Chapter 5
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[?BL!] This chapter contains incest and intersex.

#5 The Sex Slave’s Lesson – Learning Vulgar Words ~ You’ll be punished if you can’t learn it well

bitch=bitch bitch=female dog


On this day, Ye Zhixuan goes to attend a dinner so only his three sons are at home.

The studious Ye Ling is focused on watching the GV on the screen to find a new posture so that he can enjoy the little sex slave at home better.

“Tsk,” He disapproves, these postures aren’t as exciting as those we use.

Um... Although these postures are old and these two actors don’t look too handsome, there are some takeaways from this film...

Curving up the corner of the mouth, Ye Ling goes to the study room first and takes out the ruler the little bitch has seen since younger. Then he waves at the little bitch nestling in Ye Qun’s arms in the living room watching the TV: “Qing Qing, come here. There’s something I want you to see.”

Ye Qing hears his elder brother’s call, purses his red lips and kisses Ye Qun’s chin, carefully letting the meat rod inserted in his pussy to slip out, then runs to his big brother.

Ye Qun isn’t angry. He isn’t hard, just inserting his dick inside out of habit and enjoying family time hugging his naked younger brother. With his lower body away from the warm source at this time, he isn’t very bothered by it.

Ye Ling opens his arms and steadily catches the little thing who threw himself at him and let the younger sit down on his lap, kissing the little face again and again. The little bitch takes the initiative to seek kisses too. Finally enough with kissing, Ye Ling turns the clinging little thing to face the screen and plays the video: “Watch properly and study hard, my little baby.” Then he places another peck on Ye Qing’s lip.

“Nn~ Gege, kiss me again~ Gege haven’t eat Qing Qing’s tongue yet...” Ye Qing pesters, even sticking out his tender tongue to seduce Ye Ling.

“Ah, hubby put your *** in, fuck **, fuck *** to death”

“***, I’m going fuck you this *** to death”


Ye Qing, who is busy pestering Ye Ling, blushes when he hears the sudden high-pitched moans. At this time, the video has reached its climax. The strong man is enjoying it as he fucks the boy, who looks like a college student, under him, obscene words coming non-stop from them.

Ye Qing is so embarrassed that his ears are red as he quickly covers them with his hands. Although he has been pleased by his father and brother since young, his family has received good education and pays great attention to their speech and manners. They will at most call him little bitch, dirty and other things. When has he ever hear such vulgar words?

Yet, Ye Ling refuses to let Ye Qing go easily. He pulls Ye Qing’s small hand and says in the younger’s ear, “Learn seriously. If not, you’ll be punished .” Saying that, he waves the ruler in his hand.

Ye Qing was already frightened when he saw the ruler from his father’s study room. At this time, the “whoosh” sound of the ruler slicing the air makes him stare closely at it in fear.

When the video finally ends, Ye Ling asks if Ye Qing has learned the skills while carrying the naked boy to the clean table top, looking down at the younger.

“Okay, Gege is going to check your homework. I’ll hit you wherever you answer wrongly. Qing Qing needs to take this seriously.”

Ye Qun has also came over to look at what his big brother is up to.

Using the ruler, Ye Ling plays with Ye Qing’s nipples: “What’s this called?”

Ye Qing’s nipples harden almost immediately, and he softly says, “Chest...”

“Cough cough!” Ye Qun almost choked to death by his own saliva. That’s... That’s acting cute, right? How unfair...

The eldest brother frowns discontentedly, teasing the two red fruits a few times times until they are trembling “Wrong! Since it’s the first time, I’ll give you another chance, and louder!” “What’s this!”

“Nipples, uuh uuh, it’s Qing Qing’s nipples...”
(note: he’s using the scientific chinese term for it, ru tou))

Without hesitation, the sharp ruler slaps on Ye Qing’s left nipple, causing Ye Qing to scream badly, although the small fruit is standing even harder.

Ye Ling points the ruler at the right nipple: “What exactly is it called? Didn’t you study carefully just now?”

The pain on his chest makes Ye Qing no longer bother being shy, loudly answering: “It’s my nipple. Gege hit my left nipple just now...”
(note: the vulgar version, nai tou)

Ye Ling nods, the ruler in his hand not slapping Ye Qing’s nipple again. “Then who did Gege fuck in bed?”

“It’s Qing Qing~” Ye Qing cocks his head in confusion.

“Pft!” Ye Qun, who is watching at the side, can’t help laughing, this little thing...

Ye Ling is also holding up the ruler, unsure to cry or laugh, and finally suppressing his laughter, the ruler slaps in the inside of Ye Qing’s thigh, “Who exactly did I fuck!”

“Ah!! Uuh uuh... It’s little bitch, “Ye Qing blurts out and hurriedly corrects,” Gege fucked the bitch and the sex slave... Don’t hit anymore uuh uuh...”

Ye Ling takes away the hand between Ye Qing’s legs and uses the ruler to spread open the younger’s pussy lips, playing with the clit and pussy. “What’s this place?”

“Vag... Pussy! This is the pussy Gege fucks... Uuh uuh”

Ye Ling raises his eyebrows, and Ye Qun looks surprised too: Such a fast answer? Looks like this little thing is really afraid of the ruler.

He turns to insert the ruler into Ye Qing’s anal hole and teases, “What about here?”

“Ngh ah~ More...” The little slave moans sweetly, “This is my slutty hole too~”

The gentle ruler just now suddenly slaps his anal hole fiercely, so painful Ye Qing’s whole body jerks up then gets pressed down by the man staring closely at him. “Last chance!”

“Uuh uuh, it hurts, it’s, it’s my butt hole...”

Still not satisfied with the answer, Ye Ling raises the ruler and slaps it down again. This time, not only the anal hole, but Ye Qing’s pussy also got hit.

“Ah!!” Ye Qing screams in pain, “Don’t hit my pussy ah~ I didn’t answer that wrongly... Uuh uuh, I know now, the thing, the thing behind is my asshole ah~”

Ye Ling stops pretty quickly when he hears the answer, appreciating the little beauty’s tearful face and switching to touch Ye Qing’s meat rod instead...

“It’s my cock! Daddy and Gege use their cock to fuck my pussy and asshole every day~” Ye Qing quickly shouts out the answer in fear of getting hit again.

“...” Ye Ling is speechless. He’s so obedient, but I still wanted to hit him.

So he raises the ruler again, and this time he turns to hit Ye Qing’s sensitive spot. While hiting, he scolds, “Did I ask you, ha?! I’m hitting you because you’re not a good boy...”

Ye Qing feels so wronged that he is getting hit and rolls about on the table as he gets hit, crying, “Qing... Little bitch isn’t wrong! Ah! It’s cock, I get fuck in my pussy and asshole by cocks everyday... Uuh uuh, it hurts! Little... slutty bitch is wrong, I beg Gege to let my pussy and small cock off... It hurts, uuh uuh, I’m dying~” But too bad his courage soon disappears after getting hit by the ruler...

“What are you all doing?” Ye Zhixuan, who returned without anyone knowing, stands at the door and asks his sons calmly.

Ye Qing seems to have seen his savior, struggling to get down the table, crying as he throws himself into his Daddy’s arms. Ye Zhixuan quickly catches Ye Qing and kisses his son loving. Before he asks, he hears the boy in his arms complaining: “Daddy~ Save me, uuh uuh, Gege hit my pussy till it’s swollen, so painful~ Uuh uuh... My small cock hurts badly too...”

Ye Zhixuan: “...!??”

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