Chapter 2
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[!!!] This chapter contains incest and sex toys.

#2 After school’s affair: Holding up his nipples and sending them into big brother’s mouth on his own


Ye Family’s villa is divided into two houses. The main house is occupied by Ye Zhixuan and his three sons, while the secondary house is occupied by all the servants.

Ye Ling returns home today, but he doesn’t see Ye Qing kneeling by the door with his pants off waiting for him. He can’t help but frown. What’s going on? The little bitch should have returned much earlier.

Suddenly, a noise comes from the hall. Ye Qing runs “thud thud thud” over and throws himself into Ye Ling’s arms, saying, “I’m sorry, Ling-gege. Qing Qing was looking for something just now.” Tipping his toes, Ye Qing brings his red lips to the man’s mouth to let him taste them.

Ye Ling naturally moves towards the lips without hesitating, not only sweeping through every corner in Ye Qing’s mouth, but also licking his sensitive teeth and the tender flesh of his throat, swallowing every drop of sweet saliva and kissing the
beauty until he is panting and turned on.

Ye Ling takes the little beauty’s sweet tongue into his mouth and tastes
it freely while carrying him to the sofa, hands covering the younger’s big butt.

The feeling of the pants makes him frown unhappily. “Why are you still wearing your pants?” As he says so, he pulls Ye Qing’s pants and underwear off in one go.

The Ye family has long set many rules for Ye Qing, including he can dress properly when he goes out in the morning, but he must take off his pants immediately after he returns from school to better satisfy his father and brothers.

Ye Qing explains hurriedly, “Qing Qing was busy looking for a book today, so I accidentally forgot.” Ye Ling just wants to fuck him at this moment and doesn’t want to argue over this now. He orders, “Take your pants off once you get home next time.”

Pressing Ye Qing on the sofa, Ye Ling spreads his legs and a musty smell that has been disciplined for a long period starts emanating immediately. He puts his finger into Ye Qing’s seemingly dry pussy, digging for something, but after several rounds of inspection, he finds nothing. “What’s going on?!” He pinches Ye Qing’s chin and questions.

“Uuh uuh...” Ye Qing says, slurring his words, “It’s deep inside. Daddy was in a rush today and put it too deep~” Ye Ling sticks his finger in harshly and indeed feels something hard. Ye Qing, on the other hand, is so stimulated by this that his whole body is trembling. “Ah, too deep~ Ling-gege, I beg you~ Be gentler...”

Ye Ling spreads Ye Qing’s legs further on the sofa, his fingers stirring violently inside, wanting the pussy swallowing them to loosen and spit out the thing inside. But the pussy remains tight, looking as if it is unwilling to spit anything out.

“Tch,” Ye Ling finally loses his patience. Ignoring Ye Qing’s scream, he thrusts two fingers deeply in, clamping the thing and pulling it out.

At last, with a “pop”, the thing that was blocking that pussy is pulled out. It turns out to be vibrating egg that was put in too deep. Ye Ling looks at it and raises his eyebrows: “Why did dad put something so gentle in? Did this little bitch act cute again?”

“Uuh uuh~ Ngh, I didn’t, ah, it was too rush today~ Daddy put something in randomly to block the juices and just went out~ Ah~!!” It turns out that Ye Ling has no intention to listen to his explanation at all. After pulling out the vibrating egg, the fluid that has been blocked inside Ye Qing’s pussy during the day gushes out furiously. Ye Ling moves over to lick and suck the pussy without hesitation, not forgetting to bite the already erected clit hardly. “Qing Qing’s juices are so sweet.”

“Ugh~ So good, ah, Ling-gege~” Ye Qing moans and groans continuously from the pleasure of Ye Ling’s licking.

Ye Ling’s flexible tongue plays inside Ye Qing’s pussy, sometimes licking the inner walls gently, sometimes imitating a dick and thrusting in harshly and sometimes, even withdrawing from the pussy to bite the poor little clit.

Ye Qing soon can’t hold on and screams from the licking, then comes. Ye Ling doesn’t bear to waste and relentlessly licks a mouthful of lustful fluid, but still immediately thrusts his hard dick in, like a sword ruthlessly piercing through the climaxing anal hole. “I’m going to be fucked dead~~ No, Gege~ Fuck me later... Uuh uuh, I’ll let you do anything you want later...Spare Qing Qing~ I’m gonna die~”

The climaxing hole desperately wants to bite the dick off, but the raging monster inside it leaves its efforts in vain. The hole can only helplessly squirt fluid and get fucked by the man.

Everyone has their preferences in bed and as for Ye Ling, he loves to fuck Ye Qing more fiercely when the younger is climaxing, appreciating the view of the little beauty continuously coming and squirting from his fucking and yet, at the same time, looking in pain.

Ye Ling thrusts deeper and deeper, his hands caressing Ye Qing. He leans down beside Ye Qing’s ear and pants heavily, exciting Ye Qing to become more lewd...

“Uuh uuh, Gege, lick my chest~ Ah~ Qing Qing’s nipples are itchy. Ling-Gege, suck my nipples, aahh~~”

Ye Ling looks at his younger brother who is starting to act lewd again and raises his his eyebrows, his lower body fucking Ye Qing more ferociously. “Aaahhh~ So good, uuh uuh, Qing Qing loves Ling-Gege~ Quickly suck Qing Qing’s nipples~~”

Ye Ling almost came from his sudden confession, but he has not
enjoyed enough. This little thing is becoming more and more clever. Shaking his head, he says: “Then Qing Qing should bring your nipples over now. Gege don’t want to eat them on my own. “

At this point in time, Ye Qing is already in a daze from climaxing. He can only obediently and desperately raise his body, hold up the red fruits in front of his chest and send them towards his big brother’s mouth: “Uuh uuh, Gege~ Gege, eat... Qing Qing will feed Ling-Gege milk.”

Fuck, so lewd! Ye Ling brings one of the nipple into his mouth and sucks it hardly, gently licking it for a moment, then brutally pulling it out and releasing it, starting a new round of waton moaning and climaxing from Ye Qing.

“Softer~ Gege, Qing Qing is in pain~~ Uuh uuh, so good, it’s so good, Ling-Gege...” In the midst of Ye Qing’s incoherent moaning, there is the sound of the door unlocking. Ye Ling continues to enjoy the delicious body in his arms while looking up to take a glance... It turns out that father came back.

Tch, Ye Ling sneers in dissatisfaction. He can’t enjoy the meal alone anymore. Mixed with anger, his lower body starts moving more fiercely while the poor little beauty is so scared that his hole tightens further, not knowing why the man above him looks like he wants to break him all of the sudden.

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