Chapter 10
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“This customer, what weapon are you looking for? Or maybe some defensive equipment? Or perhaps spiritual tools?” The clerk’s eyes lit up when she saw Feng Zhijiu.

‘What an outworldly look this girl has. She must be someone with a great background. I must serve her carefully.’

After thinking, the clerk’s eyes flashed with determination to make a lot of money. She didn’t know that Feng Zhijiu was a poor girl with no money but infinite treasures. Feng Zhijiu looked at the enthusiastic attitude of the clerk and felt a little better. She looked around and asked about the price.

She pointed to a basic middle grade sword on display. The best weapon out there. “How much is this?”

The clerk’s eyes brightened up, and she quickly replied. “Customer, this sword is made by a second-level weapon master. It is very sharp and made of cold steel. It emits cold air when unsheathed. It has a cool design and a flexible handle. The price is only five hundred low-grade spirit stones.”

She frowned upon hearing this. She lowered her eyes and thought about it.

‘Hmm… how much is the low-grade spirit stone? Wait a moment. Let me ask her how much this is.’

She took out a white long sword and the whole sword exuded an icy aura. There is a long ice pattern on the scabbard. When the sword is drawn, several formations are engraved on it.

This sword was something she made when she was bored. She takes the millennium eternal glacial ice as its core and melts with the crystal stone. Thus the white color and ice appeared around the blade.

The clerk’s eyes widened, startled. She didn’t know the other party’s reaction, so she pulled the sword out of the scabbard. The moment the sword came out of the scabbard, the surrounding air became very cold and ice flowers began to form inside the shop. The clerk came back to her senses and quickly stopped her.

“Customer, please put the sword back in the sheath!” Her voice sounded urgent, and she even took a few steps back from Feng Zhijiu.

“Huh?” Feng Zhijiu was taken aback by her voice and put the sword into the scabbard. She looked at the clerk, waiting for her to speak. Seeing that look, she calmed down and spoke quickly.

“Customer, please wait a moment. About your sword, I need to inform our master. Please come with me.” The clerk motioned Feng Zhijiu to follow her in.

“Alright.” She waited in a spacious and elegant room under the guidance of the clerk. It looks like some rich noble house. The furniture also looks very noble and the atmosphere feels calm and relaxing.

“Customer, please enjoy the snack and tea here for a while.” The clerk gestured to the maids nearby, and the maids quickly arranged some snacks and a cup of spiritual tea.

“Then I’ll inform our master, please excuse me.” She nodded and the clerk quickly left the room. While waiting, she drank the spirit tea and her eyes lit up.

Eh? This tea tastes like tea in my world. I didn’t know they had tea here either. Now I can enjoy my old hobbies again. What a blessing.’

She drank tea happily and waited. Not long after she finished her tea, the door opened and the clerk walked in, followed by a middle-aged man. The middle-aged man walked quickly and when he saw her, he clasped his fists and bowed respectfully.

“Excuse me, does this young lady want a weapon appraisal?” His tone was polite, but she could hear a bit of urgency in his tone. She got up from her seat and greeted him.

“I don’t need an appraisal, but I just need to know what the price of this weapon is.”

She told him calmly and the middle-aged man looked surprised. He immediately calmed down and nodded.

“I see. Then, can this old man see the weapon?” He asked again.

She nodded and showed the sword to him. When he saw the sword, he couldn’t react for several minutes. Immediately afterwards, he took the sword from her hand and pulled it out of the scabbard. The same thing happened again and his shock was palpable.

The middle-aged man took back the sword and said, “Excuse me, who is the maker of this weapon?”

She didn’t answer, but asked a question instead. “So, what’s the price of this sword?”

Seeing that she refused to tell him the maker of the sword, he gently placed the sword on the table. Then he looked at her and answered her.

“If the old man’s judgment is correct, this sword has at least at the Spirit Stage, high-grade, and level two. Only weapons masters above the eighth-grade can refine this sword. I am afraid that this sword cannot be given a value. If we insist on the price, it may be around four hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones. “

She opened her mouth wide, unable to believe that the practice items had such a high value. The middle-aged man looked at her reaction and said, “If the young lady is not in a hurry to earn spirit stones, this old man can help you register this sword in the Prosperity Auction Hall.”

She is an introvert. So just imagine the crowd, she already felt dizzy. She wanted to refuse, but before she could speak, the middle-aged man said, “We can also register it under the Brilliant Palace’s name, so that young lady doesn’t have to worry about others asking. What does the young lady think?”

‘So what payment would he ask for? This proposal… He won’t do it without any profit.’

“What’s the payment for the Brilliant Palace then?” She observed the middle-aged man’s face, and saw a flash of surprise in his eyes.

He chuckled. “How about 1% of the net profit as a handling fee? The young lady can tell us the material cost and skill fee first, and then determine the minimum profit that young lady wants. We will negotiate with Prosperity Auction Hall based on the young lady’s price. “

She agreed, and the two signed an agreement. The middle-aged man handed one document to her and kept the other.

He smiled so brightly and said, “This old man is called Xu Lao, everyone calls me Manager Xu. What should I call the young lady?”

“My name is Su Xing, and Manager Xu can just follow our agreement. I’ll come over in a while to get the money.” Manager Xu nodded and politely sent her out.

After coming out of the Brilliant Palace, it was already dark. She did not go to the inn, but walked out of Green Hill Village and walked towards a vast grassland at the village’s outskirts.


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