Chapter 11
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At the same time, in the floating palace. Ice Jade Palace.

In the center of the huge crystal room, Xie Yuya sat on the only low white jade platform in the center of the crystal room. The huge room was empty, but the design of the room seemed to come from a heavenly palace.

There was no expression on his handsome face. His ice blue clothes are very similar to the blue clothes Feng Zhijiu wore when she came out of space. The air in the room was cold and the temperature was very low. If someone opened the door and walked into the room, they would freeze in a split second. The spiritual energy of his whole body is spinning rapidly, forming a vortex. After an hour, he opened his eyes.

He was not moving for a long time, a jade token flashed inside his space. He took out the shiny jade token and tapped the words engraved on it. It’s a “Jade” word. As soon as he tapped the word, Yu Yi’s voice came from the jade token.

“Speak.” Xie Yuya’s voice was emotionless and cold. In the next second, he can hear Yu Yi’s report.

“My Lord, the mistress has left the dark forest. When this subordinate arrived, the mistress had already left. This subordinate investigated all the way and found out that the mistress was walking with five other people, two of them were women and the other three were men.” Yuyi reported it clearly, and then waited for Xie Yuya to speak.

Xie Yuya clenched the hand holding the jade token, and the jade token shattered and turned into ashes.

‘Traveling with other men? Three of them? Looks like my wife has a lot of rotten peach blossoms.’

He sneered, the corners of his lips raised, but his eyes were full of murderous intent. Another jade token shined again, and Xie Yuya took it out of his space. “Continue.”

His voice was still emotionless, but now there was a fierce light in his eyes, and murderous intent was also ruled out from his body.

Yu Yi continued to report. “Today, this subordinate went to Green Hill Village and saw the mistress coming out and leaving the village. The mistress was walking to the open grass on the outskirts of Green Hill Village. This subordinate did not follow since the mistress is very sensitive to the fluctuation of spiritual energy.”

Yu Yi finished the report and waited for his master’s next order. Xie Yuya didn’t speak for a while, and there was only silence in the air.

‘My Lord must be angry. Should I report about my mistress and that guy named Fei Yun? If I don’t report it, the Lord will know later, and my head will be gone.’

Yu Yi bit the bullet and said, “My Lord…”

He hesitated whether to speak and Xie Yuya frowned upon hearing this. “Speak.”

Yu Yi quickly said, “Today at noon, the five people came to Green Hill Village, and the mistress handed a bunch of peaches and a small jade bottle to a man named Fei Yun, and they looked very close.”

Before Yu Yi finished his last sentence, the interior of the crystal room was already full of cracks, and the interior was severely damaged. This time, Xie Yuya’s aura circled the room crazily, and everything it touched was destroyed.

Yu Yi heard the commotions and quickly appeased his Master. “My Lord, please calm down!”

Xie Yuya’s low voice could be heard, which was full of anger. “Shut up.”

Yu Yi panicked and could only shut up, not daring to say another word. After a long time, Xie Yuya’s aura calmed down, and he said, “Continue to protect her from a distance, and never let flies approach her again. this Lord will go there personally.”

Yu Yi quickly reminded his Master. “My Lord, the mistress seems to be very afraid of my Lord’s aura. If my Lord comes, the mistress will hide again. We don’t know how long the mistress will hide this time. Please reconsider, my Lord!”

Xie Yuya was silent for a moment, and after a few minutes, he said, “Do as you instructed.”

After that, he crushed the jade token. He flicked his fingers and the room returned to perfect condition.

‘My wife easily attracts flies and bugs. I need to clean up those pests myself.’

He stood up and a void opened in front of him. Xie Yuya put his hands behind his back and slowly walked into the void. After he walked in, the void disappeared and the crystal room fell into silence.

At the meadow located at the outskirts of Green Hill Village.

Feng Zhijiu walked slowly while admiring the night wind and night scenery. The vast grass is covered with green grass and countless flowers bloom. The colorful flowers emit a faint glow under the moonlight, just like the fantasy flowers in the game. The moon hung high in the sky, and sometimes a large cloud passed by and hid the moon. The stars spread like a sea of glittering jewels.

She walked down the dirt road, hummed softly, and looked around. Sometimes she looked up at the sky as she walked and her eyes sparkled when she saw the majestic scenery. She didn’t know there was a group of shadow guards behind her.

Yu Er looked at her leisurely pace and couldn’t help but comment. “The mistress looks so carefree and happy. What will she do if she knows that the Lord is coming soon?”

Yu Er shuddered just imagining his master’s cold eyes.

Yu Yi gave him a warning look and said, “You better shut up or I’ll make you shut up forever.”

Yu Er shut up, but couldn’t help fidgeting as if he wanted to say a lot but couldn’t say it. This kind of feeling is worse than death.

Yu Yi and the other shadow guards ignored him and focused on their happy mistress. After tailing for another half an hour, they suddenly widened their eyes. Their Lord was sitting on the ground, leaning against the boulder, full of wounds! Their eyes must be wrong, right?!

Feng Zhijiu was still walking leisurely when she suddenly heard someone groaning not far away.


She followed the voice and saw a super handsome man sitting on the ground, leaning weakly against a boulder. When her eyes fell on the man, she couldn’t help being surprised.

This man has sharp and perfect eyebrows. His hair was tied up and the rest of it was scattered behind him. He wears a golden jade hair crown, and a golden hairpin. The hair was as black as the night sky, and looked as smooth as silk. There was a crimson lightning mark between his eyebrows, so red as if blood was dripping.

Even with his eyes closed, his high nose bridge and his rosy and sexy lips still make her stunned. His body proportions are perfect with muscle at the right location, and she estimates he is over 180cm tall. Strangely, the man was wearing ice blue clothes, similar in style to hers and it looks like a couple’s outfit.

She couldn’t imagine what he looked like when he opened his eyes. This official hardcore face dog ​​Feng Zhijiu could swear that this injured man was the most handsome man she had ever seen. After the initial surprise when she saw the injured man, she still hasn’t recovered her senses after a long time.

Xie Yuya : ‘My wife… Why are you standing there? Your husband can’t act anymore. Quickly come and save your husband’s life.’

Yu Yi : ‘My Lord… this move of yours… is too shameless!!’

Yu Er : ‘This is so exciting ah!’ *eat melon seeds*

Other shadow guard : ‘….. We will take this secret to our grave.’


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