Chapter 6: Carrying Future Hopes
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Primrose was swaddled in her mother's arms with her head pressed against the left side of Aphrodite's chest.

Aphrodite was walking down a dimly lit hall. The walls were constructed from a type of black marble with swirls of white within. They depicted myths and legends of countless Ancient Pantheons. Some of them had never even been heard of on Earth.

Following behind Aphrodite were six of her more talented children; Luka, Lancel, Cynthia, Aargon, Diana, and Josephine.

Luka and Lancel had been conceived as a result of a tryst between one of the spiritual bodies created from her abilities and Loki, who was a Deva of vast power belonging to The Nordic Pantheon. They hadn't meet their father as The Nordic Pantheon had been attacked, and then banished from The Heavenly Realm by a regiment belonging to The Holy Kingdom before their emergence.

The twin brothers appeared to be in their mid-20's and sixty percent of the same facial features with raven-black hair, and piercing-blue eyes. Their physiques were tall and lean, contained within seafoam green cloaks.

Overall they carried an aura of mystery as shadows gathered and time eroded in the space around them.

Cynthia, on top of being naturally petite was the youngest of them all, and had emerged from another of Aphrodite's Spiritual Bodies. 

Cynthia's father was a Green Furred rabbit Devaum with a chaotic Bloodline Lineage. He had one of the thinnest degrees of the Ancient Green Dragon Bloodline. But, it was of unparalleled purity and after painstaking cultivation he managed to achieve some degree of avatism and empower it after suppressing all his other Bloodlines. He then soared upwards to the vast expanse, as a branch of his ancestors had done before. 

After many adventures he came across Aphrodite and Cynthia emerged as a result. She was less then ten cycles of age, but as the growth rate of Devuam was unpredictable it was not shocking that she appeared to be in her early teens. Nor was it shocking that she was already cultivating Divinity.

The father of Aargon was Appolo and like his father he favored the bow, as a master of archery; but he was also a well known sword wielded with no small amount of skill. He had short, golden-blonde hair which stood upwards at every angle, and fiery-red eyes. He had a sun-kissed complexion and an athletic-build. His forehead was prominent, and he had an aquiline nose, with thin lips situated below.

He wore a set of glistening armor inscribed with countless archaic glyphs thrumming with power. The armor was of the Legendary Rank at the very least.

He was more blatant than his siblings and did nothing to contain his aura nor its affects on the space around him, as golden flames winked in and out of existence. 

Diana's father was a Golden Fire Crow who emerged from within the core of the Sun, which floated above The Main Continent of The Heavely Realm. The Main Continent was the very source of everything. Its Sun was one of the strongest sources of both fire and life in The Three Realms. The Golden Fire Crow which emerged directly from it could burn everything to a crisp.

Diana had fiery gold hair, with brown roots and fair skin. Her eyes were round and possessed a warm amber color. She had pink lips and a pointed nose, with curved brows situated on a broad forehead. 

Overall she appeared to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a feminine set of armor which was a delicate mix between a golden metal and furnished leather. It consisted of A battle skirt which revealed her slender legs, a pair of metal gauntlets with leathers gloves underneath, combat boots, and a metal breastplate with leather underneath, which revealed most of her upper back.

She also had two short swords on her back sheathed in beautiful scabbards made of mythril.

Josephine was the daughter of Poseidon; one of the strongest Deva, not only in The Greek Pantheon, but in the Entire Heavenly Realm. Se was an unparalleled genius, with limitless potential and total control over the water element.

Josephine herself didn't bring shame to her parents’ fame; with her 9th Rank Bloodline rivaling theirs. She had an oval shaped face, fair skin, large round eyes, which were light purple in color, curved brows and thin lips situated below a pert nose. 

She had thick hair, which was maroon in color and carried a healthy luster.

She wore a pure white gown, made mainly of lace, which left most of her back exposed. The dress was sleeveless and revealed parts of her large, milky whit breast. The lower was similar to a ball gown and trailed along the ground at her back. 

A Runic Image graced her upper back in the shape of a vast ocean, with a gigantic aquatic beast swimming below its surface, enduring the endless erosion of time as it traversed the endless ocean.

Josephine was the most renown of all her siblings on either side, due to her unparalleled talented and unfathomable strength, that not many were privy to. 

She needed nothing from the world, yet she was willing to give her life to save it. She often used the overwhelming momentum of the vast oceans to wipe away the world's enemies.

Those were the feelings she gave off; one of incomparable grace, and another of unsuppressible dominance.

Cyntgia followed in behind Josephine as if she wanted to bathe in her elder sister's aura for all eternity.

Aphrodite led them all down the long hall, whose walls were lined with burning torches to light the way.

As they proceeded down the hall the only sound was that of their feet against the ground.

Eventually the hall opened up to reveal a vast underground cavern made of the same marble as the hallway. There was a natural pool in the center of the cavern. The pool possessed a 50 foot radius and a center depth of around 5 and 1/2 feet with evenly sloped sides. 

The pool was full to the brim with a milky white liquid which had golden swirls contained within and vaporous mist floating above.

A thin disk with a 5 foot diameter floated a few feet above the surface the liquid contained within the pool.

"Stay here."

Aphrodite directed her children.

She carried Primrose across the surface of the pool before arriving at its center.

"~~Wake up my darling~~"

She spoke in a sing-song voice in order to wake up Primrose.

Primrose gradually opened her intelligent eyes and looked up at her mother's face.

Aphrodite gave a loving smile as she worked to unwrapped the blanket from around her daughter. She then left it to hang freely in the air to her right. 

She bent down briefly and sat Primrose on the disk floating above the pool. 

Primrose's nose quivered as she smelt the sweet vapors floating around her and deeply inhaled. As it entered her body, her cells rapidly refined the rich Origin Qi and Mana cotained within the mist.

"My darling Prim, you are more privy to what your future holds than I am. You also have little need of my help to succeed at your future goals. But, in an effort to help your future endeavors, which I can only assume to be our future salvation. I have prepared a batch of Spiritual Milk of high rank and allowed it to further ferment here."

"This is the emergence point of One of The First Deva. He is now no more than a myth, but when he emerged into the world the land around him turned to Primordial Marble, one of the hardest materials in the world. As he made his way to the outside world the Cycle of Space and Time was chaotic around him and prophecies of the future were inscribed onto The Primordial Marble which formed around him. This place is very conducive to the growth and development of Deva and is constantly shuffling through space. I used my Authority power to forcefully keep it here, and in the process harmed my own source of life. Currently, I'm barely keeping myself alive using the Origin Qi refined by Divine Edicts within the depths of the Inner Palace in conjunction with my ability to slow the flow of time."

"Now that you have emerged I don't have push myself to live for much longer, and I will soon have you inherit my Household. After that, I will allow my self to withdraw back into the world."

"I am fulfilling my purpose, and passing unto you the hopes of all those below me, and on a larger scale all those who either came before you or will come after."

After speaking softly to her daughter she turned around and returned to the pool's edge, taking the blanket with her.

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