Ultimate Idol Pose
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Kogyoshu left us telling me that he had some other business to attend. He said that he will message one of the girl when the manager was available.

The girls decided to rest.

I looked at the member of Pastel*Palettes who were taking care of Aya. She looked fine even after that fall except for her nose which became a bit red.

"Geez, Aya how can you fall like that nearing the end?" The girl with blonde hair which I assumed to be Shirasagi Chisato said that while checking Aya's face for injury. Maybe because it was practice. All of the girls were wearing something easy to move in unlike the costume they wore in their performance.

Chisato was wearing Green training pants with a simple brown shirt but it can't hide her beauty. Before joining Pastel*Palettes, she was known as a popular child actress. From all of the members, Chisato was the one with the most experience in the entertainment industry.

"hehe, it really takes skill to make a fall like that Aya. Definitely Boppin'" Hina looked amused looking at Aya mistake.

Hina wore a shirt with the same color as her hair with a dark blue short hot pants and black stocking showing her healthy leg. She came to Pastel*Palettes after passing the audition for member easily. Her cheerful and sometimes unexpected action garner her a lot of fans as an idol.

"What do you mean! It was not intentional "Aya retorted to Hina's remark about her with tear in her eyes.

Aya had a pink hair done in a cute twin pig tails. She wore a cute polkadot shirt with a heart symbol on the front and a long pants the same colour with her hair. She was the only one that came from this agency starting as a trainee Idol before becoming vocalist of Pastel*Palettes. From what I saw from her past performance, She was very cheerful, high-spirited, and bubbly girl. ahh and also put clumsy in that.

"Don't worry Aya, it is part of your charm. I don't thinks its a problem" Eve tried to console her.

Eve was wearing a stripped gray shirt showing her bare shoulder and a bit of her navel with a white short pants. She was a model before becoming a Pastel*Palettes member. She was also the tallest one from all of them maybe because she was a foreigner.

"Yeah, even the fans are saying "I wonder what kind of mistake will Aya made today"" Maya also gave some piece of her mind trying to console Aya.

Maya was wearing a simple shirt with a skull logo on the front and simple green pants. Unlike her usual self she didn't wore her glasses and use contact. it made a different impression from her usual self. Her fans said her story was like a Cinderella. Because she was recruited, when she was working as a studio staff when working on repairing the studio equipment.

"That is not helping at all! uhhh... all of you are so mean" Aya said with tear on her eyes.

"I don't think its bad to make an impression as a clumsy character to your fans" I interjected on their conversation.

"*hiks* ah you are the one who was with Kogyoushu" She shifted her attention to me.

"ah, Elliot long time no see" Maya greeted me continued by Eve and Hina

"Ah you are the one who are coming with the staff? Do you have some business with us?" Chisato said. it seemed all of their attention on me now.

"Are you the one Hina, Eve, and Maya talked about recently" Aya who already recovered from their teasing asked me curiously.

" I don't know if it really is, but I am the one who gave information and invited your group to play in the Circle Events to those three" I told them truthfully.

"Then It is, those three talk about you a lot recently" Aya confirmed it

"Aya maybe you need to introduce yourself first" Chisato said from beside her

"ah, sorry. I'm Pastel*Palettes Vocalist  Maruyama Aya, always vibrant with shining color" She said that while winking and pointing finger gun at me. It was quite weird but strangely refreshing way of introduction.

"Gezz, Aya he is not our fans, don't use those pose like its normal. I heard a lot about you, My name is Shirasagi Chisato, Bassist of Pastel*Palettes. Nice to meet you Artel." Unlike Aya, Chisato introduction sounded more formal.

"Nice too meet you, Aya, Chi-... Shirasagi" I called them on their name in exchange. I changed how I address Chisato halfway when I noticed her expression changed a bit. It seemed she was the same type as Sayo and Yukina. The type of people that was hard to approach.

"Does that mean our agency already accepted the invitation?" Chisato asked for confirmation.

