Chapter 7: Awakening
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This abundance of Origin Qi and Mana is perfect for speeding up the growth process of a Deva. Though it's not necessary for me as I had upwards of 5,000 cycles to stockpile the Origin Qi my body produced and refine it into a pure state. Not to mention the strengthening of my soul which has long since completed its fusion with my flesh. But still, this place will be very helpful in allowing my body to mature and my Bloodline to fully awaken.

Primrose thought to herself as she analyzed the Origin Qi and Mana which had been absorbed into her body from her surroundings.

She then briefly turned her attention onto Aphrodite who had reached the pool's edge.

Aphrodite had extended her palms outwards with her palms open facing the pool. Divinity exploded forth from her body in the form of countless rays of light, some of which were pink, and others foam-green.

The Divinity rushed in every direction and was absorbed into Runic Inscriptions covering the cavern's surface and the Circular platform upon which Primrose sat.

The Runic Inscriptions began to glow in a golden light and the liquid filling the pool began to swirl with increasing speed.

Josephine, Cynthia, Lancel, and the others, who were on the pool's edge next to Aphrodite suffered under a great deal of pressure due to her aura.

Although her aura didn't directly target them and they themselves had passed the stage of Divine Accumulation, their mother's aura caused their bodies to issue cracking sounds.

As a result, they quickly began to channel their own Divinity in order to form opaque barriers around themselves, so that they could fend off the pressure.

Josephine's barrier encompassed both herself and Cynthia, as the younger had yet to reach the stage of manifesting Divinity outside of her body.

"Mother truly is at the level of a Deva Overlord." 

Cynthia gazed upon her mother's figure with no small amount of admiration.

"With that personality of hers, always stirring up trouble like some type of delinquent it's very easy to forget. But nevertheless, she is one of the few Deva that can fight a Divine Emperor to a standstill without being one herself."

Josephine responded with a knowing smile.

The words they spoke didn't escape the ears of their siblings, who sighed internally in acknowledgment of their mother's ability to stir up trouble and her mischevious personality, as they observed her actions.

Everyone was aware of the escapades of Aphrodite: The Greek Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite her self prayed her daughters' words no attention as she continued to channel her Divinity into the Runic Inscriptions around the cavern.

An opaque golden barrier soon formed around the pool as a whirlpool formed in the pool's center. 

After it did Aphrodite lowered her hands and cut off the flow of Divinity from her body.

As her aura receded her children retracted their barriers. They trained their gazes on what they could vaguely make out of the process inside the barrier.

The circular disc Primrose rested upon sunk into the center of the whirlpool below. 

As the Spiritual Milk rotated at increasingly higher speeds it took on a mist-like form. 

Time to begin. First Step: Slowly release all of the Origin Qi I have been storing up.

Primrose closed her eyes and calmed her mind before releasing the internal shackles which suppressed massive reserves of Origin Qi.

When she did Origin Qi escaped her body in waves. It took on the form of red arcs of electricity which blossomed into existence around her. 

It began to mix with the golden-white clouds of vaporous Origin Qi and Mana in her surroundings, and formed a rotating sphere-like mass centered around her body.

Second Step: Use that Origin Qi to form new cells.

Her cells then began to rapidly divide as she split her mind in countless directions overseeing the formation of innumerable cells.

Even the flow of time became elusive and unimportant to her as she devoted her all to this process.

Soon her limbs began to become more slender and her features began to mature. Her ears became pointed, her maroon colored hair more lush, and a pair of cyrstaline horns extended forth from her head. 

They possessed a beautiful seafoam-green color and gave off a luminous light which complemented well with her cream colored skin. 

She than began to fill out in certain areas as the process continued along.



"Now we simply what to your sister has completed the process my darlings." 

Aphrodite spoke with a cheerful tone as a kingdom toppling smile formed on her face.

The hearts of her own children began to beat rapidly at a mere glance and many of them quickly looked away.

She then turned around and walked back towards one of the many boulders scattered throughout the cavern and sat with her back leaned against it.

She pulled a graphic novel from God knows where and proceeded to read its contens. It was entitled, 'The Chronicles of Kinkade: The City in The Boarderlands.

I was the newest volume of a very popular series that had spread across the entire Heavenly Realm, written by anonymous author who had a very sporadic release cycle.

Her children soon regained their wits and scattered around the cavern themselves in their previous groupings.

Josephine and Cynthia arranged themselves not to far away from their mother.

"So, I see you have finally beganto cultivate Divinity." Josephine was the first to speak amongst the two.

"Yes, I took the advice you gave me when last we spoke. I took some time to better understand the secrets of my chaotic Bloodline and lay a solid foundation by strengthening both my soul and fleshy body." Cynthia spoke with a tone of excitement and expectation.

Josephine nodded her head in response as she gave a smile of her own.

"And you sister, how you made any major breakthroughs lately?" Cynthia asked.

"I'm afraid not, as I am sure you have heard the father one climbs in strength the harder it is to take the next step. Not only due is the road ahead hard, I mist also be careful not to leave behind in imperfections which would cause harm later on." Josephine answered her sister earnestly.

Cynthia nodded once more in understanding, and stole glances at her other siblings some of which she had never formally met before.

"Why my dear little sister, I didn't think you were so shy, why don't you just go over and introduce yourself?" Josephine took notice of her sister's covert actions and gave a small laugh, her beauty causing ones heart to warm.

"Why would I want to Introduce myself to them!?" Cynthia spoke defensively as her cheeks blushed.

"Truly adorable." Josephine continued to laugh as she wrapped her arms around her abdomen.

As she did, Cynthia's face got even redder as her since of embarrassment rose a level.

"I-I'm sorry Cynthia. It's just you always look so cold, so it's funny to see you acting all shy. Hahahaha..." 

Josephine slowly regained her wits and gazed upon her sister.

Cynthia looked downwards at her hands as she ruminated over her sister's words.

"I think that may have been due to the stress of living up to the names of mother and my own father. But, recently I've been starting to realize I don't have to live up to their names. I have to live up to my own and surpass them completely." Cynthia spoke softly at first but as her confidence grew, so to did her voice.

Josephine's laughter ceased as she stared into her sister's eyes, recognizing the resolve within.

"Good. Since that ist he case come, I will introduce you to the others. As you heard mother will soon hand the Household over to Primrose. When the time comes we will have to support our youngest sister while also being their for one another."

Josephine rose to her feet and reached heher hand downwards to grab onto.

Tears started to form in Cynthia's words and she quickly wiped them away before grabbing hold of Josephine's outstretched hand.

Nearby Aphrodite briefly looked up filling joy at her children's growth. 

She then once more buried her face in her book, releasing uproarious laughter from time to time.