Chapter 4: Explosive Growth
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When Basil felt a flash of sharp pain just below his abdomen his eyes snapped open and he rose from his slumber. In that same instant, he instinctively released a pulse of Lavithium which was supposed to be a defining symbol of elves; impossible to grasp or control by any other race.

Before he could fully register his surroundings he sensed his mother's aura and heard her voice the instant after, "Nice instinctual pulse of Lavithium, those instincts may just save your life one day. Now, I want you to calm down my little Baze. I was just removing this pesky little thing, your wound will heal soon enough." 

She kneeled above him with a bloody piece of skin in her left hand and a crystal clear scalpel in her right. There as a green canopy above them both and they were situated in the middle of a large bed. His mother's body was completely bare, her springy breasts swayed from side to side, and the motion of her slightly pink almost tan colored nipples was tantalizing, her wide hips and thick thighs were parted to the sides, and the contour of her waist was unequivocably arousing.

Her long hair was hanging down both sides of her face, partially obscuring the view of her nipples and breasts, increasing her aura of temptation.

Although this scene took a while to describe, it took Basil less than a second to take it all in after his mother had calmed him.

He struggled briefly in a futile attempt to raise his upper-body to view the situation of his lower-body. 

Gaia smiled at the adorable picture her son presented as he did.

He soon gave up as had not yet adjusted to his body, nor was his neck fully developed.

When he did give up Gaia indicated to the bloody skin in her hand as she spoke, "This is the foreskin of your penis. There's really nothing wrong with it, though, in my opinion, it just gets in the way. That's been my experience when washing your Brother's for the span's of time where they were your size, as it makes it harder to clean on of the most important parts of the male body."

After she finished explaining a green-colored flame sprouted from her hand, burning away the flesh instantly and all traces of blood decorating her hand. The scalpel in her other hand dissipated and she moved her gaze back down to just below his abdomen.

She released a brilliant smile and said, "See, I told you, it's all healed."

Basil resisted the urge to try to see the situation again as he realized that his sense of pain was gone.

"Now come along it's time for a bath."

She bent down in order to scoop him up in her cream-colored arms from the bed and cradled him so that his head was against her left breast, the crook of her left arm on the back of his head and her right hand supporting his back.

He felt an unbelievable amount of comfort cradled against her like this, skin to skin, it brought them closer.

He got so caught up in this feeling of comfort that he forgot to view their surroundings and instead closed his eyes. 

When he once more opened them, his attention was drawn to her pinkish-tan colored nipple, which was slightly thicker than an eraser. His mouth occasionally bumped up against it as they moved and the depths of his very soul called form him to suck on it.

He resisted the urge for less than a minute before he enveloped the nipple in his mouth and licked it roughly a few times. 

He then slightly bit on it causing a small amount of milk to squirt out into his mouth. The instant the milk touched his tongue everything changed. The taste itself was Heavenly and unsurpassed, while milk also seemed to energize every cell in his body, each of which was originally constructed from Origin Qi, the singular basic building block of life, something God himself created. 

The milk began the process of his Bloodline fully awakening and his cells rapidly dividing, while also causing his Mana to rapidly grow in both volume and purity.

His body began to give off an unquenchable thirst as he swallowed mouthful after mouthful of her Heavenly Nectar, which soon remembered was in fact what the Olympians called The Nectar of The Gods.

By the time Basil gave in and placed his mother's nipple in his mouth, she had walked out of the bedroom they were in and turned left to walk down a hallway lined by wood railings, passing two rooms on her way to the hall's end where there was a door. 

Inside was a grand bathroom. The toilet was made of white and gold marble ina similar style to the sink. Lastly, there was a submerged bathtub which looked more like a hot spring, with the bathroom's ceiling being an arched dome.

She was currently standing before the pool, as it was more aptly called, at the top of the stairs leading downwards.

As Basil began to suck more aggressively she released a small moan of pleasure, "Ahn..."

"Good boy, my Baze drink as much as you can from your mother's breast." She encouraged as she looked down and watched him continue to ravenously drink from her breast. 

After a brief interlude, she walked down the stairs and soon entered the steaming waters of the pool causing her skin to blush as she occasionally released a moan of pleasure.

The pool's connection to the surrounding walls was seamless, it almost seemed as if the entire room was carved from a single piece of marble. The pool itself contained pieces of smoothened stone ranging in size from that of a human adult's head, to that of a large car, and it's waters were crystal clear.

The water came up to just past her waist and she caused ripples to form on its surface as she approached a car-sized stone in its center.

When she was around five feet from the stone she jumped upwards lightly made a graceful flip through the air before landing on top of the stone.

