Chapter 24: Void Zone
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As Primrose, Josephine, and Veronica were heading back to the meet-up spot, they heard someone exclaim, “I’m telling you its true, The Temple of Sacrifice is about to make a move on True Demon territories in Eden!”

When they subconsciously looked in the direction of the person speaking they were greeted with the sight of men from a mixture of various Races gathered around a circular table placed on the outer-deck of a tavern with drinks in hand.

The one who had just yelled out was a reddish-brown haired youth with a human-like appearance. He had alabaster skin and donned a crimson red set of robes. His skin was flushed and an intoxicated light shone in his eyes.

As soon as she set her eyes on the youth Veronica couldn’t help but mutter, “Damned drunkards.”

Primrose and Josephine looked at her in shock and they both thought to themselves, “Those are the first words she’s spoken in and hour.”

When she sensed their gazes she blushed in embarrassment and apologized, “My apologizes Young Mistresses, I should truly watch my words a.”

Primrose waved her hands and spoke, “No, no, its fine, you just surprised us as you haven’t spoken in over an hour.”

Josephine gave a small smile as she agreed, “It’s as Primrose says, there really is no need to apologize.”

“Very well.” Veronica gave a small bow and fell back into silence.

The other two shared a glance and turned their attention back to the ‘Damned drunkards’ as Veronica had so aptly named the group of six or so men that had gotten so intoxicated at 2 in the afternoon.

A lanky man clothed in leather armor sitting opposite the youth spoke with a tone of disbelief, “If its so true why haven’t I heard of it, it is my job to be update on all current events after all.”

““Yeah!”” Chorused the others in agreement.

“B-because their keeping it under wraps i-it was my brother who told me, h-he’s a captain in on of the archery units that are being sent into duty. A-and besides, they just issued the orders this morning.” The youth jumped up as he stutteringly attempted to explain himself, his drunkenness made even more apparent.

Primrose turned to Josephine with a questioning expression.

“ ‘The Temple of Sacrifice’ refers to the Religious Order Headed by Hestia. In regards to the rest I did in fact hear some reports this morning about an order for most of The Temple’s armies to mobilize, and their target does seem to have a connection to the True Demons.” Josephine explained

“Do you think Aphrodite will know more?” Primrose asked.

“She definitely will, the true question should be more like; ‘Would she tell us more?’, as these waters seem kind of murky and she doesn’t like for us to get involved in those types of things. Anyways come on we’re going to be late to meet Cynthia and Diana.”


While Primrose was navigating the Oceania Marketplace and being introduced to new pieces of information; Basil was sitting on one of the countless branches that extended forth from the massive trunk of the sky-piercing tree located in the southern region of the sealed space. As he sat in relative silence he stared into the distance and watched the sealed space’s ‘sun’ rise in the east and the first rays of sunlight grace the earth.

”If my math is correct we’ll have to remain in this world for another 8 years and 327 days.” He murmured to himself.

After the matter of their contract was settled the previous night and he and Athena had had satisfied the flames of arousal within them to a certain degree, Athena had informed him of a few key details regarding the amethyst cube she had commissioned from Hephaestus.

It could be set to operate on a wide array of different timescales depending on its owner’s will as long as they imbued enough Divinity within the cube to maintain the time dilation. When all of the Divinity was used up by the cube, it would automatically  be deactivated and those sealed inside would be released.

Athena then informed him that she had set it so the cube would dilate time at a factor of 360, so that 1 day in the outside Realm, whichever one it was, would be 1 year for the two of them and she had imbued enough Divinity within the cube for it to last 10 days in Olympus time; confining them within this sealed space for 10 years.

He maintained a complex expression as he thought about the fact that he and Athena would be confined within this sealed space for awhile yet and ran his left hand across the blade of the golden sword in the grasp of his right hand.


His train of thought was interrupted as Athena suddenly appeared in the air before him and called out his name.

“Yeah?” He responded half a beat later as their gazes met.

