Pastel*Life 1
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I sit down and looked at the girl in front of me.

"Listen Abby, today I will teach you about my job in the organization which I prefer not say the name"

"ohhh!" Abby answered by rising her right hand into the air.

"Our organization go by different name in every place but our task is usually the same" While thinking about the old man who gave shitty name to our organization, I took out a black book from my pocket. It was a book containing information about dangerous individual and individual with unknown origin. It was usually called Bingo Book by the member.

It was handy because not only it was simple and easy to bring. The book was made using magic and the information was updated regularly by the member and organization in real time. Even though it didn't always have a complete information, knowing just a little bit about your enemy and target will helped a lot.

"Our job mostly consist of uhh cleaning and investigating individual that pop out here and there" Even though mostly involving erasing dangerous individual whether its human or supernatural beings., we also investigate people from other world which stumbled here.

People from other world usually used different kind of technology or magic. Even though most technology even magic from other world became weaker or useless in this world, it still provide significant information for development of technology. I heard that some of the technology and magic that people use now came after researching information from different world.

Of course not all people from different world was someone that can be reasoned with. When it was decided that the individual was dangerous, member can decided to ask for help or detain them.

I looked at the bingo book and the information about the task assigned to me recently.

The picture of black haired young girl around ten years old named Miyu Edelfelt was shown and some basic information about her. She appeared the same time as the class card appearance in this world. She was adopted by the Edelfelt magus family heir Luvia Edelfelt. The book said that she was suspected to be the one who bring the class card to this world.

Even though I knew already about her, there was still possibility this was not the same person. How many saber face in Fate again? who knows that there were some servant with the same face as Miyu.

I looked at Abby who was in front of me. I explained to her about the detail of the job which will start later.  After some time I was done explaining the detail to her. Well, with that finished, I need to continue with the job that I accepted yesterday.

"lets put that thing aside, today we need to protect some people. But before continuing there is something we need to do" I raised my hand and someone came toward us

"Can I take your order customer?"




We were actually in family restaurant. After we ordered our food, we continued our discussion. Other people won't be able to hear our conversation if I didn't allow it.

"But master how can we protect them from here?" Abby asked me curiously.

I snapped my finger to activate my magic. In front of us something like computer screen appeared.

I already casted protection magic to the member of Pastel*Palettes before. My feather was used as the medium to cast it.

It worked similar like a curse. To put it simply, just imagine a group of people found a cursed object or place, at that time all of them were already marked by evil spirit. It didn't matter even if they threw the cursed object, it will come back. Only the ghost or the caster can stop it. It will be possible for the evil spirit to observe their victim and scare them periodically.

Protection magic can be said to be a positive a curse.

Abby who heard my explanation nodded and raised her hand.

"So we will be watching them from here?"

I nodded quietly.

" If we watch them without permission, Isn't this called stalking Master?" She hit where it hurt.

She didn't say anything wrong there. But in this world evil was needed to catch evil. As her master, I need to give her the best explanation possible to make her understand.

I looked at her. She looked so innocent, can I said that we were stalking them to protect them.

"No Abby, this is not Stalking its a secret investigation" We watched them to protect them just without permission. Its sound like an excuse but hey, Police and government did it all the time right.

And to think that I borrowed the word of some evil organization to explain it to her. Maybe I can forgive them now with their surprise mechanic.

"Well that's why I need your help. Its better for a girl to do this job" Abby accepted my explanation.

If Kazuki was here I could asked her help. But  I can't really reach her. Well Its not bad to do this with Abby once in a while.

Abby was curious who we were protecting. I modified the magic so that abby can control it while looking at the people we were protecting. I looked at the screen seeing what the girl of Pastel*Palettes do right now.

-Eve Wakamiya case-

"Very good Wakamiya... look this way. Yup thats it"

From the monitor we can see that Eve was doing a modeling job. She looked very serious unlike her usual cheerful self. Eve was doing various expression with different kind of pose in quick succession from the instruction of the photographer.

The only face that I saw since we met was of her smiling and calling me master. It was weird seeing her like this. She looked toward here or to be exact toward the camera. She lifted her lips upward and showed and adult smile toward the camera.

"Wow... Master she looks very cool" Abby gave her comment from the side.

