Chapter 2: Primrose Correigna Diaos
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Elsewhere in Olympus at the same time:


A gilded palace, which was constructed in an Ancient Greek architectural style featuring green and white-colored stone intermingled with golden metal. Crystalline towers also decorated the palace, as it sat atop a crystal clear lake.

There was a water garden located at the back of the palace. It was decorated with lotus flowers, water lilies, small fish glowing in various lights, and a central bathing pool in its center.

A woman appearing to be in her mid-20's was lounging in the pool.

She had long slender legs, gracefully curved hips, a small waist, and milky-white c-cup-sized breasts with pink nipples that begged to be sucked and pinched. 

She had an oval-shaped face with a small mouth and thin lips. Her large round eyes were seafoam-green in color, while her ears were pointed and her nose was pert.

Drops of water rolled down her fair-skin and her long pink her framed her face and hung over her shoulders.

She was facing the back of the palace as she leaned back on the pool's side with her bulging belly visible through the crystal-clear water as she softly stroked her belly with her left palm.

"Reigna although I only spent less than a day with your father, and the time I spent with him was almost entirely dedicated to conceiving you in the most pleasurable of ways, I can tell you that he was special. Even if it hadn't been a mission from God sent by his number one Envoy Adam, for us to conceive you, I wouldn't have been able to resist him and he could have taken the virginity of my actual body forcefully. Even then after his Bloodline had only awakened, what was for him, 15 "years" prior no one would have been able to resist his power while in The Human Realm. He is it's very core and has control over all its Foundational Laws and Truths. He could have bound my physical body to that point of space-time and suppressed my power to the point where it was nonexistent. On top of that the aura he released and his smell, they worked together to foster this irresistible hunger in my very core." As she spoke lust became increasingly apparent in the woman's eyes and her right hand eased into the water as she spread her legs.

She extended her hand downwards and began to gently rub her slender fingers of her inwards facing vaginal lips. 

"Mmmhhh..." A soft moan drifted past her lips as she closed her eyes and sunk into fantasy.

"Your father...hehe..." She released a small chuckle before continuing on, "I gave home two things no other man shall ever receive, even that giant asshole calling Himself King of Olympians, Zeus. My virginity and my love. Mmmhh...My body craves his touch, his altercation between toughness and tenderness."

Her hips began to move against her fingers. She then used her index and ring fingers to spread her vaginal lips like a flower in bloom. Her insides were a rich pink, and she shivered as some of the water slipped inside her, teasing her vaginal walls with its coolness.

"Ahhhn...My pussy...i-it's so tight. I'll never be able to understand how his long, thick cock was able to fit inside my tight pussy. But, he filled every inch and I seemed to fit him like a perfectly-sized glove does a hand."

She continued to rub her vaginal walls and released a string of moans as her brows furrowed, "Ahhh...Ahhh...Ohh...Mmmhhh..."

She then released a seductive smile as she brought her middle finger to her lips and licked it.

"Mmmhh...Delicious. I can still taste trace amounts of him. The perfect mix of salty and sweet."

She once more used her hand to spread her vaginal lips as her slender finger slid inside. 

"His cock, it was sss-oh thick and long. I can still remember every vivid detail as he thrust in and out of my pussy. The way his girth twitched and my depths fit him like the perfect glove...Ahhhnn. I grasped onto his horns which were as hard as Adamantite as he pounded me for hours on end, proving his everlasting stamina. Even I Aphrodite, known as The Greek Goddess of love, beauty, lust, pleasure, the generative powers of nature, and so much more could barely endure his savage pounding, but your father, Ahhhn..., he possessed an entirely different level of stamina."

Her finger continued to massage her vaginal walls as she imagined Reigna's father thrusting into her over and over again. 

"Ahhhnnn... David rougher, faster... Ahhhnnn... T-that's it right there..."

Her moans grew in volume as she moved her left hand upwards and began to grope her breasts alternatively.