She then eased onto the stone's surface and laid on her back as she explained to Basil, "We'll worry about bathing after you finish your first feeding. Hell, depending on how much of my milk you are able to absorb and use to develop your body, you may be able to wash yourself. You wouldn't be the first of any of my children to cross the threshold of puberty from a mere babe after a few hours of drinking from my breast."

After that brief explanation, she closed her eyes as she enjoyed the pleasant sensation of Basil sucking and nibbling on her nipple as his body began to change.

Basil himself had only subconsciously registered his mother's words. He instead his full attention on swallowing mouthfuls of her milk in a bid to see which scenario played out first; him quenching his almost endless thirst for her milk, or the emptying of the reservoir within her mammaries. 

The more he drank the faster his body grew. After a couple of dozen mouthfuls, he had grown at least four inches taller, his bones had solidified, and the knubs on his head had become more horn-like. Another dozen and the swirls on his lustrously white horns became more prominent, he became more comfortable in his own body as things seemed to click into place, and his vocal cords fully formed, granting him the ability to speak.

He shifted his body in order to better settle into place on top of Gaia's body and she accommodated his movements by shifting her own arms; her right arm wrapping around his back and her left hand holding the back of his head.

Thirty minutes or so later, his shoulders had broadened, his penis became larger, his body longer, and his head had grown in proportion to the rest of his body.

Overall he appeared to be around four years of age.

The Runic Images spread across his body had also become more apparent. 

Besides the golden-red flame on the back of his right hand, there was a pair of twin wolves on his left. Both wolves were ash-gray in color while one had gold eyes and the other silver. with their tails reaching upwards along his arm. There was an image of a wide-winged hawk spreading its wings with stars trailing behind it on his left shoulder, and a golden lotus flower in full bloom on his right, with each petal, donning a symbol representing; wisdom, truth, enlightenment, courage, art, or war.

Towards the left of his chest directly above his heart was a towering tree entrenched within a mountain. Two pairs of horns hung above the tree, one framing the other. The ones outside pink, and the ones inside seafoam-green.

And finally, on his back, there was a pair of hazy wings possessing no definitive shape nor a definitive color. 

All of the Runic Images continued to become more and more clear as his body continued to grow rapidly, yet none of them became as apparent as the golden-red flame on his right-hand.

As he approached the threshold of physical adolescence his sexual appetite began to manifest and his hands began to wander as he groped her body. His touches caused her to writhe in pleasure as the combination of his mouth, which had began to alternate between nipples after about 2 hours, and his body's heat caused her arousal to grow. 

"Mmmhhh...Ahhh...Your such a greedy boy my Basil...Ahhhn...Ohhh..."

Instead of responding with words he simply sucked her on her nipples as he used his hands to place them both in his mouth. By now he was the same size as her and his hair was wild and untamed preventing her from viewing his face, further increasing her sensitivity to the caresses of his tongue.

Her back arched every so often pushing her nipple further into his mouth.

As his body underwent an evolution his Bloodline fully awoke. His hormones raged and his cock grew in size. As it occasionally brushed against Gaia's supple skin and she writhed beneath him his lust became even harder to control as he had long since passed by the stages of puberty. He was preventing himself from taking the final step through two things a deep-seated hunger for her milk, which was needed for the final step of his Bloodline's awakening, and his pure strength of will.

"Basil, the only one of your brothers who was anywhere as aggressive as you was Ouranos, and look where that got him, castrated by his own son, with no way to ever regain his manhood," Gaia spoke between moans with a raspy voice.

Because she couldn't focus on his face she decided to place her attention on the horns extending from his head.

They appeared to be a cross between those of a Nubian Ibex in their thickness, an Addax in their twist, a Giant Eland in their thread variation, and a Scimitar-Horned Oryx in their graceful arc. She was fascinated by the thread variation his horns possessed and their graceful, backward arch, which contradicted their size. 

Soon after she began to stroke his surprisingly smooth horns he felt the effect of her milk on his growth gradually decrease. But, he was satisfied with the help it had provided in fully awakening his Bloodline. After four hours his body was now fully mature and his Bloodline was completely active.

He used his elbows to support his body's weight. He was now taller than Gaia herself and had a lean physique with well-defined musculature.

He used his knees to open hers as he stopped aggressively sucking on her nipples and instead softly rolled his tongue around them.

No longer could he distract himself from her amazing sex appeal, and gave in to his urges.

"Ahhhhhh..." The moan she released was different from her earlier ones as it was softer and more drawn out.

He looked up at her and spoke in a deep, almost raspy voice, "Now that I have drunk from your breast, shall I conquer your depths?"