"That's right, I just need the confirmation from the manager. I heard all of you put on  good words for me. Thanks" I gave my gratitude while bowing.

"Don't mention it Master. We really are interested in the event"

uhm Eve. Did you still insist on calling me that?

"Hehe, Its looks like a fun events and sis band also participate right? I can't wait to stand in the same stage as hers" Her eyes sparkled imagining it. I didn't know if Sayo will share the same feeling thought.

"Well, we also need to arrange our schedule so, we should discuss about it later. can you explain the detail of the events to us?"

"Sure, Shirasagi"

After that I explained about Circle Events. They listened seriously while asking some question. The only hard thing was managing their schedule with their work as an Idol. But Chisato said not to worry because if the agency already accepted, they will do something about it.

After some time I finished explaining all of it. Then Aya asked me a question.

"Hey, Elliot. I heard you are also playing music. What do you think about our performance?"

"It was very good. I can see you put your best on it. There still some improvement that can be made. For example, If we talk about your vocal there still some part that you need to slow down a bit. It will be easier for you  to take a breath..." I explained to her

"hee, you really know your stuff"

"But, I can't give comment about the fall though" I said while chuckling at her.

"ehh. b-but it is partly your fault though. I-if you don't wink back, then I won't be surprised and lost my balance" she said tried to make some excuses.

"Then what should I do in that situation ?"I asked her with a teasing smile

"Y-you know, when an Idol wink at you shouldn't your heart go doki-doki and feeling bashful? I didn't expect you to wink back" She said feeling shy. Even she felt it was a lame excuse looking away when saying that.

"Aya, you really need to practice how to handle unexpected situation." Chisato was holding her head reprimanding Aya.


"Sorry, Sorry, But I didn't know much about this Idol things" Even in my last live I only know about Love live or maybe [email protected] because they were really popular. I didn't dig deep into these idol stuff.

"Don't worry Elliot. I also don't know much about this Idol stuff" Hina said from beside me

""No,no. You especially need to know about it"" All her friends said in Unison. Hina was kind of Loose Canon. She could do something unexpected out of blue.

"I think Hina is fine the way she is*yawn*" Maya was feeling drowsy. she scratch her eyes.

"Are you okay Maya?"Eve said feeling concerned.

"Now that I think about it, you looked tired. Did the practice hard for you?" I said to her.

"Ah, no no. Its just that yesterday, I got caught  repairing my headphone till late. It was so fun I got so caught in it huhehe. It is the YMX-2000  old version, I tried to tweak it a bit. Do you know that If you just change some part in the headphone the sound will be...." Before she can continue her explanation,  a slender hand  grabbed her shoulder from behind. She saw Chisato with a smile looking at her.

"C-Chisato t-that, Its just one day so..." Maya tried to make some excuse.

"There is a bag under your eyes, how about we fix it using foundation in the next room" Even though she said just that Maya saw it differently

Translation= Didn't I tell you to stop staying up late because its bad for your body.  You already used that excuse yesterday. We needed to talk about this in private.

"O-okay" Maya agreed to her fate

"I am sorry Elliot. I need to fix Maya's make-up in the next room."

Maya followed Chisato like a pig going to the butchery

"Chisato really strict about something like this"

"Well, Its already the third time for Maya though, She really need to stop staying up late. She almost fainted last week" Aya said toward Hina's remark

We left with three people in the studio.

"Now that I thought about it. Do each you have the same unique pose like Aya" I asked these three. It was the pose when she introduced herself.

"No way only Aya is doing that weird pose" Hina instantly denied it while smiling.

"Its not weird pose!? Its one of my best one and its very cute"

"(Wait, you mean there are other?)" I said retorting to her answer in my mind.

"Ah I have one. Aya have taught me once and I practiced at home"Eve said while raising her hand

"Eve..." Aya feeling touched that Eve really practiced what she taught. Then Eve asked for permission to demonstrate

"My heart is guided by Bushido! I'm Eve Wakamiya on Keyboard!" she did a spin, stopped  and  shouted in loud voice toward us. Well except unlike Aya pose which impose cuteness Eve pose was emitting manliness of a Samurai going to war. It was pose like the one I saw in Kabuki.