She leveled her spear at him with one hand as she spoke with complete seriousness, “Seeing as we’ll be here for quite awhile, and neither of our thirst for battle or the pleasures of the flesh seem to have been completely satisfied by the Trial and what came after it why don’t we divide most of the remaining time we have in this space switching between fighting, sexual intercourse.”

The first rays of morning light glinted of the edge of her spear’s blade as it hovered in the air just a few inches away from his neck.

The complexity in Basil’s gaze instantly cleared up only to be replaced by astonishment before he laughed in disbelief and spoke, “Last night seems to have awoken something within you, and in conjunction with your original bold and straightforward personality it has truly given raise to something spectacular.”

He the nodded his head before speaking further, “Very well there’s not much else to do in here anyway so why don’t we go with the solution you’ve so generously proposed. I suppose you desire an actual battle first?”

Athena maintained a relaxed expression as she gave a small smile and nodded her head in affirmation before speaking, “Precisely.”

‘Then let’s begin.” Basil spoke, and in the next instant he vanished from his previous position and appeared behind Athena’s back, both hands gripping the hilt of Adam, as he made a vertical slash downwards.

In the same instant Athena spun around and parried the blow with the tip of her spear before they both turned into phantoms and engaged in a battle of pure speed, unleashing, parrying, and dodging countless attacks every second, with traces of purple and golden light filling their surroundings as they moved towards the central plain.

After awhile Basil suddenly removed his left hand from the hilt of his Golden Sword of Creation - Adam and the Black Sword of Destruction - Eve instantly appeared in his grasp as he thrust it forward slipping through Athena’s countless afterimages and approaching the center of her chest.

Athena’s eyes suddenly lit aglow with purple light as Basil’s entire body froze for a fraction of an instant and she made a back-flip in mid air avoiding his sudden strike.

After he regained control over his body Basil’s expression became guarded as he raised his swords in preparation to block any follow-up attacks and spoke, “In our first battle we fought for over a year, unleashing countless techniques and all their variations before barely coming to a draw. Yet even then you were still holding back? You must’ve been very confident in yourself.”

“Didn’t you do the same?” Athena responded with a provocative expression as she twirled her spear and unfurled her immaculate set of wings; hovering in the air a few tens of feet away from him.

“You could say that...” Basil replied with a nod of affirmation before continuing on, “But the really is slightly different. You see while there are a few powers that I didn’t use, the only reason I didn’t use them is because I am not able to manipulate them fluidly.”

“I get it, most Celestial Fae and their descendants are faced with a similar issue at one point or another. But, aren’t these the perfect circumstances for you to practice the use of those abilities; as what happens within this space doesn’t affect the outside world in any significant way and this space will eventually ‘heal’ itself.” Athena responded in a matter-of-fact way as she twirled her spear about.

“Very well, that logic is sound,” Basil put his swords away and nodded in affirmation once more before he asked in a lofty tone of voice, “But are you sure you can cope with what is about to take place?”

Three pairs of angelic wings then suddenly appeared on his back. All six wings were 10 feet long, covered in delicately arranged, 6-inch feathers; those on his right appeared to be carved from pure gold releasing countless motes of golden light, while those on his left appeared to be condensed from all-devouring darkness.

He then stretched both his wings and arms outwards before channeling the massive reservoir of Divinity and Lavithium within him; and as a result a huge pillar of gold-black, green, and pure white intermingled light rose upwards from his head. As the sense of pressure coming of his body rose exponentially the column of light rapidly expanded outwards with spatial fractures coming into existence in the surrounding area before it suddenly collapsed inwards forming a sphere of pure energy around in inch in diameter above his head.

The sphere had no identifiable color and after it took shape the area within 1,000 miles around Basil was enveloped by a thin screen of black light before being placed into a state of absolute stagnation as countless streams of power where ceaselessly absorbed into the sphere above his head. The world within those 1,000 miles loss its sense of color, as time ceased to flow, the sense of gravity began to vanish, and countless threads of fate were made visible to the naked eye.