She slid her right index finger into her. Vagina as well and spend up her hand movements as her vagina began to contract rhythmically.

"Ahhh... For the Love of God I-I'm cummmming!!!" 

Her back gave a beautiful arch as her vaginal walls contracted beyond their breaking point and she tugged hardly on her own nipple.

As she basked in the afterglow her eyes slowly opened and she withdrew her fingers from her vagina.

"Hhaaa...." Her back slowly returned to normal as she released a long drawn out sigh.

"This is as close as I will ever get to actually experiencing the real thing again until you reach the point where you can take over my house as its Matriarch."

"It's been 5,757 cycles, 2 months, 11 days, 5 hours, 7 minutes, and 3 seconds since I first laid eyes on your father and my by screamed at me with an insatiable hunger. In all that time none of my Spiritual Bodies has been able to experience a similar level of pleasure. Hehe, what's that tell you, my darling Reigna."

As she spoke she played with the water causing ripples to form on the pool's surface.

As she played with the water a wave of thought suddenly touched her mind. 

"Hohooo... So you two destined lovers are finally ready to leave the wombs of your mothers, are you?"

"This must mean The Ancient Battlefield - Eden will soon fall into chaos."

She looked upwards towards the sky, as she was trying to decipher some grand secret.

She soon shook her head and gave up before looking back down at her belly which she stroked with both hands. 

She continued with a tone similar to that of Gaia's previously, full of both regret and expectation, "I guess it's time for us to part, my darling."

Cynthia was sitting on her bed under a green slightly transparent canopy with her legs crossed beneath her.

As she took long even breaths Mana entered her body through her pores. She gathered all her Mana into a single stream and moved it through her nerves strengthening her synapses and thought processes, before channeling it into her brain.

She simultaneously condensed her Origin Qi and channeled it through her flesh and bones strengthening them both before setting the two streams on a collision course in the space above her heart.

The instant they did collide a shock swept through her body, causing her to pale as a gale of wind swept around her body and her long seafoam-green hair billowed.

As the two forces did collide they began to fuse, but before their fusion could be completed they dissipated.

"Again!" She shouted.

Thus began an arduous time of her trying to condense her 9th strand of Divinity, and failing repeatedly.

On her 50th attempt, just as the two forces were about to collide someone knocked on the door, throwing her focus into disarray. 

She lost control over both the Mana and Origin Qi. They both crashed into her flesh causing her to spit out blood.

"Damn all that is Holy!" Cynthia screamed.

The two rabbit ears on the top of her head extended upwards and her petite body launched itself to her bedroom door diametrically to her bed.

She crossed the 30 feet distance instantaneously and yanked the door open.

She leveled a beast-like flower at the young maid on the other side of the door, and she aggressively prompted, "What is it?!"

The young maid quickly stepped backward, almost tripping over her own feet as she stuttered to get out, "H-her Majesty Aphrodite requests your presence in The Throne Room."

"Why?" Cynthia calmed slightly at the mention of her mother's name, yet her tone remained sharp.

"S-she said that your youngest sister is about to be born unto the world."

"The one her Physical Body has been gestating for over 5,700 cycles?" Cynthia asked, her tone softening further.

"Yes." The young maid nodded nervously.

"Very well. Leave me be." Cynthia commanded.

Cynthia closed her door and walked to her bathroom on the right side of her bed.

After she did she looked into the mirror as she disrobed, her slightly bloody sundress falling to the floor.

She appeared to be around 10 and her thick long hair reached down to just below her bottom. Her skin was as fair as snow and possessed a healthy glow, an upturned nose, a small mouth, and big round forest-green eyes.

"Fufufu... Primrose Correigna Diaos, the first of mother's children to be born from her Physical Body instead of one the many Spiritual Bodies condensed from her Divinity. This sister of mine ought to be spectacular." Cynthia muttered to herself as she walked to the hotspring-like pool further in to bathe, before making her way to The Throne Room in a rush.