Chapter 1
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[!!!] This chapter contains with incest, intersex(/hermaphrodite=people with both male and female genitals) and sex toys.

#1 He could only beg his Daddy to let him blow him since he woke up late and didn’t have enough time to suck out his breakfast


It is already 7.30am when Ye Qing woke up this Monday morning. If he doesn’t settle his breakfast quickly, he will be late! It’s all those bastards’ fault yesterday. Claiming that it was the last night that weekend, they did it too hard, thrusting again and again, not stopping even when he begged for mercy... He tries his best to ignore the discomfort in his lower body and hurriedly goes down the stairs.

His father and brothers are already enjoying breakfast downstairs, looking like they are about to finish up very quickly. Ye Qing grits his teeth and goes all out, thinking that he should eat at least one.

He walks to his father, Ye Zhixuan, the corners of his eyes reddening and looking at his father pitifully: “Daddy...” Ye Zhixuan can only look at him and finally nod: “Be quick, too bad you slept late.”

Ye Qing quickly gets under the table, kneels beside his father and bites his father’s pants and underwear down together. What bounces out before him is the big monster that rages inside his body almost everyday. As though feeling the breath from the familiar small mouth, that thing starts to raise its head.

Ye Qing takes his father’s dick into his mouth and starts licking furiously like he just received a treasure. Just to note, his breakfast has always been their semen, so how can he go to school without eating breakfast!
Moving up along the veins, Ye Qing uses his tongue to tease the big monster in his mouth, pushing it deep into his throat at times and carefully licking and sucking the slit on top at times, until the big monster in his mouth, that is already used to his meticulous servicing, shudders violently for a few times.

Ye Qing’s small mouth is completely filled with his father’s dick, saliva uncontrollably flowing down from the corner of his mouth. He continuous deep throats his father’s dick, just hoping to let the thing in his mouth come in his mouth. Burying deeper between the man’s crotch, he continuously plays with the dick using his teeth while rubbing his tender white face against the man’s scrotum, “ngh ngh” pleading sound escaping his lips.

At this moment, his elder brother, Ye Ling, and second brother, Ye Qun, finish their breakfast and get up, ready to head to their respective workplace.

Ye Ling looks at his father who can’t leave due to his younger brother’s pestering, envious and relieved at the same time, he says: “Then, I’m leaving first. You’ve worked hard, Papa.”

Ye Qun looks at his younger brother who is still making himself busy between his father’s legs and said: “I’m going to school first too. Come to school yourself today, Qing Qing.”

Ye Zhixuan gives them a cold glance, nods his head and let them go do what they need to. Looking down, pitying his youngest son who is still servicing his big thing, he removes his dick from Ye Qing’s lips. “Uuh... Don’t... I beg you, Daddy. Cum for baby...”

“Baby, you’re going to be late for school.” Ye Zhixuan shakes his head.

“Then Daddy can fuck me deeper, Uuh, baby wants to eat Daddy’s cum.” Ye Qing looks up at him, corners of his eyes red and water collecting in his beautiful eyes.

Ye Zhixuan can’t bring himself to see Ye Qing all teary eyes in the end and puts his dick in again, lifting his youngest son’s head and ruthlessly thrusting in his mouth. In order to shoot quickly, he goes with his desires and focuses on fucking deep in the throat, and even instructes Ye Qing to use his tongue.

“Uuh uuh...” Ye Qing’s small mouth is panting so badly, his face wet with his own saliva and the cum from that big monster but he still obediently teases it.

Finally, Ye Zhixuan increases his force and the depth, shooting his cum into the mouth of the beauty gagging at his crotch!

He stays in Ye Qing’s mouth and waits for the younger to stop gagging and finish swallowing his cum hungrily, then slowly takes his dick out.

Finally, Ye Qing holds the purplish black, hideous dick with his white, soft hand, carefully licking it clean before putting it back and helping Ye Zhixuan wear his pants qnd buckle his belt. Then with a red face, he looks at Ye Zhixuan and softly said: “Thank you, Daddy, sorry... for delaying Daddy...”

Ye Zhixuan ruffles Ye Qing’s soft hair gently, bringing him into his embrace to kiss: “Don’t sleep so late next time. Daddy will send you to school.”

Standing at the porch, Ye Zhixuan starts choosing from the cabinet, while Ye Qing makes use of the time to wear his shoes. Inside is all sort of toys, taking up as much as half of the cabinet wall.

Due to time constraint, Ye Zhixuan casually takes two toys in his hands. Ye Qing automatically pulls his pants down near his thighs, laying on Ye Zhixuan’s legs to let him put the the toys in his front and back holes respectively. If he doesn’t stuff his two holes which have been tamed by his Daddy and brothers to such great sensitivity, his juices will flow out non-stop. How can he attend lessons that way...

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