can't see him covered in blood since rain washed it away. Moreover, do you want him to feel guilty for killing our enemies?"

The two listened to Tatsuya, shook their heads and then walked inside.

At the same time, Yukan walked inside the biggest tent in the camp and started removing his clothes.

It had been two years since the war had started.

Most of the Kage-level powerhouses were already on the frontline.

Jiraiya and Minato were resisting Iwa, Tsunade and Sakumo were against Suna, Orochimaru along with the Uchiha clan was responsible for the Kumo's side while Yukan and the other ninjas were battling Kiri.

In these two years, since he came to the war, his personality had some drastic changes.

It had not been very long since his mother's death but he was asked to report to the frontline.

Consciously or unconsciously, as Yukan killed more and more people, the more inhumane and insociable he became and by now, even the people who met him for the first were terrified of him only from his aura and facial expression.

He also slowly lost the ability to express his feelings.

Yukan was now only able to show warmth to people he considered his family and that too was not the same as before.

The time when he needed his lover, Kushina the most, was when he killed people mercilessly.

Yukan changed into dry clothes and then walked to a table in the middle of the tent.

On the table, there was one rose made of ribbon and a photo of Yukan and Kushina.

Beside this was a large pile of papers.

Yukan picked up the sheet of paper on the top and soon stamped on it after a read.

He started a cycle and continued to stamp on the next papers.

At this moment, A teenage boy entered the tent.

"I have told you before, ask for permission before coming," Yukan said.

It was Kozuki. He had yellow hair and a short height.

"Come on, don't be like that, Sensei. See, I grew a centimetre." Kozuki walked forward and stood beside Yukan.

Yukan looked at Kozuki. Kozuki was still shorter than Yukan while Yukan was sitting.

"You are still short. You haven't grown since we first met at all." Yukan said.

"It looks like this because you are very tall. Do you know, I am only a little away from Kakashi in height now." Kozuki said in his defence.

"I am only 5'11. And, Kakashi is younger than you and he used to be shorter than you. Now, he is taller." Yukan said with an expressionless face.

"Will it hurt you if you compliment me once?" Kozuki pouted and was about to leave the tent.

"Wait." Yukan's voice came.

Kozuki turned around hurriedly and looked at Yukan with expectant eyes.

"Give this to Tatsuya when you leave." Yukan handed Kozuki a sheet of paper.

Kozuki left the tent with a pout on his face and ran to the tent Tatsuya was staying in.

"Tatsuya-San," Kozuki called Tatsuya as soon as he entered the tent.

"Hmm? Why are you here, kid?" Tatsuya asked.

"Here. Sensei asked me to give you this." Kozuki said.

Tatsuya took the paper from Kozuki and started reading it. A surprised expression came on his face but, it soon disappeared and a look of confidence appeared instead.


A/N: Please tell me how was the chapter since there is a lot of gambling bout his personality here and I also changed my writing style.