”This is the ‘Void Zone’; it is created through a fusion of the powers stemming from my Deva and Angelic Bloodlines. Inside the Void Zone every thing besides the fabric of Reality and Fate cease to exist while all forms of energy are devoured by this,” Basil pointed to the steadily growing sphere above his head before continuing on, “A ball of Primal Source energy; this is what God used to create the Three Realms, and what gave birth to the Primal Soul, or Heavenly Will, of the entire World. The consequences of creating a Void Zone are as you can see, which is why I personally prefer to not to create one. But it doesn’t only end there, as I am sure you have felt by now the inherent abilities of all creatures are stripped from them. Deva lose their Authority, True Demons lose their ability to corrupt and distort the world, Human’s can no longer subject it to their Domain, and Angels can no longer sanction the abilities of others. All creatures within the Void Zone are also faced with the endless absorption of the energy contained within them as well, even the Internal Worlds of Deva aren’t left untouched.”

Under the affect of the Void Zone suddenly manifesting Athena had originally fallen to the ground, but as she pushed herself up she spoke, “I agree, this Void Zone is truly terrifying, but I’m sure you know how I escaped the Internal World of Zeus after my mother gave birth to me within it.”  

Basil watched as she grasped tightly onto Pallas and spoke, “Of course and I truly wish to see if that move in addition to the powers you gained through the Contraction Ceremony last night are capable of ripping apart this Void Zone.”

Athena took his comment which some would construe as snide in stead as she assumed a horse stance with both hands grasping the shaft of her spear comfortably with it drawn back on her right side. As she did this she also gathered her Bloodline powers, which now included aspects of Creation and Destruction along with the Lavithium of Angles, and concentrated it on the tip of her spear, creating a single point of indescribable light.

Then even as vast amounts of her Divinity was sucked from her body she focused her mind to the extreme and concentrated a significant portion of it into her eyes, which magnified her vision by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of times, as she attempted to discern even the smallest of spatial cracks in the void around her; because she new that even if time had been frozen in the surrounding area the world’s spatial structure could never be completely stagnate, as even when God, the Creator came into existence and created the Three Realms that hadn’t been the case.

In an instant she located over 100 spatial cracks within a mile of her and locked onto one just a few tens of feet away from her. It was less than 1/1,000 the size of an atom across yet stretched onwards for around 100 miles.

After she locked onto she circulated the divinity remaining within her to the max and rushed forward at a speed that would surpass that of light and thrust her spear forward into the spatial crack and triggered the energy contained within the point of light on the spear’s tip.

A massive shockwave was triggered as the spatial crack was ripped open and revealed the world located out side the screen of black light establishing a connection with the outside world, thereby allowing the inflow of a massive amount of Origin Qi and Mana, as the Void Zone was destabilized and the suppressive affect on her Authority was released.

Yet an unexpected consequence soon followed as an even greater absorption force was released from the sphere of Primal Source Energy above Basils head, and it soon reached twice its original size as the spatial hole began to shrink and the Void Zone once more threatened to suppress Athena's Authority.

The moment she felt the suppressive force return Athena pushed her Authority to its limit as A Golden-Purple Divine Edict appeared behind her, she drew a large amount of Divinity from her Internal World, and pushed her Bloodline to its absolute limit.

A pillar of golden-purple Aura Flames encompassed her as she activated Ascension and grasped her Spear securely and shouted out, “Heroic Spirits, Descend once more and imbue me with the power that allows you to Create and Destroy Realms on a mere whim...”

As soon the golden-purple Divine Edict appeared behind Athena countless thoughts flashed through Basil’s mind before he raised his hands towards the sphere of Primal Source Energy above his head.

The Runic Images representing his Contracts with Primrose, Gaia, Hestia, and Athena released blinding rays of light in conjunction with his Ruhk as he channeled his Bloodline Powers to the absolute limit, and Adam and Eve fused into a ball of metal before forming a pair of intricately shaped black-gold gauntlets, before he began to speak, “Utilizing an Authority over World Burning Flames, Destruction, Creation, Reality, Spatial Bounds, All Encompassing Earth, The Boundless Seas, and World Deciphering Knowledge I shall stabilize the world...”

In the next instant they simultaneously finished the incantations of their Divine Phantasms;

“Realm Severing Slash!”

“World Stabilizing Shell!”