Chapter 20: Athena’s Maidenhood
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As the mental bridge formed between the two of them the ambient Mana was swiftly devoured by their bodies and refined into Divinity alongside their Origin Qi.

The Divinity then rapidly cycled throughout their bodies pouring into their Souls and thereby their Anima.

As it filled their Anima, the two of them felt their heart beats begin to sync as countless scenes of one another's pasts flashed through their minds.

As Basil held her close the Aura flames began to burn away their clothes. The flames were much hotter than the ones formed when he completed the Induction Ceremony with Hestia.

The prescene of aura flames meant that one was channeling the power of their Bloodline to the point were it manifested itself physically.

Entering a state were aura flames came into existence was known as Ascension.

As the aura flames were absorbed by the Divine Edict above them the Bloodline Powers within were fused together and channeled back into the bodies of Athena and Basil.

This in turn caused their bodies to undergo a form of Rebirth as their Bloodlines were infused with new Powers.

The green orb in the center of Basil's chest began to release blinding rays of light as more Divinity saturated his body, only to be absorbed by his body to fuel its rebirth.

A Runic Image identical to the lotus on Basil's shoulder surfaced on Athena's back.

The countless symbols decorating its petals released rays of golden light as the lotus itself emitted intense rays of purple light.

This was Athena's Ruhk, and as it glowed with light Divinity also escaped from the bounds of her Internal World and began to saturate her body.

After awhile the light faded as the aura flames receded back into their bodies and the Divine Edict vanished.

The Runic Image on Athena's back once more faded from view, as if it had never appeared in the first place; yet the identical one on Basil's shoulder continued to release intense rays of light as the mental bridge between them fully took shape and Athena was made a formal member of Basil's Household.

The silently silently staring into the depths of one another's eyes when Basil suddenly bent his head down and placed his lips against her's.

His lips slightly parted before his tongue slid into her mouth and began to tease her's.

His arms tightened around her waist and her’s moved upwards to wrap securely around his neck.

"Mmhhh..." Athena let out a gentle moan and a blush once more spread across her body as Basil's penis stiffened and rubbed against her lower body.

The two once more closed their eyes as they engaged in a deep kiss.

Athena continued to release small moans of pleasure as Basil's hands shifted downwards and he began to grope her pert behind.

She leaned into his body, her  milky white brests pressed against his chest.

His fingers occasionally brushed against the the sides of her lower mouth causing her to legs to tremble.

After awhile their lips lost contact and their eyes slid open. He lifted her upwards and used his arms to support her weight as he lowered her to the ground on her back. He then kneeled before her, using his knees to spread open her legs. 

As he leaned down over her he used his right hand to prop himself up while his left trailed across her body with a teasing touch.

All the while he continued to stare into her amethyst colored eyes, that had been filled with an amorous light. 

His hand slowly glided softly up her inner thigh, eliciting small gasps of pleasure.

When it neared her slit it encountered a trail of slightly sticky liquid that was continuously leaking outwards.

Basil ignored it as his hand came directly into contact with her vaginal lips.

He gently rubbed against them with his hand before slightly spreading the apart as his middle finger slid into her folds.

"Ahhhn....!" She gasped loudly in pleasure as her virgin walls tightened around his finger.

Her brows furrowed slightly as his finger pushed further in and she experienced a small orgasm from that simple act.

Having viewed her entire past Basil was well aware that she had never once even touched herself in such away; instead focused all her attention on the furtherance on her studies of the various schools of thought, as well as the training of various Heroes.

This in addition to the fact that she was still in a hypersensitive state due to his blood, prevented Basil from being surprised at her reaction.

His expression remained composed, yet as Athena's body quivered and her eyes have off an aroused light; a light of deeply seated arousal was reflected in his gave as well.

After his finger slid all the way in to the base he began to move it back and forth, teasing her insides.

His actions caused Athena to continue releasing a string of gasps as her brows continued to furrow.

He bent his head down and took one of her nipples into his mouth, teasing it with his agile tongue. The nipple swifty hardened in his mouth as he played with it.

Athena tightened her arms around his neck, pushing her breast further into his mouth as her back arched upwards.

After awhile Basil released her breast from his mouth and lifted up his head, glimpsing her uncharacteristically lustful expression.

Her eyes were slightly cloudy and a blush had over come her entire face, the amorous light in her eyes having reached the pinnacle.

Basil pulled his finger from her vagina and adjusted the positioning of his body, casuing Athena's hands to fall from around his neck.

He brought his hand that carried her sexual secretions to his nose and gently inhaled its scent, his eyes closed in appreciation.

He opened his eyes and grabbed ahold of his cock using her sexual secretions as lubricant.

He placed his other hand on her waist as he guided the tip of his cock to her cave entrance.

He then looked directly into her eyes; the same light of arousal and anticipation in both of their gazes.