"..." I looked at Aya silently while Hina was laughing her ass off on the floor.

"N-no I never taught her that" She denied it vehemently shaking her head.

"(I was sure I taught her a cute pose)"Aya thought

Aya tried to fix Eve's pose.

"It is like this Eve... Spin, Cover your face like this, and bend your left knee... Ta-da☆" Aya showed another cute pose Correcting Eve pose

"Umm... like this, and then I... bushido?" The end result was still the same.

"No, no Bushido. Why do you always end up doing that?!" Tear started to form in her eyes

"The movement were so powerful, I could feel the bushido, Aya-san!" Aya already half given up. When I knew it,  Hina already stopped laughing and stood beside me. she looked amused looking at those two.

She looked to be in though and then there was a light bulb appearing on her head.

"Hey Elliot How about trying to make a pose for us?" she proposed some absurd ideas. Those two heard what she said

"eh, me?" I reflexively said

"Yeah... isn't man opinion important. Majority of our fans are male. I am sure he can think a good pose for us" She said even though she didn't know whether Elliot can do it or not.

"Ughh I can't refute that. But can you think of a new pose right now? It take a loot of time to make a pose"Aya already gave up on Eve pose and she seemed interested what kind of pose Elliot will made. 

"Well I can try. Do you have any request for the pose" I said to them. They looked surprised. It seemed they didn't though I will accept easily.

"I once work with a theater in England, I can think one or two  pose, I can even give some music for it" I asked them again what they want to put in the pose. Its important to determine the feeling behind it.

They were hesitating for a few second before giving some of their opinion to me.

" I want it to have the soul of Bushido" Eve give her input

So to put warrior like spirit into it. I took a note in my mind

"I didn't expect much. But I want the pose to express It is really about Aya" She said

The pose need to tell something about Aya. Another thing to take a note about.

"I don't have any request as long as its Boppin'" Hina said it nonchalantly.

"(I am sorry but your request was the hardest one)" It was like asking your girlfriend where to eat and she said its up to you.

I tried to combine their request. So a pose that had Bushido spirit expressing aya's character with a bit Boppin'. I thought about it for a few minutes.

"ah..I think with that its done " It was easier than i thought. I pull out my smartphone.

"" eh..really""  They looked surprised because I made it so quickly

"Yeah I even had music to accompany the pose in my phone" I looked around the room and found some prop to help the pose.

"Well how about we start?..." I explain to them about the pose

~A few moments later~

"Maya please don't stay up late again."Chisato reprimanded Maya again after lecturing her in the make up room

"Allright. But the foundation that you give me really feel good on the skin Chisato"

"You can take it, I still have some at home *open door*. hmm..." she looked at the studio. Elliot, Aya, Eve, and Hina was doing something. Aya, Eve and Hina was standing up preparing for something.

"Okay lets start Aya! action" Elliot said like a director of a movie.

Aya raised her hands

"Awaken, Pastel*Palettes!!"


*Pillar men Theme Music Start*

After the music start they started doing their own pose.

Eve posed like a body builder and Hina was squating while holding a mask on the back.

Aya was also squating while putting her hand on the floor.

*Pillar men Theme continue*

*Pillar men Theme continue*

*Pillar men Theme continue*

"Perfect..." I said toward the three girls smiling

"No its not!! This is not Idol like at all!!" Aya screamed at me while pushing me back and forth

"B-but I just did as you requested... see the music is even screaming your name"I didn't see a problem here.

"Thats not what I mean!!" She screamed loudly

But you did it anyway.

"(What the hell happened)" The two who just entered only had question mark on their head while looking at the scene.

Will erase Japanese honorific from now. Its hard to remember it because the girls used variety of chan and san. The one who used it as nickname will still be put though. If you think its better to put it again please let me know