I nodded in agreement with Abby  statement.

After a while Eve went to a changing room to change clothes. *Ting* a sound was heard inside my head.


1. Continue to investigate

2. Respect her privacy

It felt like a long time since it appeared. It was such obvious choice really.

Wait a minute, could it be something will happen inside. Maybe the Absolute choice was trying to tell me something. Before I can choose I can feel something was staring at me.

"*Stare*" Abby was staring at me


"*stare judgmentally*"

"..." I am a gentleman so of course I choose 2.

-Aya Maruyama case-

Aya was at her home doing something in front of mirror.




"... Hrm, something's not right~.This part needs to be a little cuter."

Aya was practicing her pose. The pose that Elliot made became a hit online. It gave her complicated feeling. It didn't help that his first impression of her was of her falling on practice. She need to show him that she was not just a clumsy girl. The next time they met, she will made a pose that made his heart skip a beat.

As an Idol and upperclassman, she will show her spirit. A fire was burning in her eyes.

"I will make his heart skip beat the next time we met" Hearing her proclamation I tried to kept my expectation low. Well do your best I guess.

It seemed she didn't change even at home. I didn't know what I will do if I saw her serious side while stalk-I mean watching her secretly. I chuckled seeing her trying different pose in front of mirror.

Then I noticed that Abby also tried to do something while looking at the screen. Imitating Aya who was on the screen Abby also tried to do one of Aya's pose.

"Kira♪Kira♪" She was showing a smile while doing a double peace sign and winking.


"eh.." In a flash I took a photo with my phone. Abby was showing a surprised looked toward my way.

"M-Master, d-did you just take a photo" Her face was red not knowing I would take a picture suddenly.

I smiled toward her showing my phone screen.

"It became my home screen now" I grinned toward her.She ran toward me in a hurry.

"*jump* *jump*... waa Master please delete that" with a tear in her eyes, she tried to take my phone but I raised my hand making it out of reach.

I got something good today. I should give my thanks to Aya later.

-Shirasagi Chisato Case-

"Why.... Didn't I love you enough? Why did you leave me?" Chisato was crying while shouting that.

I looked at the screen in wonder. The same as Aya, she was practicing in front of the mirror. She was reading a line from a script and acting according to it.

She looked so serious practicing while taking a note on her performance.

"Ah, Its Shirasagi Chisato" Abby who was beside me said her name.

I looked at her and asked how did she knew her. It seemed  the TV-series that she watched at home with Kazuki every Evening was staring Chisato as the main cast. Maybe I need to watch a few of her movie too.

"Master do you know her. Can you get her signature for me?" Abby eyes sparkled toward me. It seemed Abby became a fan when she watched some of Chisato's Movie.

I didn't get really close with her. She had quite a big wall put around her. Like Sayo who put wall because of her inferiority complex or Yukina because of her strong desire to realize her wish, for Chisato it was like she did it to show her perfect self without weakness.

When I looked again she was already resting. She went to the garden of her house to give food to her dog. It was a big Golden Retriever. The dog was wagging her tail at Chisato.

"Ah its a big doggy" Abby looked excited seeing the dog.

"Do you like Animal Abby?" I asked.

"uhm... My uncle had a cat, I always took care of it in his place" She nodded and told me about her uncle cat.

"...Uncle really love the cat. He even gave a funny name to it" Reminiscing about her past she told me about it.

"A funny name?" I was curious about the cat name

"Yeah the name of the cat is N-Vroooooooooom!!!" The sound of truck on the road covered what Abby was about to say.

Careful there Mr. Truck Driver, you could send someone into another world if you didn't drive carefully. I sighed. After the sound disappeared, I looked toward Abby again.

"Sorry Abby, could you say the cat name again?"

"The cat name is N-Kyaaaaaaaaaaa" The sound of waiter scream covered the name again. I and Abby looked toward the source of the scream

"I am sorry customer. Your clothes became dirty" One of the waiter was not careful and pour some juice to the customer shirt.

It seemed the customer didn't make a deal out of it so it didn't became a bigger problem.

I tried asking for the name of the cat again and there was always something happened to interrupt. It made a question mark appeared above our head.

What a strange thing to happen.

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