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"No Minato, she is going to give me a chance," Jiraiya said happily.

Minato, like any other person, was naturally suspicious. He was suspicious not because Tsunade gave him a chance, he was suspicious because it was JIRAIYA who she gave the chance to.

"Master, there is no need to lie. I won't say anything." Minato said.

"No, she really did… See." Jiraiya handed Minato the letter.

Minato took the letter and read it for himself.

"Master…this…how did you do it?" Minato asked.

"Haha, it was not much, I just…"


Before Yukan had even gone to Takigakure.

One day, Jiraiya was walking through the streets after getting beaten for peeking at the bathing women.

"Ah! She punched here very hard, I guess a tooth is loose now." Jiraiya said as he touched a tooth and could feel it moving.

Jiraiya walked around in pain. He was used to getting beaten like this every other day so, it was nothing special for him.

While walking, he saw Yukan sitting at Ichiraku Ramen.

Seeing Yukan made Jiraiya remember that Yukan had promised him to give points on 'How to make a woman fall in love 101'.

Jiraiya went inside and sat in the seat right beside Yukan. He ordered ramen for himself and then started talking.

"Hey kid, how are you?" Jiraiya asked.

"... What do you want?" Yukan replied while sucking the ramen.

"Haha, you are sharp. Anyways, do you remember you promised to, you know, a few days ago…" Jiraiya said as if he was shying away.

"What? Speak clearly."

"You know, you said you would give me tips on how to make Tsunade fall in love with me."

"Aha, that? Not right now, I am eating rame-"

"I will pay for you." Jiraiya interrupted Yukan's sentence.

"Yeah, so as I was saying, it is evident from your face that you were beaten a few hours ago. Meet Tsunade after a few days. At that time, you must walk confidently and approach her in a and you know, walk stride. After that, you go and stand in front of her and..."

-A few days later-

Jiraiya dressed in clean clothes and finally used a perfume he brought years ago.

He saw Tsunade coming from a distance and so he straightened his clothes and ran a hand through his hair.

"I am ready," Jiraiya said in a light voice when Tsunade finally came to him.

"Hey, why did you call me? *Sniff* And what is up with this perfume?" Tsunade asked.

Jiraiya gave no reply and walked towards Tsunade without stopping. She was pushed back to a wall behind her.

Jiraiya then put his forearm above her head and slowly approached her red lips.

Tsunade's face had gotten red from blushing but she did not show any signs of resistance.

'Finally, no resistance, I guess I'll do it.' Jiraiya thought in his mind as he continued. 

Jiraiya then joined his lips with hers and kissed her.



-Back to Present-

"... It was after that she started chanting my name endlessly. Though, I am not sure why there was anger in her voice." Jiraiya said as he told Minato all about what had happened.

"Wow master, you survived after that?"

"Of course, we came for the war right after that," Jiraiya said as he continued to stare holes in the letter Tsunade had sent.

A smug laugh would escape Jiraiya's mouth from time to time.

Minato left the tent while saying," You're hopeless, master."

Right outside the tent, Minato took out the letter Kiyome had sent and read it.


Now, a smug laugh was also visible on Minato's face.