Chapter 3
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[!!!] This chapter contains incest, threesome, intersex and sex toys.

#3 Brother pretends to generously let his father choose which hole to take first while he is almost fucked dead by the two petty men (fucked in both holes, 4p*2)


Ye Zhixuan frowns as he walks to the sofa, grumpily looking as his eldest son holds his youngest son and continuously thrusts into him. He doesn’t mind sharing this little bitch with his other two sons. What makes him annoyed is even though Ye Ling clearly saw him, his eldest son only started thrusting more fiercely, making the younger below not have any strength to notice him.

Ye Ling sees that Ye Zhixuan’s expression is clearly bad and knows his father is about to get angry. He reluctantly pulls himself out and pushes the little bitch in his arms towards the older.

He knows Ye Zhixuan is a tyrant. Even though he knows his scary father won’t hurt him and he isn’t afraid of the older anyway, he decides to stop since he knows how much this little bitch likes pestering their father too and might make a fuss when he regains consciousness. There’s no need for him to offend two people at one go.

“Ngh ah~” Ye Qing is pushed by his big brother until he is resting against his father. The little slave’s body is covered in delicate pink and his lower body is fucked so much that the fluid won’t stop flowing. However, smelling Ye Zhixuan’s familiar scent, he quickly moves towards his father, rubbing his small face against the older’s crotch. “Ah~ Daddy~ Welcome back...”

Ye Zhixuan pulls Ye Qing up, carelessly pecking Ye Qing’s red lips while laying him down on the sofa backing, big hands attacking the red fruits in front of Ye Qing’s chest. Ye Qing unconsciously wraps his tongue around the invading one in his mouth, his small hands placed against the man’s strong chest and his body moving lasciviously as though wanting to leave the sofa and stick close to the man.

But Ye Zhixuan has eaten enough fluid from Ye Qing’s small mouth. He strongly moves away, pulling out a string of suggestive fluid which dripped directly on Ye Qing’s already red and swollen nipples, causing the younger to moan in discontentment.

Yet, at this time, the two terribly turned on men have no will to respond to Ye Qing’s discontentment. Ye Ling grabs Ye Qing’s legs from the back and harshly opens them, leaving the two wet holes completely exposed to the two pairs of greedy eyes.

“Ngh... It’s itchy~ Daddy~ Gege, enter me- Uuh uuh...” Long used to being stared at by such eyes, Ye Qing honestly speaks up about his needs.

Ye Qing’s anal hole behind is already leaking hungrily from the lack of comfort for a long time. Even the vibrating egg that has not been removed inside is unable to keep the fluid in. Ye Ling’s fingers reach Ye Qing’s pussy and brutally spreads those lips, revealing the trembling small clit and the fucked red pussy. His slim fingers rub those lips carelessly as he asks: “Which hole do you want, dad? The front one is hot and the back one is tight.” Pretending to be a good son.

Ye Zhixuan looks at Ye Ling indifferently. With his standing big dick, he thrusts into Ye Qing’s crimson red pussy. The warmth and tightness make him suck in a breath of air. Looking at Ye Zhixuan, Ye Ling knows that it definitely feels good to be inside that pussy. After all, he was preparing it for so long just now. It’s so hot and soft, but in a blink of an eye, it’s thrusted into by someone else, making him annoyed.

Ye Ling presses the little bitch against his father, disregards the vibrating egg in that anal hole and thrusts in cruelly. Ngh... It’s really tight. In fact, both holes have their own good points. He’s just unhappy with his father’s dominance.

“Ah~~ Gege, no, take it out!! Qing Qing is going to be fucked broken! Uuh uuh, I beg you!” The vibrating eggs are pushed to a frightening deepness by Ye Ling’s rather big genital. Ye Qing is so scared that he can’t stop crying. It’s as if his intestines are about to be pierced through, hurting so much.

However, the still angry Ye Ling isn’t going to care whether Ye Qing is afraid or not. He continues to thrust deeper as he presses against the vibrating egg, determined to let the tip of his dick touch Ye Qing’s pleasure spots.

“Uuh uuh, gentler~ It’s so good in front, ah~~ It’s so full... behind... So good, ngh ah~” Ye Qing’s saliva flows uncontrollably as his whole body desperately hides into his father’s arms. However, his lower body is firmly nailed to the original spot by two dicks, leaving no room for him to struggle...

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