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In a vast and clean field, it was the time of the afternoon, sometime before evening.

The sun had slowly been setting and the sky was becoming orange in colour while the land down below was covered in red blood.

Against a large army, a man stood his ground alone.

As moments passed, more and more people from the army fell. Some were covered in black flame while some would have their bodies cut in half.

All this while, the man had slowly been covered in blood per his name on the battlefield.

'My chakra will run out soon.' Yukan thought in his mind as he cut down a few more men.

Having fought thousands of people for a few hours straight made him exhaust most of his chakra and the constant use of skills was even more exhausting.


. {AN: There is a time gap between fights. This one started very late.}

Meanwhile, hidden in the areas were the spies and assassination squads of Kiri who were having a confrontation with the ANBU elites.

"Vice-Commander, please leave now. We have a certain victory. Take some men and help the commander." A ninja in an ANBU mask said.

Kajiwara took out his sword from the body of the person he had just stabbed. He looked around and saw the small number of Kiri ninjas remaining.

"I'll go. Send squads 2,4,5,6 and 7 with me and tell the rest to join later." Kajiwara said and immediately left the area.

He went towards the area Yukan was fighting.

Kajiwara reached around the middle of the army arrangement. He saw Yukan doing fine against the Kiri army.

"Vice-commander, do we engage in combat?" A man from the ones who followed him asked.

Kajiwara looked around the whole army setup and looked right in the opposite direction of Yukan.

The third Mizukage stood at the end of the army while the patriarchs of the clan had moved forward.

"We will fight the patriarchs. At least it will help the commander." Kajiwara said.

With a few minutes of planning, Kajiwara and the rest made a plan on how to proceed.

"By the time the commander is done with the army, he would be tired, so killing the two would be the best.  As for how to proceed, remember, we have only one chance…" Kajiwara finalized the plan and discussed it with the men.



"Let's leave. 2 and 3 squad leaders will go forward,  the rest of us will stay back and will be responsible for the safe retreat of the squad leaders," Kajiwara said.

Very soon, the group divided into two equal numbers and went in different directions.

After some walking, both the squads reached as close as they could to the patriarchs undetected.

The 3rd squad leader stood in front of everyone. Kajiwara stood right behind him and said," This is a normal assassination mission where you just need to be extra aware."

The man nodded and wore his mask. He tightened the strap of his guards and checked his equipment.

"I'm going." the man said and left after Kajiwara showed a thumbs up.

The attacks on both the patriarchs had to be at the same time and the leaders had to make a quick retreat to be discreet.

The mission went as expected. The 3rd squad leader had assassinated the Hoshigaki clan leader and came back safely.

They soon met with the other group and seeing the number of people reduced a little, Kajiwara asked," How many casualties did we suffer?"

"4. The target was not killed in the first go and combat with everyone occurred."

"What about now?" Kajiwara asked.

"Target has been eliminated." The ninja answered.



As Yukan was finished with the army, he had also finished with his chakra. He was only left with the little amount that was keeping him from going into chakra depletion.

All this while, Yukan had never had any expression on his face and killed endlessly.

By now, even his clothes had been torn away.

He walked to the Mizukage and on the way, he saw the corpses of the patriarchs.

He smirked and said in his mind,' Nice work, bois.'

Proceeding to walk to the Mizukage, he noticed that he was not surrounded by guards and there was only one person besides him.

The Mizukage all this while had not felt scared once. When Yukan reached Mizukage, Mizukage did not act like all his previous enemies and did not beg for mercy.

"You are… weird," Yukan said and pointed his blood-covered Crimson Rectus on the Mizukage's throat,

The Mizukage smiled and said," I am not weird, just have a brain."


"I am not going to beg for mercy from my enemy, I have my honour and I saw your power just now, so there is no use running away." The Mizukage said with a smile on his face.

"Then why did you not order retreat for your whole army, you would have fled that way?" Yukan asked. He was now curious.

"I…don't know. Maybe I didn't want to die alone."

Yukan laughed at the Mizukage. "You are indeed different. I will remember you."  Yukan quickly swung his blade and cut Mizukage's body.

Yukan then looked at the one beside. Yukan recognized him as Ao from the anime.

Yukan looked down at him as if he was an inferior being.

Ao's eyes were already filled with fear but now, he was even more scared. The strongest of their village was killed in front of his eyes like it was nothing.

Yukan extended his hand in Ao's direction. Ao had already fallen down before Yukan even looked at him and now, seeing Yukan's hand coming in his direction, he closed his eyes in fear.

After a few moments, Ao did not feel any pain, so he opened his eyes and saw Yukan's hand going behind Ao's head.

A sound of clinking came and Yukan's hand came back with a bottle of booze.

He then turned around and walked back.

"It was as if he considered it a waste to kill me," Ao said tremblingly to himself after he realized what just happened.

Yukan walked a distance and finally fell over.

He looked at the orange sky with crows flying in it.

[Hidden Quest completed.

The body of Oni has been rewarded.

The body of Oni can…]

"Stop it. My body is breaking." Yukan said and took a sip of his booze.



A few more days later.

Yukan sat in the forest as if it was his home.

He sat there and said," I did it. I guess it was not all for the reward."

He sat there, right beside the tombs of Tatsuya and Takido and talked about things for a while.

"I'll go now. I have some work to do in the camp." Yukan looked at the tombs and said after getting up.

He walked back to the camp. On the way, an ANBU ninja responsible for the circulation of information in the camp appeared in front of him.

"What?" Yukan asked.

"This is a letter sent to the commander by the Hokage." The ninja handed Yukan an envelope and disappeared.

Yukan opened the letter and started reading it.

After reading, Yukan had a smile on his face. He said," I'm coming back."

He had not met Kushina for the past two years due to being the commander and the only conversations they had were through letters.

Yukan rushed back to the camp and went straight to Kajiwara's tent.

After somehow persuading Kajiwara to do all the remaining paperwork in his place, Yukan left for going back to Kushina the same day.