Gravity toppled the Round Mountain
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-After school-

There was a reason that I met Kasumi and Arisa. I needed their help for the meeting of band at circle. After I talked about about it, Kasumi eyes sparkled and agreed quickly, even Arisa seemed interested after I showed it to her. Of course, they need to talk with the other Poppin' Party members first.

There was  nothing interesting thing happened at school beside my preparation for the bands meeting at Circle. Well except for Hiratsuka sensei scolding me because of me doing my preparation at class anyways.

I looked at the address of the C.E. Talent agency that I got from Marina. It was  where the last band Pastel*Palettes was located. Marina already made appointment with them and I heard they gave a positive response to it.

I also did a simple search about their band. From what I got, Pastel*Palettes was an Idol band which consisted of five young girls. I already met three of them. Hina Hikawa, twin sister of Sayo Hikawa from Roselia, Eve Wakamiya, a foreigner from Finland which had a big obsession toward Japanese culture and Maya Yamato, a glasses girl who was an equipment otaku. I kept in contact with them after our meeting and already asked them for help convincing their agency to participate in Circle event. With the response from Marina, I thought it was effective.

They have a costume with style combination of magical girl like outfit and cute lolita dresses with pastel theme colors (pink (Aya Maruyama), blue (Hina Hikawa), green (Maya Yamato), purple (Eve Wakamiya), and yellow (Shirasagi Chisato)).

Their main selling point were as an Idol who can sing and play their instrument. It was a fresh idea for idol otaku. Sadly though, on their debut, an unfortunate accident happened which make the group almost disbanded after their first live. At first, everyone though that's it for them.

Thankfully in their second live, they made a comeback which garnered them a lot of fans. Some still skeptical though about it, but their popularity was steadily rising since that time.

While recalling information about them, I arrived at the talent agency. I can see the company building with the logo of an Egg. I stated my business to the reception and was told to wait for a while. Then a guy with a suit approached me.

He was quite tall for a Japanese man. He had a good posture which made me think he trained his body quite well. The one that catch my attention was the bag under his eyes. Did he get enough sleep?

"Nice to meet you,are you the one from Circle Live house? my name is Hajime Kogyoshu" He was one of the staff here and had quite the high position it seemed.

We introduced ourselves to one another and made some small talk. He told me to follow him and gave me a tour to the building. There were a lot of camera in the building signifying the security of this place. Idol had a lot of crazy fans after all. Even I who didn't know much about idol heard about it.

I asked him about their response about our invitation to one of their idol group.

"I already heard about the event and it seemed the members are also enthusiastic to participate." Kogyoshu told me while smiling and scratching his ear.

"So does that mean the agency give permission for Pastel*Palettes to attend our events?" I asked for confirmation from him.

"Of course, but our manager wanted to finalize the contract and have a talk with you first about the do and don't for Pastel*Palettes" He said to me

I sighed in relief, I guess no problem happened this time. Idol had strict regulation, maybe they wanted to tell me what we can and can't the band do in our event.

"So will we met him now?" I asked him


"...uhm, excuse me?" I asked him again

"Ah, I am sorry. I am quite tired these day because of overtime. The manager is still in meeting right now. How about talking with the girls to pass the time. You already know them right? You can also explain the event to them" He told me with troubled smile.

".... Sure" I paused momentarily before agreeing.

While giving me some information about the C.E. agency, we approached the room that the group used to practice. Sound of music can be heard coming from it. Kogyoushu knocked on the door and open it lightly.  I saw five girls playing a song after entering. It seemed they didn't hear the knock.

The room was quite big.  I remember seeing similar room in a theater group in England in the past. The floor was so smooth, we can see our reflection on it. on one side of the wall, there was a long mirror. It was used so that artist can see the mistake they made in their action when they performed.

The five girls concentrated on their performance and seemed to not notice our presence entering the room. We didn't want to disturb their practice so we wait while looking at them in silence. I was also interested on how well can they play.

"Okay lets start it again, No more mistake this time Aya chan" The girl with blonde hair talked to the one with pink hair.

"..uhm" Aya nodded and closed her eyes

"lets start"

*Shuwarin*Dream~in start* (full song) (MV)

"Shuwa~Shuwa~ please tell me the name of these feeling that feel like bubbles about to burst~♪" The Vocalist Aya start with the opening and the music support her voice

"I know that you know~♪"

"Shuwa~Shuwa~ Dream~ Dreaming~♪" ""YAY""

The opening voice done by the vocal and the support from all of the member made a good start for the music. I can see that they really were putting their all on it.

Some of them still rough around the edge with their instrument. From what I see from their move, maybe its about few month since they were learning it.

Their vocalist Aya didn't play any instrument however she moved around while singing. She showed some cute pose while not losing the smile on her face. It really suit and idol which trademark was their smile.

Singing on itself is hard but doing it while moving and not losing control of your voice is quite difficult because you need to manage your breath while also doing and remembering some difficult movement.

I already heard the song before when looking information about the band. It was their first song titled Shuwarin*Dream. they used it in their debut. It had cute melodies and tone befitting an Idol song.

But while hearing it, there was this one question that stuck in my mind since the first time.

"While looking after your favorite glass~♪"

(Why did an idol...)

"I pour you a drink (Cha~Cha~)...~♪"

(have a song...)

"To refresh you (Cha~Cha~)~♪ With bubbling cider (so fun! r~un r~un)~♪"

(about beer as their debut!!???) I retorted in my mind. Seriously! was I the only one who wondering about that?

"This taste is the color of happiness, making me smile~♪ " You were underage Aya.

Isn't it better  to have something cuter as a theme for their first song?

"So when it flies (Pyon!Pyon!)~♪ to the sky (Pyon!Pyon!)~♪"

Its not like the music was bad. Even I feel the cute feeling and voice from them when I heard this song. But when you are looking for the meaning of the lyric after curiosity got hold of you.

Wait! the song was about beer all along?

Always has been and get shot on the back of your head because of how surprised you are.

While thinking something like that, the girls of Pastel*Palettes continued their song. While I observed them one of them see us from the corner of their eyes.

Hina noticing me, wink at me while not losing her concentration at the song. I give a small wave while smiling lightly at her. With her action the others also noticed us but their focus were still on the song.

I observe their vocalist closely, she still sang the song while moving around. Didn't  she know about the lyric I wonder. It seemed Aya  noticed me focusing on her. She also winked at me while doing a peace sign and smiling cutely.

I winked at her back in response giving her my best smile.

"...ehh*slip*" maybe because of my unexpected action her face became red. she lost control of her balance while doing a spin and slipped on the floor. Her face approached the floor on high speed.

"uwaa*bam*" The sound of her falling flat on the floor face first resounded throughout the room.

*sweatdrop* (that was definitely not my fault)

No sound was heard after that. All people looked at the girl who fell on the floor with a surprised face.

"I-is she okay?" I mutter quietly destroying the silence in the room.