Chapter 4
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[!!!] This chapter contains incest, intersex, foursome and peeing from the fucking.

#4 Fucking the little slave till he pees (4p ends)

Second Brother=Er-ge



Ye Qun is attracted to the sofa by the musty smell in the house and the obscene words coming from Ye Qing.

The breathing of the little bitch on the sofa is as weak as that of a little kitten. He clearly can’t bear it anymore, but he’s still keeping his legs wide open according to his instincts, using his body to please his two masters.

Ye Qun looks at Ye Qing, whose voice is already raspy from the fucking, being sandwiched between his father and brother, feeling his heart aching badly inside.

At this point in time, one of Ye Qing’s nipples is already teased by someone to the extent that his skin tore, not only swelling to two or three times its normal size, but also with some blood left on it; his other nipple, on the other hand, is being bitten on in his father’s mouth, its condition unknown but probably not any better.

Ye Qing’s two holes below are filled fully, two hideous meat rods constantly thrusting in and out while seductive moans are escaping his only free mouth nonstop, making the two men above even more excited.

When Ye Qun’s big brother sees him, the older signals that the little slave’s small mouth is still empty, inviting him to join them.

How will Ye Qun bear to do that? Even if his lower body is already so hard that it’s hurting, he only wants to bring Qing Qing into his arms and properly comfort the younger at this moment.

Ye Zhixuan clearly notices the change in Ye Qun’s body and the reluctance in his son’s eyes, and can’t help feeling a trace of discontent.

This second son is usually also gentle and competent, so Ye Zhixuan is quite satisfied with him and Ye Ling. But Ye Qun sometimes can’t distinguish priorities, just like now. Normally spoiling Ye Qing is one thing, but can’t he even tell what sex slaves are used for!

Ye Zhixuan pulls out his meat rod from the little slave’s pussy and turns to slap the younger on his white tender face. The obscene “pa pa” sound sounding continuously.

“Uuh...” Ye Qing regains consciousness after his pussy loses the pampering and his face is slapped by the meat rod. Seeing the familiar meat rod close by, Ye Qing only feels his throat drying up as his mouth greedily follows it, trying to put that big thing in his mouth. “Ngh~ Daddy~ I want to eat it, ah~ Feed Qing Qing your lollipop...”

How can Ye Zhixuan give Ye Qing what he wants? The tip of Ye Zhixuan’s dick moves across Ye Qing’s cheeks, even rubbing against the younger’s lips, but not letting the younger eat it. The precum secreting from the tip of Ye Zhixuan’s dick drips on Ye Qing’s beautiful face, making him look really lewd and alluring.

Enough with the teasing, Ye Zhixuan lifts Ye Qing’s small face and presses it on the crotch of Ye Qun’s trousers. “How is it, baby? Is your Er-ge hard?”

Ye Qing is suddenly pressed against a meat rod as hard as an iron rod and only feels his cheek hurting from the impact, unhappily saying, “Er-ge is very very hard...”

“Then what should baby do?”

“Ah, ngh ah~ Please come and fuck Qing Qing, Er-ge, it’s okay even if Qing Qing’s small hole breaks...”

“Why?” Ye Qing’s dear father doesn’t let him off, slapping his meat rod hardly on Ye Qing’s face again.

Hearing his father’s words, Ye Qun knows he probably caused trouble this time. It’s fine if it’s just him getting scolded, but now... it seems that Qing Qing will be affected too.

“Uuh uuh...” Ye Qing sensitively feels the tension in the air, but didn’t he let himself be fucked obediently? He feels very wronged, “Because... Qing Qing is our family’s sex slave, ahhh, so Daddy and Gege-men can fuck me whichever way they want to~ Uuh uuh, Daddy~ Feed Qing Qing your meat rod, uuh uuh~ I’m so hungry~”

“Your Er-ge doesn’t want to fuck you, baby. Maybe it’s because you’ve been fucked loose...”

“Uuh uuh,” Ye Qing is so frightened he is crying. He quickly uses the greatest amount of energy he can muster to open his legs wider, whole body sitting on Ye Ling’s meat rod behind him. The increase in deepness makes Ye Ling feel so good, but Ye Qing can’t be bothered to care about that now, trying his best to lift his crimson red pussy to show it to Ye Qun: “Qun-gege~ Uuh uuh... Qing Qing isn’t loose, please fuck me here, Qun-gege, fuck me any way you like... As long as Gege likes it, you can fuck me till I break too~ Uuh uuh.” Ye Ling can’t help but laugh from behind when he hears this. Why is this little thing so easily deceived? Even though it’s Ah Qun’s fault, now...

Ye Zhixuan looks at Ye Qun indifferently, “Did you hear that? Fuck him till he breaks.” After giving this order, he no longer pays attention to his second son, finally turning to feed his long-awaited meat rod into his youngest son’s mouth.

