Chapter 8: Husband and Wife
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Basil sat in a meditative pose next to the sleeping Gaia. The Runic Images that had previously covered his body had once more faded from view.

He focused on his body's internal situation observing as his now completely awakened Bloodlines began to stabilize.

Fundamental Truths are the roots of the tree that is The Three Realms, Profound Laws are the trunk of the tree and the branches growing from it, and the finally come Deva, the fruits of said tree. First generation Deva are created naturally through the fusion of Mana and Origin Qi. 

When they emerge into the world The Heaveanly Will (The Fundamental Truths and Profound Laws) works to nurture them. In this process they are given Authority; the ability to manipulate certain Profound laws through the power of their will. Their soul was not simply contained within their physical body, instead both body and soul had fused to become one.

Angels were originally created by to limit the actions of not only Deva, but True Demons and Humans aswell. The natures of both Races are in direct conflict with one another on a fundamental level. For example; the endless vitality of Deva allowed for the creation of life due to the mere spilling of blood when the reached a certain level. Conversely, Angels had difficulty fostering off spring due to them being soul based lifeforms.

Both of these Bloodlines flowed within him simultaneously, which explained his earlier outburst of Lavithium when Gaia had originally circumcised him.

"My very existence is contradictory. The Lavithium of an Angel restraints the Divinity of a Deva, and yet they both flow freely throughout my body in a delicate balance. In order to not disturb that balance I will have to establish a new path of cultivation while slowly fusing my two Bloodlines. "

He felt the two opposing powers flowing through his body.

Earlier when he had undergone a process of rapid growth due to drinking Gaia's breast milk he had condensed a great amount of Divinity from the Origin Qi and Mana rampaging through his body. He also managed to refine it countless times until the point that it took on a liquid from as it moved through his body.

On the other hand the Lavithium his body produced circulated throughout his body. And as it did his blood assimilated it bit by bit. Thus his blood had mutated into an both a powerful aphrodisiac and tonic to Deva and True Demon alike. It could help them gain a certain immunity to Lavithium, thus allowing them to have a lesser fear of Angels.

This had something to do with Gaia's over sensitivity and eventual orgasm during their earlier intercourse.

He began to channel the Divinity that flowed freely throughout his meridians. He gathered it all in the center of his chest fusing it with his flesh through a certain method known to all Deva.

A green orb-like crystal slowly took shape and a formless pressure pushed on the surroundings, causing the air to stagnate.

This was his Ruhk, something all Deva formed in the process of cultivating Divinity. It was created from the fusion of their Bloodline and Divinity. 

It allowed them to connect to an empty space that contained their massive reservoir of Divinity and would slowly develop into a complete world of its own, acting as a source of strength.

This empty space was thus often referred to as an Internal World.

His body continued to produce a vast amount of Divinity, which was used in the creation of his Ruhk as time became flowed onwards.

As Basil focused on developing his ruhk he reached a state of mindlessness identical to that of Primrose who was located millions of miles away. 

Soon they began to sense one another's presence. Their minds became increasingly closer as the distance between them became negligible and they appeared in a shared mental world.

The mental world consisted of a crystal clear lake surrounded by a grove of divine trees, with small forest animals darting about. There was a log cabin, placed on the pond's Eastern, with a dock not to far away.

The animals were nothing more than a figment of the two's imagination, yet they possessed a startling level of intelligence and seemed to be completely sentient creatures. This was impart due to the mental strength of the two and their respective abilities; Basil had power over creation and destruction, while Primrose possessed power over reality itself.

When the two had first gained the capacity to form thoughts they had arrived in this space together. At that time it had consisted of a small patch of ground which a single sprout sticking up from the ground and they had the appearance of children around 7 years of age.

That was a mere cycle after their mothers had become pregnant with them. Since then their mental bodies had steadily progressed in age, before stopping in their late teens.

They then spent all their days up until earlier today when they were born into the world in this mental space living together, growing into the true appearance of a married couple.

When Basil arrived Primrose was sitting on the dock dipping her feet in the pond below as she gazed at the fish swimming within.

"I'm back." Basil spoke as be walked towards her.

Her long maroon colored hair pooled on the deck behind her. She had fair skin and an athletic body; her breast were plump and firm, her waist willowy, and her legs slender. She was dressed in a maroon colored bikini set as if she was about to go for a swim.

The moment he finished speaking she turned and pounced at him.

Two red-colored short spears appeared in her hands as she did and she thrust them in his direction with a murderous glare.

As they were about to impale him he raised his hand in front of him and created a bronze colored shield made of light before quickly jumping backwards.

The spears immediately pierced through the shield from two different angles, instantly destroying it, and it faded from existence.

"Tcch! Wife, killing your Lord Husband as soon ashe returns home isn't to good no?" He spoke disgruntledly.

"Hmph!" She snorted.

She twirled her spears and charged towards him once more with an apathetic gaze.

"I guess we're doing this then." Basil spoke and two swords appeared in his hands; both made of metal. The one in his right hand was a brilliant gold and the one in his left was an all-encompassing black.