After she gave a subtle nod, he reciprocated in kind before thrusting his hips forward in a single fluid motion.

As her vagina swallowed his cock all the way up to the base he felt her hymen rip.

Athena made no expression of pain, instead seeming to only feel satisfaction and pleasure as she released a drawn out moan, "Aahhhhn...!!"

Her vaginal walls gripped onto him tightly as her back arched upwards.

Basil secured his grasp on either side of her waist before he began to ease his waist backwards. As he moved Athena once more moaned as his cock exited the warm embrace of her vagina up until the point were only the tip remained inside.

He then once more thrust back into her; starting up a steady pattern of thrust as he enjoyed the feeling of her tight pussy gripping onto and massaging his cock.

Athena's fingers dug into the ground beneath her as pleasure washed over her body.

She looked up at him with upturned eyes, as A purple colored Divine Edict spread outwards along the ground and purple rays of light circled around their bodies. 

Divinity once more began to circulate throughout their bodies in a frenzy. But, this time instead of pain, their minds were overwhelmed by a sense of comfort. Their Souls experienced significant enhancement and the sensitivity of their bodies was temporarily amplified.

This amplification served to make then fall deeper into lust as Basil's thrust lost any form of rhythm, and he sought only pleasure.

Athena's vaginal walls continued to tighten around him and rhythmically massage his cock as her entire body quivered in pleasure.

Her body was rocked with countless small orgasms as she released a continuous string of moans.

Basil felt a sense of pressure build at the base of his cock as he held on tightly to her waist.

When he couldn't hold on for much longer he pulled out his cock until only the tip remained inside her, causing her to feel empty.

He then slightly lowered his center of gravity before thrusting forward more forcefully than he had before.

His cock slid into her depths in one fluid motion slamming into the entrance of her womb.

Athena's eyes went wide as her entire sense of being went through a qaulitive change change as her back arched like a bow and her vaginal walls tightened to the extreme, her eyes completely filled with light.

Her mind was emptied completely of anything beside that moment and her Soul expanded to encompass the entire sealed space.

A similar colored light filled Basil's eyes as he entered an identical state of being and released his seed deep within her.

A purple circle of light then rippled outwards from them encompassing the entire sealed space as Athena released her loudest moan as of yet, "Ahhhhh...!"

Their mental states returned to normal in what could be either the next instant or centuries later.

The purple rays of light circling them faded from existence as the Divine Edict vanished.

Their gazes once more locked before Basil bent down and enveloped her lips in another deep kiss.

He wrapped his arms around her rear and flipped over so that she was sitting atop his lap.

After he did she began to move her waist of her own volition, her vaginal walls continuing to squeeze his cock tightly.

At first her movements were slightly shabby but using her, her perceptive mind she soon got the hang of it and found both of their weak points leading both to a second orgasm.

After his second time coming within her Basil moved his mouth beside her ear and asked softly, "Do you want to taste it."

Athena's eyes were filled with an amorous light and her usual impassiveness was nowhere to be seen as she nodded shyly, " En."

Basil released his hold on her waist and she stood up from his lap, his cock exiting her lower mouth and giving her a slightly empty feeling.

A mixture of their sexual fluids began to leak from her and trail down her leg.

Basil then stood to his feet aswell before Athena kneeled on the ground before him.

Her gaze focused on his still hard cock that was covered in their sexual fluids and have off an intense sense of heat.

As she did her eyes filled with a light of avid curiosity.

She grabbed on to its shaft with both hands before looking up at him with upturned eyes.

She then looked back down as she moved her delicate hands back and forth across its surface with a gentle touch.

She then moved her face closer, slightly parting her lips and stretching her tongue outwards.

Her tongue then danced about the tip of his cock before she began to lick the shaft, before she eventually took it into her mouth, all the while moving her hands in a rhythmic pattern.

As she discerned the slightly salty taste her expression took on an air of arousal, and she rapidly grew proficient at bringing him pleasure in this manner.

He placed his hands on either side of her head as he focused on her expression of both avid curiosity and seductive yearning.

"I'm going to come." He spoke after awhile.

Yet she didn't seem to her him as she continued to place all her attention on sucking his cock.

He once more felt pressure build at the base of his cock as pleasure assulted his mind.

His hands became entangled in her hair as he resisted the urge to move his hips and instead let her guide him to orgasm.

"I'm cumming!" He eventually yelled out as his back arched slightly and his legs gave a small trembled.

Athena remained focused as she swallowed his seed and moved her hands as if to wring him dry.

After she swallowed it all her tongue continued to dance across his cock for a moment before she released her hold on it and stood to her feet.

After going on the offensive her usual air of pride had returned and a victorious light flashed in her eyes.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and spoke next to his ear, "It looks as if I have won this round."

She then engaged him in a deep kiss of her own initiative.