Ye Qing immediately starts licking hungrily, “Daddy is so sweet and big~ I like it so much... Uuh uuh” He provokes the big thing in his mouth to thrust faster.

Ye Qun opens Ye Qing’s pussy using his fingers, finding the clit swollen and the pussy lips flipped outwards, fucked till they are unable to close. That most properly pampered pussy looks even more appalling, but juices are still leaking nonstop from there, mixed with Ye Qing’s own or perhaps someone else’s cum, making Ye Qing... look fucking lewd.

Gritting his teeth, Ye Qun ruthlessly thrusts in, causing Ye Qing to scream: “Ahhhhh~ Qun-gege, so big, uuh uuh, Qing Qing is going to be fuck dead~” Ye Qun has no choice, Ye Qing really isn’t scared, he probably won’t be let off that quickly too...

“Fuck this little bitch till he pees.” Ye Zhixuan commands.

“Woo!” Ye Ling can’t help but whistle. The old is still more experienced, “Ah Qun, we’re leaving it to you.”

But Ye Qing who isn’t aware of the things happening is shocked. Why??!! I’m being so good.

But Ye Zhixuan doesn’t even give Ye Qing the chance to ask questions. Suddenly, he thrusts his meat rod into Ye Qing’s mouth and starts deep throating.

“Uuh uuh...” Ye Qing’s tears and saliva keep flowing as he gags, making Ye Zhixuan feel good. Ye Zhixuan pats his youngest son’s head to praise him while the movement of his crotch seems to have no plans to slow down at all.

Ye Qun’s action is also becoming fiercer. Since he has to fuck this little thing till the younger pees, so why not enjoy a good one! Putting the legs of the little bitch under him on his shoulders so that the younger’s whole weight is concentrated on his anal hole that is being filled fully by Ye Ling, he starts thrusting freely!

Ye Ling gasps at the never before deepness making him feel so good, wooo, they are both good younger brothers!

“Ngh ah~ So deep... Too deep, it’s so good, uuh uuh... Coming, ahhh, I’m coming~”

After the weak Ye Qing comes, he falls even more weakly on Ye Ling, which also makes it more convenient for Ye Qun to move.

Suddenly, there is a “pa” sound of a big palm slapping on the ass, “Keep licking, little bitch.” “Mmh mmh... Uuh~” Ye Qing obediently continues to please the meat rod in his mouth using his tongue and slowly, his little ass starts shaking again...

But somehow when Ye Qing isn’t aware, Ye Qun’s hand has grasped and is stroking Ye Qing’s little dick, forcing the little thing that has just came to stand up.

“Uuh uuh...” Ye Qing can’t speaking with the big thing in his mouth and can only shake his head furiously with tears in his eyes: No more, Qun-gege~ I can’t come anymore~ Uuh uuh...

Ye Qun sees Ye Qing’s meat rod standing up again, then let go to continue his ruthless fucking. Pulling his dick out completely and thrusting it back in completely each time, the tip of his huge dick toys with the pussy over and over again, making the soft pussy flesh so red it looks like it’s about to bleed.

“Uuh uuh!” Ye Qing’s scream is completely blocked in his throat by Ye Zhixuan’s big thing. He shakes his head vigorously. He really doesn’t want it anymore. He can’t come anymore!!

Ye Qun presses Ye Qing down firmly. As though wanting to pierce through Ye Qing, he fucks passed the younger’s clit each time. Ye Qing can’t even moan and can only work hard to lick the thing in his mouth, stimulating Ye Zhixuan so much that he is starting to thrust into Ye Qing’s mouth madly while Ye Ling idly presses Ye Qing’s waist in place and enjoys the pleasure his meat rod is getting from the clenching of the pussy.

“Uuh...” Ye Qing is fucked till he climaxed again, but he can’t come anymore. Yet, Ye Qun doesn’t let him off. He holds Ye Qing’s climaxing dick and strokes quickly, making the little thing so hard it’s about to burst and after trembling a few times, a yellowish liquid spurts out... The smell of urine in the air makes Ye Qing cry more fiercely, uuh uuh, he is already fucked loose and now, he peed from the fucking. Qun-gege definitely dislike Qing Qing even more now... Uuh uuh uuh. Ye Qun breathes a sigh of relief, finally, Ye Qing peed... Ye Qun is still hard and he can finally concentrate on enjoying, so he starts fucking again.

And the ashamed Ye Qing’s face is so red it’s about to explode. Not only is he fucked by his father and brothers, he also peed from the fucking!

The little sex slave who doesn’t know who is at fault only wants to get into Daddy’s arms, but the two meat rods under him are fixing him in place, so he can only lick Daddy’s big thing in his mouth to please it further...

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