He parried her spear attacks and launched rapid slashes of his own forcing her to go on the defensive.

They went back and forth in this way for awhile, neither of them capable of defeating the other.

Soon Primrose showed a small crack in her defense which Basil took advantage of to launch a fierce attack at her abdomen from below. Primrose's eyes twitched yet she quickly crossed her spears to block his attack.

While she did manage to block his attack, she couldn't fully redirect the force and went flying backwards with a sonic boom.

She flew upwards at an arc before falling back down and crashing into the pond's center.

"Huff...huff." Basil panted as he watched the pond's surface for signs of her resurfacing.

Soon she climbed up from the pond's edge her spears no where to be found.

"Hmph." She snorted.

"You lost."

"Yes I did."

"You know what that means right?"

"Hmph! Lord Husband is a philanderer!" She spoke with a frosty expression.

She was aware what had transpired between he and Gaia in the physical world because their minds were open books to one another in this mental space. This had caused her earlier fit of jealousy which led to her attacking him. 

They had few rules in this mental space but, one of them was that any fight equated to a bet. If they bets terms weren't set or waived before the battle began then default conditions would take precedent.

In that case the first to be thrown into the pond lost. If he lost, he had to sit sieza on a washboard until she saw fit to let him stop. If she lost, she had to address him as 'Lord Husband' until he told her she could stop. 

"Wife is apparently still jealous." He released the swords in his hands and the dissipated like smoke into clumps of smoke.

"Lord Husband must be joking, Wife just thinks that Lord Husband shouldn't be so boldly promiscuous with other women as he maybe in danger of losing something vital to him." She spoke with a smile yet her words would cause a man's soul to tremble.

"Hehe... I don't believe Wife would be willing to deprive herself of such a thing, would she?" He spoke mockingly as he neared her.

"Hmph." She once more sneered as she noticeably blushed.

"Who's jealous!? I am just worried that you-Lord Husband may get distracted and lose sight of our goals."

"I know, I just couldn't stop myself from teasing you." He was now standing directly her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

Her blushing got worse as she inhaled his scent and his well-muscled body pressed against her voluptuous one.

"And I will never lose sight of our goals. We must claim the Divine Codex. And with it, find out the secrets to our past." He spoke.

"En." Primrose nodded as she attempted to maintain her apathetic expression.

"But before that I desire to eat up Wife, and it seems as if Wife wants to be devoured by Lord Husband." He swiftly move his head downwards and enveloped her lips in his own.

He extended his tongue into her mouth and she followed suit. He pulled her closer and she wrapped her arms around his neck as the lost themselves in lust.

He moved his arms to lift her upwards and she wrapped her legs around his waist in tactic understanding. 

He then carried her into the bedroom of the cabin and sat on the bed. He took of the top of her bikini and bent his head down to place her left breast in his mouth.

His tongue rolled over her nipple as he continued to grope her body.


She moaned, her previous apathy now completely void.

She felt his cock hardening beneath her and quickly slid off of his lap pulling his pants down and he took off his shirt.

Her slender fingers grasped his hot rod and began to make deliberately slow strokes up and down. 

Her cool hands sent shivers down his spine, and the mischievous look in her upturned eyes made his blood boil.

He once more picked her up and placed her on the edge of the bed before removing her bikini bottoms.

He spread her legs and the sight of her slightly open flower petals made his eyes go red.

He knelt and placed his mouth against her vagina. His tongue quickly began to explore its folds, causing his saliva to mix with her sex fluids.

He wrapped his arms around her arms as she began to quiver in pleasure. She tight clenched the bedspread in her hands as her eyes squeezed shut.

"Ahh....ahh...ahhhhhn!" Her moans became more pronounced and drawn out as her skin began to perspire.

Her vaginal walls began to clench and he could sense her or orgasm approach so he became more aggressive in his exploration of her vagina.

"I-it's commmming!!" Soon she couldn't hold it back anymore as her body arched upwardsin the air and she clenched her fists tighter.

Sex fluids rushed from her depth and he quickly drank them. 

After the tide calmed he rose to his feet and asked mockingly: "Wife, do you want to taste yourself?"

She was to shy to responded as panted, and her body continued to perspire.

He placed his hands on her sides and bent down over her, once more kissing her lips. 

As she tasted herself on his tongue her body continued to quiver and the strength left her limbs.

He lifted his head and gave a devilish smile as he used his right hand to grasp himself and lowered his center of gravity.

He rubbed the tip of his cock against her vaginal lips as her eyes regained clairity.

He put force into his waistand entered her depths inch-by-excruciating-inch. 

Her brows furrowed as she felt his hot and rough cock rubbing against her vaginal walls and she released moans of pleasure. 

After he was all of the way in he placed both of his hands on her hips gripping her supple flesh tightly.

He then began to thrust in and out of her slowly at first, but with progressively more force.

He lost his sense of time as he enjoyed the sensation of her vaginal walls squeezing his girth with the perfect tightness.

He bent down and  enveloped her lips once more in a deep kiss.