Chapter 1: Basil Ezekiel Ambrose
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A brown-furred tiger the size of a small aircraft carrier moved across grasslands overflowing with a tangible sense of vitality.

A throne seemingly carved from a single piece of brown rock was situated on the tiger's enormous back.

The throne itself was decorated with carvings depicting  Greek Gods, Titans, Giants, and Mythological Beings such as; Hercules, Achilles, The Hydra, The Griffin, and The Namien Lion.

A woman of immeasurable beauty and tangible power sat upon the throne, possessing a natural aura of authority. It was as if she ruled over everything beneath her feet.

Her brown hair was long and thick, framing her oval-shaped face. She had big round eyes with radiant purple irises and white pupils, slightly pointed ears, finely curved brows, and a pert nose. Her lips were thin, and a mix between peach and pink in color.

She was wearing a forest-green gown, which pooled at her feet on the pedestal beneath her throne. She appeared to be in her mid-30s, yet her cream-colored skin carried a youthful glow.

The way in which she lovingly rubbed her round belly, and the motherly aura radiating off of her worked to announce to her pregnancy to all.

Her gown revealed her collar bone and the tops of her large breasts, which were the perfect fusion between soft and firm.

On either side of her stood another woman. Both of them just as beautiful as she was.

The one to her left appeared to be in her late-20's to early-30's and she wore a dark-red gown, which pooled at her feet. She had supple skin, which was as fair as snow and lustrous, jet-black hair hanging down to hair round and meaty behind. She had almond-shaped eyes, which were crimson-red in color, slightly-pointed ears, a pert nose, and thin cherry-red colored lips.

Her gown clung to her body outlining her slender waist, and the gentle arch of her back. It also revealed her collar bone and the tops of her milky-white breasts, which were even larger than those of the first woman.

She wore a turreted-crown made of a mysterious golden colored metal. The crown was carved with images of various Titans, The Starry Sky, and The Hollowed Earth. It gave off the same type of oppressive aura as the throne, which the first woman was currently sitting on with an aura of natural regality.

Overall the woman gave off an aura which was a mix of the cryptic flow of time, motherly love, and a far-seeing presence.

The third woman had long golden-blonde hair, just as lustrous as the others and wore a dress featuring royal-blue and white, with golden trim. Her dress was more conservative than the others, as it revealed only her collar bone and slender-neck.

A veil made of white lace obscured most of her face, leaving only her greenish-blue eyes visible. She had a pair of lion-like ears on the top of her head, which slightly twitched from time-to-time as if she was listening to something.

The long gown, frilly gown, hugged her slender waist and hips. Her curves were soft but noticeable, and she exuded an aura of eternal comfort and warmth.

Other women of only slightly-lesser beauty, who were wearing ceremonial robes depicting scenes of sacrifice, were kneeled on the tiger's back in a circular formation around the throne.

The woman sitting on the throne continued to lovingly smile as she rubbed her bulging belly.

"My young Basil, your bloodline is truly unprecedented in both strength and purity. You shall surpass all before you, and bring eternal glory upon our house as you move unhindered throughout The Heavenly Realm and all its bounds." She spoke softly.

The black-haired woman gave a small smile as she imploringly asked, "Mother, are you still not going to tell us the name of my youngest brother's father?"

"Not until Basil is able to protect himself my darling, Rhea. Until then the name of his father shall be known to only a chosen few. I am sorry that I cannot tell you." The woman continued to speak softly.

The woman revealed to be the Titaness Rhea, The First Wife of Cronus, mother to most Olympian Gods and Goddesses, and Titaness of Motherly Flow, nodded in understanding as she knew the risks involved.

Gaia (as only she could be addressed as mother by Rhea) began to recite a poem by the enigmatic Homer;

"Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twisted turns

driven time and again off course, once he had plundered

the hallowed heights of Troy.

Many cities of men he saw and learned their minds, 

many pains he suffered, heartsick on the open sea..."

As Gaia spoke both Rhea and the woman on her right lost themselves in the tones of her voice and the motherly love she exuded.

After she recited his favorite poem Gaia felt Basil began to move as a single thought moved from his mind and resonated in hers.

"Haha..." She released a bubbly laugh which broke both Rhea and the other woman from their reverie before she spoke, "Basil is finally ready to leave my womb and enter the world."

"My youngest brother has finally tired of your womb mother!?" Shock was evident in Rhea's voice.

"Watch your tone Rhea, but Yes Basil is ready to join us," Gaia spoke.

She then turned to look at the other woman and asked, "Hestia, are you ready to sacrifice your freedom in order to become the eternal keeper of your uncle's hearth?"

The woman with golden blonde hair revealed to be Hestia, Goddess of Hearth, Home, and Sacrifice nodded her head gently.

"I am." She spoke in a determined tone as if nothing could sway her mind from this task.

"Good." Gaia nodded her head as a sense of solemnity overcame her as well.

Rhea watched her oldest daughter with a mix of hesitation and praise before turning to look at her own mother. 


"It has to be her Rhea." Gaia cut her off before Rhea could continue.

"It's fine mother," Hestia spoke to Rhea before looking at Gaia's midsection, as if she could peer into the womb beyond. She then continued, "I can feel a bond between our souls, he is calling out to me. This is my destiny, my purpose. The true reason I vowed to keep my virginity."

Rhea nodded her head in understanding, as the hesitation left her eyes, leaving only the praise she felt for her daughter's willingness to sacrifice all.

"After thousands of cycles he is indeed finally ready to leave my womb," Gaia spoke with a mixture of regret and expectation.

"Pan, stop here," Gaia commanded the tiger below.

The tiger revealed to be the God of Nature, Pan came to a stop before lowering himself down to the ground.

Gaia stood before walking down the stairs of the throne and stepping onto Pan's back.

"Rhea, Hestia follow me," Gaia said.

The two followed after her. They walked along his back, and down his front-right limb, using it as a ramp to the grasslands below.

When she reached the ground, Gaia raised her right hand forward.

A small cottage made of stone rose from the ground and grass wove itself into a roof above it.

She approached the cottage with Rhea and Hestia in tow.

" Stay here," She spoke softly before she entered the cottage alone and the door closed behind her.

A few minutes later she exited the cottage with a babe in her arms. He was swaddled in brown and green blankets and cradled within her slender arms.

His complexion was the color of honey, and he had hazel colored eyes, an aquiline nose, thin lips, slightly-pointed ears, and a head of wild, dark golden-blonde hair.

His forehead also had a pair of small crystalline knubs.

Runic Images created through a natural fusion of many ancient languages decorated his body. The Runic Images were indiscernible, but one could still make out their presence with a high enough cultivation.

As Gaia approached Rhea and Hestia the cottage behind her sunk into the ground

Her gaze was filled with tenderness as she looked at them and said, "Rhea, Hestia, meet Basil Ezekiel Ambrose, the future of our lineage."


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