Chapter 2 Part 2
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Rebirth – First Class Magician Chapter 2 – 2

The youngster retracts his gaze and throws the carcass on the ground in disgust. The spasms in his stomach becomes increasingly intolerable as he stumbles towards the forest beyond the graveyard.

Bouts of pain tortures his stomach as the two forces fought, making him nauseous, as though the liquid is the main culprit behind the discomfort.


However, unwilling to waste a single drop of the consumed blood, the youngster chose to bite down hard on his lower lip to resist the temptation of throwing up.

Yet, this decision results in the pain spreading, as though the blood has flowed from his stomach to other parts of his body.

In fear of leaving behind a blood trail, he presses on his bleeding wrist tightly as he runs, his thighs shaking uncontrollably in the midst of it.

Although the road to the forest is not long, the youngster took a considerable amount of time just to get there.

The large canopies shield off the moonlight, leaving the forest shrouded in complete darkness. Seemingly adding to the mysterious aura of the forest, weird calls emerge from its depths from time to time.

Despite that, the youngster enters without any second thoughts, convinced that the escaped grave keeper had went to call for help. He knows that if he were to continue to dilly dally, he will be put into a dangerous situation!

To his surprise, his vision is not in the least impaired, despite the desertion of the moonlight which left him besieged by darkness. The grains on the tree trunks and even the scuttles of a mouse from afar fail to escape his sight.

It is as though the darkness is where he truly belongs...

With his vision fully intact, the youngster quickens his pace and stumbles deeper into the forest.

Nonetheless, his physical condition worsens with every passing second. His calves start to cramp up and an acute headache tortures him, leaving him feeling as through the two aggressive forces within him are on the verge of tearing his soul apart, putting him at risk of fainting before he could find an acceptable hiding spot.

The youngster stops and his azure eyes calmly combs the area.

Staring into the depths of the forest, he notices the forest gradually getting sparser, thus eliminating any possible hiding spots for him.

In his current location, other than a glimmer of light, there is no...

The tree tops!

He instantly raises his head to look at the trees, which have a towering height exceeding that of ten meters, and their dense bushes of branches and leaves. Without much consideration, the youngster approaches the nearest tree.

Although he is uncertain of whether he is capable of climbing it, judging from the speed he managed to pounce towards the grave keeper at, he figures that it is worth a try.

From a distance of two meters away from the trunk, he leaps into the air, adjusting his position flexibly in the air. He clenches his jaw to endure the spasms of pain in his calves that nearly caused him to fall.


The youngster’s fingernails sink into the tree bark while his limbs tightly encircle the tree trunk.

He stiffens and inclines his head downwards to glimpse at the sight beneath him. As a shiver runs down his spine, the youngster immediately turns his gaze towards the tree tops.

The youngster waits for the pain in his leg to subside slightly before he adjusting his position steadily.

Nevertheless, the torment in his wrists continue to intensify along with an emerging searing pain in his shoulder blades.

The youngster arches his back, swiftly pulls out his fingers from the tree trunk and forcefully leaps upwards through exerting force on his both legs before stabbing it back into tree trunk at his new location.

The sound of the piercing of the tree bark echoes throughout the forest. In contrast to the thick tree trunk, the youngster’s slender body seems unusually thin. Due to overexertion of his wrist, blood constantly gushes out from there, flowing along his arm and into his shirt.


The rustling sounds of the leaves are relentless as their sharp edges mercilessly cuts on the face of the youngster. Blood droplets ooze out from the narrow cuts and swiftly slides down his face before he could wipe them off.

Further advancing a few meters upwards, he finally finds a suitable tree branch which has a thick shroud of leaves that would be a valuable aid in concealing his body.

Settling on the branch, the youngster purses his lips and stretches out his head to look at the ground from the gaps between tree leaves. He hooks his fingers onto the tree bark for support, fearing that he might fall.

It should be safe now, right?

As his tensed nerves start to relax, pain, along with cramps, sweep over his body. At this point, trying to keep his body tensed does little to alleviate the pain.

All the blood in his body seemed to be boiling from the heat of the battle between the two large opposing forces in his body.

As he crouches on the tree branch, telangiectasia branches out on his face under his messy hair and a soft glow glimmers from his pores, his alluring face seems exceptionally peculiar under the soft lighting.

Nonetheless, the redness fades quickly from the youngster’s face. Instead, the legs dangling from the branch starts to stretch out. At the same time, his clothes tightens on him and his child-like features gradually vanish.


Every bone in his body feels as though they are crushed by a rolling mill. Wave after wave massive force seems to be pounding on the sphenoid bone in his scapular, the depths of his eyes darkening gradually with every single blow.


All of a sudden, a ball of white light exploded out of his pores, blinding his eyes temporarily, bringing the massive pain in his body away with it.

Consciousness gradually leaves him, eventually losing himself in the white light.

A blurry figure slowly emerges from the blinding light, but its presence did not sustain for long.

Following closely behind is the creeping of a thick and rich blood mist, which quickly devours the white light, completely tainting it...

The icy white light, overwhelmed by the surrounding blood mist, dissipates into the night sky.

A silent darkness once again shrouds the canopy.

In the shadows, the youngster’s figure shrinks bit by bit and the medieval aristocratic dressing on him becomes fitting once more. Unconscious, he is completely unaware of the events that just occurred.

The telangiectasia once again attacked his face in an even fiercer frequency than before, even reaching into his collar, dominantly proclaiming its sovereignty, as if this is its territory.