Chapter 3: Arrangements
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Basil's POV

The first thing Basil saw when he opened his hazel colored eyes was a smile which could drown anyone in motherly-love and affection.

Gaia was cradling him against her chest inside of a thick blanket which was earthy-brown in color, as she gazed down at him.

"Hello my little Basil," She whispered in a gentle tone.

Her very voice soothed his soul, as although he had just been born mere moments ago, he had listened to her voice for over 5,700 cycles. She had already taught him many things in that timespan and become 1 of the 2 most important people in his life.

Basil stared up into her face as she did his, ingraining every intricate detail into his memory. He watched the way her mouth moved as words flowed out, the way the light danced off her eyes, and the way she focused her gaze on a person, causing to feel as if they were the most important part of her world in that moment.

Alongside his love, he had long since grown to possess a fascination for this woman whose embrace sought to shelter him from all harm.

"Basil, that fascination in your eyes, I don't want you to focus it on just one thing. Look at everything around you with, the inherent desire that comes alongside it, and never forget, that everything in The Three Realms is magical." Her voice was soft but her tone was filled with a desire to inform him of something vital.

A light flashed in Basil's eyes as he sent as he communicated his understanding through their mental bridge.

"Good. Now come along, I want to formally introduce you to your sister Rhea and your niece Hestia. The latter as you already know will be the keeper of your Eternal Hearth and Protector of your Home as you move through, The Three Realms, unrestrainedly as one of you greatest pillars of support."

She walked to the door of the small cottage they were in. The door opened automatically as they approached and after they walked through the entire cottage began to sink back into the ground.

Basil's gaze traveled over Pan, who was still laying across the grasslands and the women on his back, Rhea and finally Hestia, as Gaia carried him over to the others.

When he and Hestia's gazes locked both of their souls began to resonate. 

Neither of them paid much attention to Gaia as she attempted to make introductions.

"Rhea, Hestia, meet Basil Ezekiel Ambrose, the future of our lineage" After she spoke, she noticed Basil and Hestia's lack of attention.

She released a smile of comprehension as she said, "It seems that introductions are not necessary for the two of you."

"Hestia, come receive your uncle so that you may begin the Contraction Ceremony. The only advice I can give you is to be ready for anything. That's all I can say as this is something unique to Basil and his father."

Gaia's words once more caused worry to surface in the eyes of Rhea, who could only choose to trust that her daughter would be safe.

Hestia walked forward and took Basil from his mother's arms. 

As Hestia cradled him Basil's eyes began to glow with golden-light and he stretched his right hand out of the bundled up blankets.

He reached forward and tugged on her veil in order to reveal her face. Space, where his fingers and the veil met, began to twist as he tried to exert some of his control over destruction on the veil. His efforts were futile as no change was made to the veil and it barely moved.

even though that was the case and disappointment appeared in his eyes the same could not be said for Rhea, Hestia, and Gaia.

Shock filled the eyes of Rhea and Hestia, as the ability to cause space to twist, ordinarily required the cultivation of at least the 6th tier for any species, which would be the World Tree Realm for Deva such as them. This was relevant because they could tell that he hadn't even formed a single strand of Divinity and entered the 1st tier, let alone reached the 6th. He had also caused Hestia's veil to move without her permission, which required an even greater amount of power, even if it only was slightly.

Gaia, on the other hand, had only pride in her eyes as she spoke, "The power of his Bloodline is even greater than I thought. Hestia, remove your veil."

Hestia nodded once and lifted her right hand up and removed her veil. 

Her beauty was as great as that of her mother and grandmother. She had a pert nose, and thin lips, situated on a round face, with supple skin.

Basil removed his hand from the veil and placed it directly on her left-cheek, whish was a supple as his own, newly-born skin.

The light radiating from his eyes instantly took on a reddish hue and the runic image of a billowing flame golden-red in color became apparent on his right hand as it began to glow in a similar light.

Hestia's eyes then began to glow the same as his as Mana passed from his hand into her body and Soul, before infusing into her Anima

"It's started," Gaia's voice reached their ears as Mana flowed from their surroundings and entered the bodies of Basil and Hestia weaving together in order to form a mental bridge between the two.

A Divine Edict appeared in the sky above them as golden-red aura flames engulfed the two of them.

As the mental bridge continued to take shape between the two of the,  memories, Bloodline Powers, Divinity, and Aria flowed between them, bringing them closer together and altering both of their internal structures in countless ways.

After a half-hour or so the process came to an end and their eyes stopped glowing.

He stroked her face softly a few times before pulling his hand and closing his eyes as he fell into a deep slumber.

Her touch made him blush and her ears twitch, and when he removed his hand she let out a slightly-disappointed sigh before she looked towards Gaia and her mother, Rhea.

She passed Basil back to his own mother before she cast him a long glance.

She raised her head as she began to vaguely speak, "I must go see to certain arrangements according to Young Master's wishes."

"Very well," Gaia nodded in understanding. 

Rhea nodded her head as well, yet she couldn't shake her sense of worry which was tinged with guilt as she spoke, "Be safe,"

"I will mother," Hestia spoke before she turned to walk away.

As she got farther away her body broke apart into motes of golden-red flame and the women still atop Pan did the same.

"She'll be fine my love," Gaia, who had begun to gently rock the sleeping Basil told Rhea soothingly before continuing on, "Although most don't know she is one of the most powerful Olympians, not someone to be trifled with."

"I know that mother but whatever she is going to do will have massive repercussions on The Heavenly Realm," Rhea responded with absolute confidence.

"And she can handle it." Gaia's response was simple, yet it would have shocked countless beings within The Heavenly Realm to hear her say it with such confidence.

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